A question for the fembots and robots

a question for the fembots and robots

would you want a house-husband?
would want to be a house-husband?

not necessarily fully financially dependant on your partner

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Yes I'd like a house husband. I'm sick of doing everything, I want someone to dress cute and do the chores and cooking while I rest after work. I'd also like it if he would eat me out after he finishes cleaning everyday.

>not necessarily fully financially dependant on your partner
No dependence no housewife

On one hand being a house-husband sounds very comfy, taking care of the house, the kids, and showering my wife with love when she gets home. On the other hand I kind of dislike making others do things for me so it would make me feel very guilty.

I would feel embarrassed to be living at home while my wife worked, but I love to do chores and stuff.

this sounds like a dream
pls be in the eu
you're not really making others do things for you, you just have a mutual agreement on the dynamic of your relationship
do you think it's due to social expectations?

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Nope, USA fag. It's too bad there aren't more guys like you around. It would be a dream.

Well the person working full-time definitely has the harder role if you ask me.

what a stupid question
>be house husband, stay at home cleaning house and preparing meals
>wife is at '''''work''''' cheating on you
when i buy a wife im chopping her legs off and severing the landline.

you sound nice and should add me anyway
that could depend on what's the job and what's the house work though
besides does it matter if both parties prefer that dynamic

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I have a house boyfriend like 60% of the time
He lives with his parents still to care for them and his sister. Plus their place is a lot closer to where he works at. I'm at the other end of the city
He's like 70% dependant on me financially. I earn like 3x as much as he does now

how does it make you feel? would you like that to change?

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Makes me feel like I'm losing out a lot while waiting for him to "mature" aka move out to live with and get a better job
In already 31 so my time for bearing any kids is soon over. Hope we're married with kids before I'm 35. He's 21 now so...

21 is definitely about time to get a grip on life but as you said he's caring for his parents and sister, would they manage without him?

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>would they manage without him?
Not her, but who cares? They can take care of themselves so her bf can have some kind of life. I hate it when people are bound by their family. Like they can get jobs, too.

Sister yeah parents noo
His had has dementia and his mom is very fragile immune system wise from chemo. Only his dad works still at a rock quarry

>would want to be a house-husband?
Sort of, my ideal would be to maintain a part time job and take care of house chores like cooking and cleaning. I dont want kids so being a house husband is pretty much out of the question for me
>I'd also like it if he would eat me out after he finishes cleaning everyday.
I'd love to do this but I'd rather do it after you finish eating the dinner I cooked you

I am a house husband yeet

I'd love to be an house husband, cook for the one I love, after a nice dinner we would cuddle and she would hug me tight and make me feel like I'm actually important to someone.
I just want someone who cherishes me as much as I cherish them.

>21 is definitely about time to get a grip on life

steadily nearing 10 years past that expiration date.

I could be a house husband but I'd probably need some minor drugs to keep happy and tidy during the day

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>who cares
the boyfriend?
>they can take care of themselves so her bf can have some kind of life
this isn't always the case, I'm 22 right now and I make more than both of my parents. The only thing that's stopping me from moving out is the fact I'm supporting all of us. I could just abandon them and say "fuck it" but that's just a bit fucked up, it's the least I could do for them.
That's specifically why I asked whether they could do without him.
^ my point exactly
working from home could be a good route, i'm introverted as hell so it works perfectly for me
how'd that happen
never too late to turn your shit around buddy
i had to drop out of school due to financial struggles and finished it 4 years late, planning to uni next year
i'm sure you have some sort of skills or at the very least work experience you could exploit into a job with prospects?

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>working from home could be a good route, i'm introverted as hell so it works perfectly for me
I dont even mind irl jobs, I work security right now and that would be great for a house husband job
I just wanna contribute at least a bit to our bills and stuff for her, and have some pocket change to get her gifts and treat her to really nice things sometimes

working from home allows you to save time from going to and from the workplace as well as it grants the opportunity do the stuff around the house in the downtime
but yeah i can see that occupation provide other benefits as well

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I want to be the housewife because I love cooking and cleaning and also hate people though.
It would be wonderful if he had a job where he worked from home though. I want to bake cookies and make homemade spagoots for him while not worrying about some filthy skank trying to steal my man at the office.

