I always assumed girls thoroughly washed their butts whenever possible but apparently this isn't the case...

I always assumed girls thoroughly washed their butts whenever possible but apparently this isn't the case, my gf showers less than once a day and doesn't even bend over, let alone rub some soap up in there. Kinda smelly sometimes.

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The natural scent of a woman is a gift from Heaven.

> he doesn't embrace the stank
Never going to make it

I feel that any gf I get won't be able to match the healthy standard of cleanliness that I have.
I think the most common disgusting thing people do is not wash their ass after shitting. I wipe, then use my detachable showerhead and blast my asshole with water.

I try to time my showers so they're right after I shit, or I use baby wipes, but I can understand people not obsessing over it 24/7. The problem is she doesn't even make a point of washing it when she knows we're going to have sex.

Based, fuck filthfags

I don't feel clean if I don't wash my ass after shitting, even if I wipe til "clean."
You got any other hygiene habits normalfags would consider weird?

I sit over the tub and blast my ass and cunt with warm water and soap after each shit (if I can't shower immediately) and 3x a day on my period. There's no kind way to make a dirty person clean more, they either have the will or they dont care

be my cleanly gf, we can shower together after i fuck you on your period

That's gross and you should express to her you want her to be clean for you

do you ever pee in the tub while doing that?

I think it makes more sense for girls to let men clean their butts with our tongues. That way everyone benefits.

Lol go ahead and actually eat a womans shit and tell us how sexy it was.

Sometimes, if I only have a little stored. However if I pee freely in the tub just as the pee is generated/asap from the bladder after drinking water it feels better than an orgasm. Idk what this phenomenon is and no one's understood what I mean. I can only rarely make it happen

Yeah, I don't care how much this is memed, eating shit and smelling braps isn't hot.
Licking a thoroughly cleaned female butthole is pretty erotic though.

would you mind if i watched while you blast your ass and cunt with warm water and soap?

Exactly. I wasnt dumb enough to actually eat shit but I fell for the brap meme once upon a time. Im probably one of few robots to get the chance to try it, so I asked this girl to fart while I ate her ass. It was bad is all I can say. Still fap to assholes but not braps, never again.

that's incredibly hot to me. do you use the shower/tub as a urinal freely?

So basically you're saying that your GF has a very 'smelly,' asshole? What exactly does it smell like?

how is that even possible? you know it take a long time for water you drink to get in your bladder?

does anyone know where cherie is man?? where is she now?

>tfw i've bent my girlfriend over and put my entire tongue into her asshole with no pre-cleaning after we spent all day walking around in the summer

mm stinky mommy yummy

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No it's not you loser hahahahaha these are literally words of someone who's never touched a woman. How fucking pathetic, they need to wash themselves like a human being you silly tard.

Get a bidet

Come back femanon, I have so many questions

How's your gastrointenstinal infection?
Mine went away after half a year of eating yoghurts three times a week.
I didn't even really tonguefuck her, just poke it a few times lightly.

Not as soon as I drink it, but as soon as it's processed and comes through. It just trickles out instead of the usual SSSSPFT and it's like an internal tickle because of that

Yeah why not. The only time I didn't is when I tried coffee for a week. Coffee drinkers have awful smelling piss, I learned. Water only.

this is all very hot to me, can you add me on discord? i know it's weird but i have a lot of questions about this.


This isn't sad at all, peeanon.