Long distance relationships?

Are you in one? Would you want to be in one?
Personally I'd never want to. Having a good friend to talk to online is nice but I don't think I could handle a relationship like that, without the physical presence it would be too painful for me...

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>Are you in one?
> Would you want to be in one?

I can't even handle long distance friendship so love is worse

i wish i was in one but only if i were to meet the person eventually

I'm in one. I love her but she's been hostile lately.

I was in one for a year but we broke up due to her mental problems. It was probably the happiest I've ever been reccomend it minus the sadness that comes when things go sour. Was great having someone who always wanted to play similar vidya with me

i dont think i an feel happy in a relationship that isnt ldr. i dated two girls IRL and felt nothing. i didnt have to wait, i didnt have to work. i just simply received. it wasnt rewarding in the slightest.

The real issue is the fact most people are not trust worthy and will have sexual relations with others in person without letting their ldr partner know.

Not even speaking from a typical incel r9k point of view, the same applies to guys. 99% of the time LDR will end in disaster from cheating, being ghosted, catfished, or the person doesn't want to see you in person when you get serious about doing so.

Currently in one with a girl, first time I've been in one. It's pretty great when you find someone who is serious about it and loves you, way more possibilities to find people online rather than in person in your community

>Are you in one?
Yes. The distance isn't too bad but he's canadian and I'm in the US so moving in together is tough. We visit about once a month. It's not ideal but it works and we're both very happy. It helps that we have weekly long-distance date nights watching movies or playing games on voice all night. We're both planning on moving closer to the border soon and getting a place together after that.

>Would you want to be in one?
Also yes. Long-distance relationships dramatically enlarge your dating pool. Especially if you're an unconventional person it helps a LOT. Locally you might find someone you like but if you're willing to travel you can find your soulmate.

No, but I have been in them in the past. LDRs carry literally every challenge of a normal relationship, with almost none of the benefits of a normal relationship. They aren't impossible to make work, but there is no way it will ever be better than just dating in your area.

My gf went back to her home state for the summer. She texts me everyday and she genuinely loves me. The drive is only 6 hours but I'm chronically tired and even driving for more than 20 minutes puts me to sleep. She set up like 10 different things to do when she gets back.

I miss her

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Hm, I never really thought about it like that, enlarging my dating pool... I like that, maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. It'd be pretty difficult to find a loser nerd like me around my area, anyways :v

yea, we tend to not think about it but people like us are very very rare

my bf and i are in a long distance currently, we have been for about a month but we'll be seeing eachother again in 3 weeks or so. we were living togethe prior and we will be again soon. it's been hard this past month, i can't imagine doing it for years or something, that's just purely retarded.

i never liked that kind of shit. But last year without even know it i got mixed in a long distance relationship. I dont recomend it to anyone.

>Moved to another country 2 years ago
>start talking via IG with a girl from my old hood.
>we start developing a relationship, she was going for a few months to a diferent country
>We start talking everyday
>She send me recordings of her playing the guitar and singing.
>We make plans for her to come to my city instead of going back to hers.
>when it was just a few weeks to come with me, she cancels
>i ask wtf happened, she tells me that suddenly she was afraid of going to a country to be with me.
>I tell her to go fuck herself
>We never talked again except for my birthday but i told her again to go fuck herself.

that bitch broke my heart.

Fundamentally to make it work you need two things: the willingness and ability to meet irl. For this reason distance and income can become limiting factors. If you're both neets living with your parents or across an ocean and can't afford to spend thousands on plane tickets and hotels each year it's not going to work. From the beginning you need the intention to end up living together full time and some reasonable expectation of making that happen.

We were friends for a year before we started dating. I was going into my senior year, she was going into her first year of college. We started dating over the summer and kept it going. We've been together for almost a year now and its going great

I've been talking to this Turk for several years now, and I think she might be attracted to me. She finally got me to send her what I looked like and now she asks me for gym advice and talks about how muscular I look. I don't know what to think of this new development, not sure what I think of her. Also because I am of a certain ethnicity it makes things awkward.

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was in an LDR for 8 years and we never met, ask me anything

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are you a nigger gym rat?

Serb gym rat

Were they having sex with other people during the "relationship"?

my boyfren keeps building me up then disappearing only to drag me back in
long distance relationships just depend on the connection and who it is really

I was in that relationship lasted for almost 4 years out which about little more than year and a half was long distance.
You get used to it, atleast I did, she broke it off few weeks ago, not sure if long distance is what caused it, not sure what caused it desu.
On the question of it being worth I guess it really depends, its better than no relationship, and if you are like me and not really good with women I guess its better to have someone than no one. I was planing on moving to where she is living in coming year or two, I made those plans known to her, maybe thats what scared her off. Maybe she just found a big dick who knows.

Thats what happened to me before i got dumped.
I remember her being hit by a car while driving bicycle(nothing serius) and she ended up yelling at me over the phone, while bearly saying anything to the guy that actually hit her.
Honestly when I remember what she was just before breaking up i dont even feel bad that she broke up.

>Long distance

long distance relationships really works if both people involved are genuinly in love with eachother.
I use to play a shitty MMO called deadfrontier and in my clan there were this guatemalian man an a chilian girl, both got married in less than 2 years.
I thought it was a one of a kind thing but in that same clan a mexican an a colombian also met and got married.
I guess compromise is the most important thing in those relationships