I listen to 80s Japanese music on my commute to work

Guys is it weird that I listen to Japanese pop music from the 80/99s? I dont speak the language and I dont even like Japanese culture but their music from that time just cant be beat, I blast it while I drive to work but when other cars come close to me I immediately roll up the windows, why cant Americans make music like the japs did in the 80s everything we have now is hot dog shit

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Hit us with some tunes man.

My wife is japanese, i like to annoy her by knowing random japanese shit.

>t. just found out what citypop is and thinks he's unique
Damn bro play some Mariya Takeuchi

it slaps desu

Wow, so cool Op, so crazy and awesome. I'd be even better if you drove into a wall while listening to it, try it out tomorrow ok?

This is what I listen to every morning before my psychological torture (wage slave job) starts youtu.be/JQZqZK0wNc0

t. Seething loser who cant even obtain a drivers license let alone own a car

I don't listen to it all the time but I've listened to city pop on my commute before. It's very relaxing

>but when other cars come close to me I immediately roll up the windows
You're way too self-conscious about this. Who cares what some random people you pass by and will probably never properly meet think? I don't understand Japanese either but there are a handful of Japanese metal bands I listen to.

Listen to Hidemi Ishikawa

This is hella daft punk esque good shit how do I search this band?

City pop is the one thing I actually like about japan
I bet you've listened to it already but I recommend Tatsuro Yamashita's "For You"
Pretty good except for the last song

Are you familiar with Memories in Beach House?


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You sound like an insufferable faggot op.
not original tippytop kek

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What do you think about this op?

the groove is fucking great man, thanks for posting this.

I really like Japanese music that's just simple pop stuff or rock. The synthy stuff is good too, like Yellow Magic Orchestra.
Here's my favorite:

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>why cant Americans make music like the japs did in the 80s
they did that in the 70s

tatsuro yamashita is great but check out this fucking shit. youtu.be/y9AQYPDOCts

I do a similar thing, but I listen to windows96
lemme pull up a youtube linkerooni


and THIS some good shit right here:

I listen to North Korean music on my commute to work. I'm miserable most of the day and it's one of the few things that cheers me up.

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It's never weird to be yourself OP.

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