"Hey white boi, help me count my money."

"Hey white boi, help me count my money."

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oh yeah, I forgot you can't count. Sure thing man

Its at least 5 bucks

i mean yeah thats why you hired me man thats why im here so ill get to it then

I could just throw a glass cup knock them out and grab as much as I can carry there

lets think about the logistics here.
no one or nothing paid him that much in cash an theres is nothing he ca legally buy with that much straight cash.
so nevermind the fact that he took the bank band from each wad just to re-wrap it with a rubber band, but he also took out a massive withdrawal just to pose with it and re-deposit the same amount.
for what purpose?

Based and TBEpilled

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To be fair, that's Floyd Mayweather. That's his brand is to be flashy and obnoxious, showing off to others.
He's stroking his own ego, building his brand, and appealing to the dumbass low IQ trashy low-class boxers that he wants to sign with his promotional company while also appealing to dumbass low IQ low-class trashy morons that he wants to buy his TMT clothing.

you dont see bill gates doing this and people are still plenty convinced to work for microsoft
but i guess like you said, theres probably a fundamentally different target demographic

The GOAT. I miss him so much bros.

Its a very common thing in the ghetto for people to show off signs of wealth, that's why a lot them are obsessed with expensive sneakers and designer cloths, even though they live in low income apartments and bought it with their income tax check.

Bill gates is a eugenecist fuck that nigger

You going to let me wet my beak if I do?

His house looks kinda shitty for such a rich dude. Can't even hire an interior decorator or a maid?

Yes, Bill Gates' brand was built on selling hardware and software to companies and individuals. Windows was the product, as opposed to Bill Gates himself. Bill Gates' persona was a nerdy dork responsible for a great computer product.
Floyd Mayweather's brand was built on "rags to riches," hard work, and arrogance. His clothing line is literally called "The Money Team." He is his own product. He's targeting low IQ white trash and ghetto trash, trying to sell the "dream" and flashy lifestyle that he himself lives. He's his own brand and product, essentially.
It's solid and effective marketing from Floyd given who he's targeting, as tasteless and stupid as it is. None of them are going to put that much thought into it of the logistics of the picture; they're just going to see Floyd with a bunch of money and say "DAT SHIT BE AWESOME, DAWG!"

and yet you can still clearly see that he is unsatisfied with life. The only thing left he can do to spark any kind of joy in his listless life is to flaunt his wealth in front of poorfags.

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I don't think hes unsatisfied, his satisfaction probably comes from mastering a craft that left even the GOAT a brain dead man baby with financial issues, yet hes relatively unharmed and wealthy. The joy of combat must be so exhilarating, but the price in the end is too high for a lot of pros.

He probably wishes someone would give him a couple nice concussions to mark the end of his career. He will never be satisfied until something happens that makes him feel straight up done.

>He will never be satisfied until something happens that makes him feel straight up done.

Hes still at the age where a lot of the greats felt like they had one more good fight left in em, and he hasn't even lost, so I wouldn't be surprised if he fucks up and hops in the ring one last time and gets knocked out the ring.

Sure thing boss, that's why you pay me

When he comes back, it won't have anything to do with "feeling he has one great fight left in him." It will be because he blew it all on gambling, sports cars, and hangers-on.
I hope he comes back at like 50 and somebody gives him permanent brain damage to punish him for his hubris.

Lad, he's got brain damage from being punched in the head. That vacant look is dementia pugilistica.

Dear Jow Forums.
Please stay in your god damn containment board, or better yet: Kill yourself.

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