Security gives me even more reason to stay in shape and look nice for her though, and gets me in a more protective mindset. I'm a very protective person
I see your point about working from home but it's easier said than done. The only people I've known that work from home were for call centers and I hate that. Plus I like to keep work and home separate

In no way could I ever be a house husband
I'd just be too shitty at it
Plus I feel the need to provide and I just wouldn't be able to do so

>hate people
ay same lmao
>not worrying about some filthy skank trying to steal my man at the office
that's more of a trust/loyalty issue though isn't it? you should have enough confidence in a relationship to not have to worry about those things
in any case most guys would prefer to have a house-wife rather than be a house-husband, so you're half-in-luck there
yea exactly what I meant
plenty of things that can be worked on from home, I've went from transcription to translation to chat support (never do this) to video editing and now channel management
i know folks that do freelance code, articles, photoshop work, design, pretty much anything a normal company could offer but smaller scale
ay different strokes for different folks, it's all good

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Would you take the skank's place for sexual endeavors?

>would want to be a house-husband?
Only if I had a lab in my house.

But I don't mind only working 50% and have my woman work the other 50% of course.

>how'd that happen

I met and got to talking with a fembot off here who was a wage slave and loney, depressed. She owned her own house so offered I could come and live with her. She was already just working all the time anyway while I was a neet, so she let me be neet in her house and just take care of things at home for her. So yeah she works now and I live at home and make the place comfortable for her when she gets home, and give her a reason to actually work for something, and get her off when she wants.

>plenty of things that can be worked on from home
Oh I dont think I'm really very good at those things, not enough to be professional anyways. I have a very strong and intimidating build so security works great for me, it's basically a given

tfw ill never be a fembots house husband and when she comes home i give her massages and eat her out then make her dindins

god damn i've heard tales but i never thought they actually happened
the concept of just letting a complete stranger from the internet live and take care of your house - especially as a girl - is so outlandish to me after we've all been fed "don't meet strangers from the internet" all our lives
how long did you guys talk to each other before that happened?

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I can do all the chores by myself, and I get the premonition that I would get annoyed with their constant presence if they didn't do part time work/sexual training idly

>would you want a house-husband?
No because I really doubt I'd be able to support one. I'm basically relying on the notion that somebody will provide for me as sad as that sounds.

Northeast USA i hope?

So what do you plan to do for the person providing for you?

it doesn't need to be this way
don't get me wrong, if that's what you want to do i'm sure you could find someone that's fine with that but you can build your way up to Independence if you'd like to

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>would want to be a house-husband?
I obsessively organize things
I enjoy cooking and cooking for other people
But I also have terrible trust issues and having my wife leave the house for 10+ hours a day might drive me insane.

I don't really know. I can cook and take care of a house I guess. I make a bit of money selling art and stuff but these things combined probably aren't enough right?
I want to try to but I'm kind of stuck at home right now taking care of family. That makes it sound bad but I do want to be here for them. I think I want to go to university when I get the chance and try get an okay job.

That's okay
Personally I'd be fine with a wife who stayed home and sold art and took basic care of the house
That would be enough for me

ay that's really nice of you
just make sure it's not something you'd hate

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They can't both be house spouses
Someone's gotta make the money

Well that's encouraging. Do you think this is a common opinion?
If I'm going to go to university it'd have to be for something I had at least a passing interest in. That pretty much narrows it down to just history though and I'm told there aren't really many job opportunities there. I guess teaching would be an option but who knows if I'd even be good at that. Sorry I'm just rambling at this point. Who knows though. The future seems eventful in any case.

The first couple posts of this thread made me laugh, thanks.
But no, I want a man to take care of me. Useless cucks.

