I do not understand

I do not understand.

Why do they present the inside of their mouths?

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shallowing too much cum.

Defense mechanism. They never take life seriously and can therefor never appear too serious.

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Submissive gesture, like a lower ranking chimp


But some of these men are quite successful, such as Cox here.

One of the biggest in his business and he still presents the inside of his mouth. Why?

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Sure, he is successful at whatever he does, I don't know. You only need a causual glance to tell that he is a complete bitch tho.
Being a total bitch and successful is not necessarily mutually exclusive.

>be a child
>parent takes pic of you
>they ask you to smile but you make an obnoxious face instead and you get great satisfaction because children are easily amused
>be an adult in the later demographic of millenials born between 1988-1995
>mentally stuck in childhood of superhero flicks, pokemon, videogames, and pop culture references as a cope for adult life struggles
>make obnoxious faces when your picture is taken because like a child you are highly amused that you made a funny face

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How often do you think he acts dominant and assertive? Although I don't know him I can be you 50 bucks that he never does. Your money making skills don't mean anything when your brain is convinced that it's inferior.

Oh and I forgot to add:
Take people like Conor McGregor before he got rich, he already believed himself to be better than everyone else even though he was a fucking bum, so what if he's poor?

Because they need to pretend to be happy to keep their status.
A basedboy with a hint of sadness stop being inoffensive and is ostracized.

Holy shit good point. A bunch of manbabies exhibiting childlike behaviour.

This cuckface picture in particular is hard to look at. I think it is the coveralls that the they are wearing. They look like goofs from a children's show or something.

insecure and self loathing men who when faced by a camera assume a submissive position.

pic related, a beta chimp doing the fear grimace, while the males in OPs picture aren't in confrontation with any other male in the moment the photo is taken, the taking of the photo itself IS a confrontation, it'll be posted in media, people will see his ugly face, and so on.
The taking of the photo IS a confrontation for these men.

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Then why am I unsuccessful?

Avoiding any appearance of toxic masculinity. Must look as nonthreatening as possible.

They get the same kind of attention a kid gets, but they have to maintain character all the time.

>tfw a submissive beta male
>tfw saved from being pictured as such because of my fear of people seeing my teeth keeps me closed lipped

Am I actually an non-beta?

No, you're just a beta with fucked up teeth.

Because they have a resting bitch face and realy awkward looking smiles so the only alternative for them is to make this face.

t. I used to do this on instagram back in high school

Who said they were fucked up?

Why the fuck would you care about showing your teeth then?

When I was little I tagged along with my older brother to a sleep over at a house with no parents and they put on a vampire movie that scared the crap out of me. Ever since then, I have been afraid of teeth and in return I try to avoid showing people my teeth as well.

Just because I understand my complexes does not mean I can stop them from being complexes.

>just because I know eating less will fix my weight doesn't mean I'll eat less

Correct, my dudette

Are you implying he should start presenting the inside of his mouth to the camera?

I mean he should stop fearing show his teeth because some vampire bullshit

Childhood trauma is the strongest

You could always play Vampire The Masquerade: bloodlines, that might help you with your phobia.

What does it mean if you naturally give a big toothy grin? Because that's what I do.
>Pic related

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Woof, beta

fuck, i'm a 27 year old pagliacci

That mean you're nervous or stressed.

We're all beta if we're here
Your wrong about me bro

They do it to see which person can fit the most cocks in their mouth.

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>always posting the same few images

>always replying the exact same post

I wasn't ready for a hit to the gut like this

fuck why do i relate to this pagliacci what the fuck

Imitation of their familiars I bet.

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Why am I like this? Why do I care so much?
>Family hates gf
>gf is mad at me because I'm not "defending her"
>told my family multiple times that their opinions are misplaced and prejudice but I'm not yelling and screaming at them to accept her
>Main one against her is my mom and my gf wants me to force her to change
>Mom is a conservative old fashioned sweet woman who never even uses the word "hate"
>Just can't muster the strength to yell at her or be harsh
>Love gf to death, she too is overall a good person
>Treats me right, never cheated, is there for me, even cooks/cleans
I care for them both deeply but both want opposite things from me. I constantly feel torn trying to be there for one because the other doesn't like it

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Good take on it


Because of your actions (and inactions)