Thoughts on this quote from this dude?

Thoughts on this quote from this dude?

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I think he is a masochist who gets off self-inserting into degrading scenarios he makes up on Twitter

He's right. Men should be able to show to show their emotions. It's breaking us. However, that's no excuse for us to become retarded wimps either.

l don't even know who he is desu.

I think that he thinks that if men all just became women all the problems would be solved. Maybe if people stopped trying to make men act like women all the time there would be less suicide.

we all know how Kurt cobain and countless other similar cases were really macho. it has nothing to do with faking masculinity and everything to do with this hellworld that we created for ourselves

I'm killing myself out of spite fuck you twitter normie

He's correct and I support it. I hate the bullshit trannies push about "changing gender norms." Fucking your body up permentally is the worst fucking solution to this shit. This guy has the right idea

The less emotion I show, the better I'm treated, and the better things tend to turn out for me, and the more respect I get. I haven't experienced positive results from showing emotions. I have experienced very negative results, especially from women.

The issue is not men. Women have made me the emotionless repressed shell I am today.

I should add that I also feel better about myself the less emotion I show, as well. Eventually the facade of calmness and stoicism starts to become more and more real.


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yeah exactly. there's nothing wrong with complaining. the only bad thing is when you give up completely and wallow and stagnate

Don't ever fall for the show emotions/vulnerability meme
It's just a trick women use to weed out unworthy men

women seem wicked when youre unwantedd

>some fag with receeding hairline on social media telling me how to live my life and promoting beta behavior

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If i were to be totally vulnerable and open id be a sad mope and be even more miserable to be around. This is gay bad advice.

I am saying this as every time I show emotions or vulnerability to a women I am either scorned or made fun of. A women laughed at me when I cried because my dog died.

I think he means we should all become fem-boys. Sounds good

streets are unevenn when you're down

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She was probably a sociopath.

>Let's stop faking macho bullshit.
He specifically used a curse word because he wanted to sound more macho. This post defeats itself.

He's just trying to get laid. He knows the qt SJW princesses in his social circle will love to hear this.

Yeah male feminists are total chads

he presents the reaction to a problem as the actual problem.

Me too. I don't like being seen as weak. Not so much masculine but just a tough character (though not the type to beat the shit out of people) I don't like telling people my feelings and I hate talking about relationships and I hide them from my parents for a while because I'm not willing to show my emotions.

What is the psychology behind this?

>let's not man up. let's not tough it out. let's find true strength instead
what the fuck does this mean?

It means that just acting invincible and without problems is not working so we need to not do that. That is not "true strength." itsead "true strength", to him, is being honest about where you are at and seeking help if you need it. Not just acting like you don't until its too late.

This in every part of ur life, have fun showing emotions aka being weak infront of ur girlfriend then get fucked in the ass later like i did.

He's a pussy and wants all other men to be pussies too. Don't fall for the meme.

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Masculinity is bad and toxic. Become a pussy liberal fruitbowl

Men have no problem with emotion with each other. Men just stay stoic around women because women don't like emotional men, the day women start having sex with emotional guys en masse is when men will start showing emotions like women do. Also men aren't women, we don't deal with our emotions as they do. As for not maning up, boys are surrounded by female influences in school up until college and with divorce rates boys also lack a father influence, they're feminized enough they don't need more of that. If you want to reduce the suicide rates for boys treat them as such as raise them to be men.

>don't man up
>don't tough it out
double gay
>find true strength
but doesn't mention Jesus, triple gay
>show vulnerability
100% gay

>implying men will get the same help that women get when they bitch and moan

They won't. Sounds like he doesn't understand human instincts.

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the funny thing is that the women that shame you for showing emotions are probably the same ones who yap on twitter about how "men need to show emotions more often! men who show their emotions are more attractive" and "mental health is important! men shouldn't be expected to bottle all their problems up!"

>What is the psychology behind this?

Avoidant attachment. It means your parents punished you for crying as a child and as a result you are measurably inferior to people with secure attachment, no matter how you try and justify yourself.

>let's show vulnerability
Lol. As soon you do that to women they'll eat you alive. Destroying people is how their ego is built, they wouldn't miss an opportunity like that.
Men on the other hand would see it as an opportunity to humiliate you in front of females, and fool themselves into thinking their own SMV went up as a result (well, it might). A shrink will see you as a piggy bank and load you up on a bunch of prescription drugs.

>What is the psychology behind this?
(((Therapist))) fees.

Posting tweets like that only helps themselves to look good to others. Go out and actually try to make a difference

Who wants to hang out with some whiney emotional faggot?

