Seal my fate guys, trips decide when I die

Seal my fate guys, trips decide when I die

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Six hours from now.

At the ripe age of 102, surrounded by three generations of descendants in your bed at home after a life of happiness and achievement.

Half an hour quite originally

Well fuck

This took a sudden unfortunate turn

Damn rip my negro

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Looks like rip OP

oh boyo boyo boyyyyyy

bump also include me in the sceencap reddit fags

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and just like that op died

holy shit
half an hour to go

you never know when you're time is up...

10minutes left guys lets see if its real

Bumping for posterity and lols

30 minutes later and im still alive
is a confirmed faggot

trips mean nothing in 2019. nothing is sacred.

You pussied out what a little bitch

How did I pussy out I straight up just wanted to see when I will die

You know what the post implied faggot

>huh huh implying
you are an actual brainlet

You just wanted to make a troll thread fuck right off

When your body is ready due to old age