What's an exciting adventure you can go on in the modern age?

What's an exciting adventure you can go on in the modern age?

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You can tend crops, that's the most adventures thing most people got along history.

Adventure is meant to come to the protagonist. The fact that it never does is proof that we are all unimportant side characters

Maybe trying to make it into special forces in the military. Getting a job on the national ski patrol. Biking across the country. Climbing mountains. Becoming a national park ranger. Idk

Become a pilgrim and try to travel around without a job.

my favourite place was sicily

anywhere in africa... middle east... india

Really any place that is dangerous compared to your comfort zone but also far away from your comfort zone imo.

Just pick based on terrain / culture

Why the boogaloo of course!

Travel anywhere shady without a lot of money. It gets adventurous pretty fast when you are sleeping in hostels with a bunch of weirdos surrounding you.

You could try ambien op

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>tfw he doesn't do anything that precipitates into the main story
you have to interact with the world in order for it to interact with you.

that's less an adventure and more just being a bum

Go to Africa and free the slaves. Go fight cartels or something.

This but unironically
>"History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new."
Also remember that your average high shool Chadlite fucking a girl in the club's bathroom, has a better sense of accomplishment than Edmund Hillary after climbing the Everest

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You could try backpacking. You could go fight in some random rebel group. You could start your own rebel group. You could be a criminal. You could film a documentary or be a journalist. You could be a vigilante. You could go on a safari.

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I mean getting robbed or beat up is pretty adventurous. Or rather trying to avoid it while traveling without a safety net. That's the best you'll get.

Threadly reminder

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This kind of shit make annoying people.
Why every single hipster traveler has to be arrogant?

>Teach English as a second language abroad
>Traveling nurse
>Hike locally
>Camp locally
>Peace corps

You misunderstood everything from the very beginning, user
Travelling is a COPE

>serial killer travelling from place to place
>pirate in blackface

some romanian guy on Jow Forums said working on cargo ships is an adventure. they see the whole world from the ocean