Everytime ive gotten visibly emotional with women they have viscerally lost attraction to me. Even something as simple as getting frustrated because i missed an exit on the highway. If you show any kind of "flustered" behavior they immediately register you as a beta bitch. I've had the most success rocking a pocker face, amused mastery, and being completely non-reactive in the face of some psycho screaming bitch.

if you are visibly emotional as a man you're a faggot.

Based but completely unsurprising.

Think your dick turned inside ma'am.

Hey let's give the easy high-paying jobs to females and minorities and shift blame from all their fuckups and shortcomings while simultaneously blaming literally everything on dudes

>Everytime ive gotten visibly emotional with women they have viscerally lost attraction to me.

It's ingrained in women, people really underestimate how much hundreds of thousands of years as hunter-gatherers influences our psychology. A guy being emotional isn't going to beat a saber-tooth tiger. What's really annoying though is women giving false advice to men, saying how they should open up while they only date Chads. It's probably just an unconscious civilizational shit-test.

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Liberal women do tend to be the most conservative in this regard, in addition to many others. Their anti-sacrificial "for me, not for thee" selfishness is antithetical to egalitarianism and is sublimely misogynist by the popularly proposed standards of third wave feminism.

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mike cernovich circa 2022

Showing your emotions is the first step to becoming that suicide statistc.
Stop being a bitch, man the fuck up, keep your problems to yourself so the rest of us aren't dragged into the mud with you. If you already feel like nothing matters then why the fuck are you sad, just fuck off and enjoy the little things.

It's 2019. Curse words are the calling cards of feminists. You're not a real woman if you don't flood your vocabulary with them, and by proxy you're not a real ally if you don't, either.

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I dunno, I've been a whiny emotional faggot all my life and that hasn't gotten me anywhere.

Too bad "love to hear" and "will fuck in response to" are not mutually inclusive things.

I think he means finding Jesus.

>Showing your emotions is the first step to becoming that suicide statistc.
This. Men hide their emotions because the rest of the group will attack them physically or emotionally over it. Animals don't hunt the toughest or strongest animal in a pack, they go after an easy meal. Humans are the same. A lot of them rationalize it that person is making the pack weaker for existing when it's for real just because they're a wannabe sociopath and too weak that they can't homocide them on their own.

He's not wrong
Just can we do it without becoming complete cucks?

You're supposed to have people to be vulnerable around. Your parents. Your friends. Your priest. Just not women.

I was cursed like that
Why I had to be born genetic filth???

Amazingly enough, I've simply left groups that are like this and taken my friends with me. A supportive group of friends is essential to survival.

I don't really think it's emotional availability since women attempt suicide more
Mainly just realize that right now it's completely terrible to be a guy
Society has neglected the needs of men and it's catching up

faking macho bullshit is what macho bullshit IS, who has the most courage to act the most assertive. Are machos acting? Yes. Is it fake? nope

Work place and community mobbing are well documented events that tend to take place in formerly communists places like the GDR. While that was orchestrated by a state, many of the people involved were typical average people. This practice has spread and intensified with the increase in communication technologies, the always online and interactive with massive data collection. You think it's a coincidence there is a increase in this and people with socialist/communist sympathies? Seems a little too coincidental.
While it's possible to maintain some support networks this type of behavior has had many decades of trial and error and large amounts of participants. Perhaps you just got lucky. Things are not they way they were years ago and you can't stuff the genie back into the bottle once you let it out. It's a different world now and what worked before to safeguard people is probably more important than it was before to even trying to counter or prevent this type of behavior.

Great then how about we tell mental health professionals that "get a job" is not a cure all. Or encourage empathy in people rather than just anger that someone isnt feeling well

Yeah females fucking think emotional men are a joke. So should we just tell men who have suffered their entire fucking life to keep suffering in silence to avoid being laughed at? Its this whole "no females dont like it" bullshit that makes it not common. If the majority of men realized this and started showing emotions women wouldnt matter anymore, theyd have to accept it or become incels.
I dont hate you anons specifically, but that train of thought pisses me off at the very fucking core of my soul
because the whole act of fucking telling each other to not do this or the other gender will laugh at you is what females do
>"hurr but women attempt suicide more
We can fix all this bullshit simpyl by not giving a SINGLE FUCKING FUCK ABOUT STUPID WHORES.
the moment it becomes commonplace, the moment most men are openly emotional is the moment whore roasties dont have a say
I dont want any more of my bros to kill themself.
I lost 2. I dont want to lose anymore

>women have more suicide """"""attempts"""""""
>men commit suicide more by an order of magnitude
It really really makes you think about the nature of women

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Kys pussy nigga

Not 'manning up' is exactly what is causing these suicides. If you're killing yourself you're not fucking manning up you're pussing out.