Actually it's not really the major but the connections you get
If you go make sure to spend a lot of time with career services
Get a bunch of internships

>I'm 22 right now and I make more than both of my parents. The only thing that's stopping me from moving out is the fact I'm supporting all of us
They are grown adults. If they can't afford to live in the lifestyle they are accustomed, they can move somewhere cheaper. It is not your job to pay their way while you age out of the desirable dating range and lose your opportunity to grow up and start your own family. I've seen this happen to other young men so often, they have lazy shit parents who spend their money on crap and then they get stuck being the paypig. Next thing you know you are old and still paying for these people who are all too happy to use you. Good luck with that.

Do I need good people skills for that? The whole connections thing hasn't really gone well for me before.

That's only possible if you can take of him too

I've fantasized about such a lifestyle since I was 5. For whatever reason, my brain doesn't work like a man's should. It is attracted to women, it is a male itself, but it wants to be in the woman's role. It doesn't want to be a woman, it just wants to be in her position.

Thinking about being a househusband (or someone's personal servant or butler or something) feels so... satisfying. It honestly, truly sounds fulfilling. I feel bad about that a lot because I'm not supposed to want that. And few women would like this or accept this. In fact I think most would be repulsed by it and would actively show disdain for me.

But of all figurative "needs", I know for certain, I need this.

You need good people skills for really any job

>taking care of family
>interested in history
Were you on here last night too? In a very particular thread?

Okay I'm giving up. You should have led with that part user. Sorry to hassle you anyway.
Yeah. I'm surprised anyone remembered.

i didn't realise you were so familiar particularly with my situation, thank you for your wise insight and incredible generalisation

they have spent large amounts of money on the education of my siblings and myself thanks to which we're all able to speak in anywhere from 3 to 5 languages, thanks to which my sister got into literally one of the best universities for her specific interest, thanks to which i'm able to do as well as i'm doing, my brother on the other hand decided to waste it all and impregnate a literal prostitute with whom he's with now despite the abuse she causes to her child and him. Also, my dad works over 80 hours a week.
I'm not saying they haven't done mistakes nor are they fully responsible for our ups but they've certainly played a great role in our success.
We're living in a pretty cheap place right now, I've helped my mom start up a business that's not far off from being enough to sustain them on their own. I'll be moving out by the end of the year.

It's not nice to make assumptions of other people, it's literally what's wrong with robots.

Lastly, please keep in mind that what people value isn't necessarily what you value - you could look at me being in the desireable dating range, someone else could look at me at the desireable working age, studying age, etc. I don't mind helping them out for a year if it means their life situation doesn't get severely fucked.

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As someone who wants to be a house-husband that just serves his wife like a maid all day I completely want this

Yes! House Music all the way. House Music every day.

Oh it wasn't sudden, we'd been talking for months and already done video calls and stuff, and had each other's phone number. It's not like I just showed up randomly one day, we were basically e-dating and she offered me to come live with her since visiting wouldn't be possible as she was too far away.

Women who ask their husbands to stay home later divorce them for agreeing to it.

I was a house husband. Left me broke and behind in my career and ability to care for myself during and after the divorce (which is inevitable). Living out of your car sucks.

No, the truth is I am a lazy piece of shit.
[Spoiler]But maybe if I was really encouraged I might make dinner... just that once.
Just want to be pampered a little.

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I am a fucking house husband cause i live alone

i'd love to be a house husband, make dinner do chores clean n shit and welcome her home and work part time so she doesnt have to work as much so we can spend more time together
too bad i'd want to call her mommy and welcome her home with outstretched arms and cuddle with her

My tongue would be in a cast. Every day. Whew! Once a week?

Sounds jaded. No wonder you failed your marriage. What fucked up? How'd you make it worse?

Wouldn't want to be a house-husband but I always thought it would be fun to be an innkeeper or own a bar as a guy and have it be classy enough. Guess that's the closest I'd come to being a house-husband.
That said I'm primed to work remote in the future anyway so idgaf.

This implies I have to clean and cook,
which I'm alright with I guess but I couldn't clean after others, or live with someone else, or be married. I think the part I'm uncomfortable with is being someone's husband, I'd much rather die alone.