Drinking Thread

What are you guys drinking tonight? Also share any feels here friends. Im drinking white rum and relaxing, but i've been drinking so much lately but it feels so good.

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Im at a bar rn cuz my parents didn't like me downing a sixer every night
Understandable tbqh
Found a nice brown on tap with an 8 abv, on number 1 rn but soon another, comfy Kona longboard draft in my future :3
I also have cheesy fries

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Glass of water because I have work tomorrow and Im not a loser like you who has no job or life and can destroy his liver whenever

hey I do have a job though...

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I started drinking this because of the boomer memes. I have an ultra violet one, its actually pretty good

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gin gin and lots of gin

What should I drink to go along with acid

>he doesn't show up to work hungover
im sure noseberg appreciates your productivity

I'm in the same boat here, the coffee flavours are really nice too.

Some Old Milwaukees and now some Sapporo. bleh
Did an edible 1 hour ago and not quite sure why. Played Animal Crossing and it was so comfy

a couple four lokos, didn't even want to drink tonight because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night

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I'm drinking the GOOOOD SHIT

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I think you should add water

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mango vodka and coke mix. kinda want someone to talk to cuz i think i pissed of my drinking buddie. not really tipsy yet but im hoping to get drink tonight lads

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lmfao i guess its kinda kicking in,, or im just retarded i dunno

yeah i'm gonna add SO MUCH WATER

Drinking some nice cold milk

I thought they all used propylene glycol now (which just isn't good for you) instead of ethylene glycol (which kills yo' ass dead) specifically to prevent people from poisoning themselves.

try like 99 parts water and 1 part Prestone, don't want you to get a tummy ache or burning intestines that passes the blood brain barrier and scolds your brain too

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ah shit, guess i have to go look for some older stuff. I might have some actually, depending on when that change was made

hey now, i'm drinking antifreeze for a reason

BRANDY from waitrose, lol. mmmmm upper middle class

Beer. 32 onz.

tonight is 3 dollar bottle of pinot grigio
im going ot kill myself

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>tfw thought you "stopped drinking back then"
>suddenly you're drinking AGAIN

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we done drinking already? How'd the antifreeze taste?

Only the finest chocolate milk user. All other drinks are inferior

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Vodka and spring water. Pic is old, but is in similar condition, but vodka.

I had a mood swing so bad in traffic today it was physically painful, but now I feel fine. What a bunch of bullshit.

Ayy, I know. Because you start drinking to cover up another problem that has yet to be resolved in satisfactory manner? I am an expert on this topic

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400 ug of LSD and 3 tall boys of pacifico
ayyy leeetsss gooooo