Well it either means that or they are just really incompetent.

no, it means that instead of talking about your problems with other people and trying to fix them, men are just told to "man up" and bottle all their issues away. the problem then is that if you haven't fixed your problems, then the negative emotions caused by them will build up over time

>death by poisoning is the biggest killer of men under 50, let's eat more poison.

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you're not wrong, but even independently of women, showing emotion as a man is kind of gay. Sure, cry when a loved one dies, grieve, etc. This is why gay flamboyant faggots are instinctively revolting and disturbing to me as a straight man. its so fucking repulsive to see a man flailing about with weak wrists, being loud, being overly expressive. it makes me want to douse them in gasoline and listen to them scream while they get immolated in the flame.
this is a man. you see how fuckin slow he turns his head, he composed he is? based cowboy. this is the goal; independent of the validation of women

A lot of problems aren't fixable. And a lot of others are fixable with teamwork, but not alone. Sadly not everybody has a team.

>it's catching up
Sure is taking a long fucking time.

Sounds like a fag who's 1 tweet away from suicide

I meant we're facing the consequences of ignoring men

He's not wrong, but the stigma surrounding it is harder to remove than simply trying to wish it away with positive sentiment. The one and only time I tried opening up emotionally in front of my ex it was clear that she wasn't impressed despite mentioning that, "it's super attractive when guys show emotion!" prior. A lack of a sufficient emotional outlet isn't the cause of suicide in males anyway, it's the burden of living as a male in the modern era where the standards that you are held to are infinitely higher than a woman's and you have a decreasing amount of agency to do anything about it. Me being able to cry openly isn't going to help me feel less tired with everything.

>biggest killer
>double digit numbers per 100,000
he's a sensationalist retard with a fucking stupid opinion. what he SHOULD have said is
>People are living happier and healthier than ever before, and life expectancy is extremely good these days. Some weak men kill themselves and that's okay, if you find one who might kill himself, try to help him realize that this is the best time to be alive BY FAR and if it doesn't work out, at least they made an educated decision.

I never said anything about flamboyancy, but the fact that most men are so fucked they cant even cry when someone close to them dies is wrong.
Its worse if you're the opposite which i sadly i am. I cry alot, not out of emotionalness persay, but due to the fact due to CPTSD certain things give me instantaneous total breakdowns. Ive been a neet forever because im unfit to even be in society. Sudden loud noises, yelling at all, noises that change too much, any sort of physical contact, eye contact, sirens, groups of more than 4 people, people raising their hands too fastz things being tossed or pretended to be tossed at me, those are a handful of the things that cause me to instantly breakdown. Its fucked that if a woman were to statt crying in public for any reason people would help her immediately, but ive been kicked out of stores for having a breakdown.
Society favors women, if you arent 100% pure chad brad thundercock then you're fucked. Im mocked over CPTSD breakdowns but a woman cries over anything and shes the victim instantly.
Fuck everything.

He's completely missing the point. By a fucking longshot. Suicide is as prevalent as it is because nobody has a reason to get up in the morning for fuck's sake. Nobody's religious anymore, it's harder to get work let alone something meaningful, fewer folks are having kids and there's no sense of community because everyone's so atomised and enthused with being an individual. Every meaningful part of day to day life has died in the past 60 or 70 years and that's that. You've got to find an excuse to get up in the morning.

Their nature being suicidal but unsuccessful.

>Everyone is a spoiled rich brat like me

We lost the game at birth, by being males in the 21st century and not being Chad/rich.

Crying about it wont fix shit. Society wont just accept us just because we open up, the roasties bullying wont stop because we start telling our sad stories.

Its cruel, but the best choice most of us have is to become as detached as we can from society and/or gain as much resources as we can.

I agree with you, the same experience has occurred with me. People say things but never really mean it.

That's a horse shit excuse and you know it. If economic factors were the most important you'd see the shit show countries offing themselves at ridiculous rates yet you see Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria having minuscule suicide rates compared to wealthier nations. Pull your head out of your ass you self pitying little bitch.

did you even read his post? I don't seen anything related to "being spoiled" in that. He's right in that the obsession with individuality in our culture has gone too far because we are raised to constantly be at odds with one another.

My point isn't economic factors lead to suicide, little bitch boy. I'm saying that you are wrong on literally every single part of your social commentary because your frame of reference is 1 spoiled brat who watches entertainment targeting spoiled brats.

>nobodys religious
>harder to get work
>fewer having kids
some demos, not others, and not for bad reasons
>no sense of community
double retard/10
atom my dick
>got to find and excuse to get up
triple retard/10 unless your life is piss easy.

