I'm not going to rest until every single one of you are feminized, weak...

I'm not going to rest until every single one of you are feminized, weak, sissy sluts interested in nothing more than being cocksluts to men for forever. You're going to be effete femboy whores, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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this is my fetish

im already a weak skinny twink though

I'd rather get gf personally.

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I'll take three

We've already had this thread. Fuck off kindly

this shit again, OP?

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good, you're halfway there. Now all you need is a man to take you in, and slowly turn you into the sissy you're supposed to be.
and maybe we'll have it again

i need someone to do my makeup

nice i can fap to this again i'll get my own sissy harem soon

and how exactly are you planning to do this?

you should learn how to do your own makeup, if thousands of girls can do it every day, so can you

surprisingly, people will volunteer themselves for it

/lgbt/ is that way ==>

suicide is that way

I had fun participating and engaging in this thread YESTERDAY. This will be super fucking boring unless someone actually posts pics.

How do I get sissy transformation drugs without leaving my house, asking for a friend

Yes, but surely everyone won't volunteer. How are you planning to get every single one of us?

You can order them online, like every single other drug in 2019. There's plenty of "pharmacies" for that sort of thing

Order them or have master/daddy/dom take them to you

I was like this, and then I felt tits, and I have come to the resolution that tits are better than dicks, trust me anons hire a whore with fatty tits and see

But I dont want the ones that nuke your nuts. In fact, I dont know shit about them. I just wanna be a cute sissy girl

ok not all will nuke your nuts but hardcore one usually do first try and get to twink status (diet and cardio) with really good skincare and some makeup then get on some lighter stuff at a low dose and slowly up it

bicalutimide blocks androgen receptors, as opposed to normal testosteron inhibitors so it shouldn't shrink your testicles. But I don't know if you mean you just don't want shrunken nuts, or if you want to maintain your sex drive and penis size. You can maintain your sex drive with herbal supplements like maca, if you're worried about that. Plus apparently a female sex drive develops anyway, with the emotional changes.

How much does it fuck up your mental state? I dated a girl on birth control once and she was like a completely different person. Always upset and such.

I'm already prime twink material, its fine. Probably should learn makeup though

well bicalutamide isn't enough, you still need an estrogen. Having no hormones in your body is pretty bad for you over time. But it'll make you more emotional, you'll cry a lot more probably. it won't change who you are, but your feelings will be more extreme

Don't you feel ashamed for this? Do you really need a shit fetish to talk control over who you are?

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So i'll just ask directly cause i'd like to feminize someone. how close can we get someone without using hormones? assuming we can control diet mostly? just get to twink status and avoid red meats right? fish should be fine, would eatomg s_o_y help or is it a meme? Also if trying to just twink mode only real exercise needs to be bodyweight and cardio right? skincare and makeup for them too of course but thats easy i think final question anything over the counter that would help even if its hormones? medicine for menopause or womens supplements?

without hormones the closest you can get is twink, yeah. Onions isn't going to have much effect unless they're just drinking tons of onions or something every day. Peppermint also inhibits testosterone, but they'd need to actually chew the leaves for it to be effective. Pueraria mirifica is an estrogenic herb that would also help, some people even start to grow tiny breasts from it. There are plenty of interesting herbs, for instance pygeum root makes you produces tons and tons of precum, if they like that idea for example.
Also here's a thicc trap I'm talking to on kik

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Yes Im aware it wont change who you are and make you super emotional, thats what I meant when asking if its like birth control. Sounds like it is.

Is estrogen also easily purchasable online? Sorry to sound retarded but like I legitimately have no clue about this drug stuff

yup. If you're in america there's tons of online pharmacies to buy from, more popular ones like alldaychemist are generally considered reliable. You just need to figure out the names of stuff. Like you can't buy "estrogen", one official name is progynova, which is the brand

Nice my friend and thank you Thats what i thought but i need to look more into herbs and such maybe with there could be interesting effects if done right, any recommendations for a good source(s) on herbs and the like for this?
also only lewd pic i got

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you can usually buy pueraria mirifica capsules on amazon, and peppermint leaves at the grocery store. Just have him chew as many leaves as you can through the day.
Another option for herbs is PipingRock, which is a supplement website I like, I think they have pueraria, they usually have a lot of the more obscure herbs

Alright thatnk you my good man im going to look into it after some sleep goodnight/day to ya