My family taught me to be resilient and stoic.
If i was bullied and started to cry, they would beat me until i stopped crying, then helped me hunt the bullies to rekt them.
They made me understand that discipline and strength are the only things you need in this world.

>people are living happier healthier lives
Tell that to the men who make up 97% of workplace and 99.7% of combat deaths.
Tell that to the men who are guarenteed to lose a custody case unless the mother is 100% unfit. If shes anything other than entirely uncapable the state will use tax money to give her classes to help her.
Tell that to the me who despite making up 40% of all domestic abuse and 60% of physical domestic abuse cases only have 1 shelter in the entire united states while females have tens of thousands.
The entire system is rigged for women, men who have been dealt a bad hand are fucked.
Whats that, your wife hits you so you try to find a place to stay while working towards divorce? Oh no there are no shelters for you. What about the non gendered shelters? 98% of them wont accept single males. So you're fucked then, and even though you've lived in your car for a month before finally getting a new house, when the divorce case rolls around even with proof and criminal charges against the female for abuse, she'll keep the kid and you'll be lucky to get custody.
But i guess they're just a weak male when they kill themself. Its not as if this system meant to help women does it only by fucking over men, its just that the loving devoted father who was being beaten but didnt fight back for the sake of his kid who he now doesnt have custody over is a weak male.
You're a retard. Go fucking become a female. The only people who should have that stupid "hurr fuck other people of my gender" mentality are females. Men are supposed to fucking stick together and if you're gonna call men who end their life after every part of the system fucked them a weak man, then you clearly arent one.
Fuck you. I genuinely hope you suffer the slowest and most excruciating death a human possibly can. No true man would put other men down. Men are raised to withstand the weight of the world alone, if they kill themself its obvious how bad it was. You're no man, you're a bitch

And the public at large is still blind to it. We'll likely be stuck in the typical feminist narrative for the rest of our current lifetimes.

You might not get a negative reaction from women if you show emotion, but the odds of them being attracted to you decrease tremendously

That is total bullshit. Yeah male suicide is an issue, but if the greatest generation came back an saw men crying and talking about their feelings in support groups like a bunch of socialite women, they would have given up fighting the war. A man takes on his problems head-on, and alone. Not with four guys holding his hands and patting him on the leg.

Not even him but you really can't argue for shit.

1. Japan has the complete opposite culture, literally enforced at every institution to make people feel part of the collective, and suicide rates there is high
2. suicide rates over time have not changed much despite cultural shifts
3. "he's right" if he is a very narrow minded edgelord. otherwise he was just objectively wrong on every one of those, they can't even be considered fair opinions

I cry a lot too but because I'm low test. I don't consume soi but it's from taking medications like antipsychotics and antidepressants that fucked my hormones since I was 11 years old. I've noticed that when I cry in front of old women, they instinctively nurture me but around girls my own age, it's disgust and outright anger. Maternal instincts just haven't kicked in for many females I guess, it takes decades until they seem to have feeling. I'm sorry for your CPTSD, that sounds like hell and you have a real reason to be a NEET or hikki, more than some at least.

Significantly declining in the past 60-70 years to the point than in most western countries the irreligious are the largest bloc. You're wrong.
Men and women can work, relative wages are shit these days and office work is absolutely soul crushing. There's also the point that men no longer being the primary providers detracts from their purpose but whatever.
>fewer having kids
Objectively true, fertility rates are plummeting.
>no sense of community
How you can even disagree with this is astounding. I suppose it's easy to have no awareness of it when you don't even go outside.
>excuse to get up
All of the aforementioned factors lead to said conclusion. It isn't my fault your head is so wedged up your ass you refuse to see it.

>You're a retard. Go fucking become a female.
That's what MtF trannies (try to) do and 90+% of them swallow the turd wave feminist narrative wholesale.

I will happily tell that to the uneducated men who don't realize how much quality of life and life expectancy have risen. The fact that you have to compare your lifestyle with womens is already a sign that you live a life of extreme leisure.

I wish it was that easy, at this point is obvious the rates don't have anything to do with either being a man or showing your vulnerabilities

First of all, that's dumb to argue that the only alternative to our current culture is to go full asian collective, no in between
Second of all, how do you know the suicide rates in japan are due to their collectivist culture and not just because of the insane work hours and duties they have?

Promote religion, responsibility and traditionalism and the rates will plummet.

>If economic factors were the most important you'd see the shit show countries offing themselves at ridiculous rates

You do. Look at India, Uganda, Cote D'Ivoire, and many others.

>Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria

Cultural factors. Islam prohibits suicide severely.

It is literally that simple, but they refuse to confront it. If you wanted us to stop killing ourselves then stop leaving us when we open up.