Dating Tips for Incels

I think she just solved the incel problem

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White women are literally a joke
Holy shit ahahahaha

finally...the answers I was looking for all along.
I think I'm getting a brain aneurysm. why is there so many jump cuts. she keeps talking and I don't know what she's saying. is she saying anything? is she ADHD? I have a headache

this is edited like an introduction on maury

also the nigger music doesn't help at all. is this supposed to be "ironic"? I didn't laugh once. there wasn't a punchline, she just kept spouting garbage. I'm going to sleep

i liked it. old school MTV style presentation.

I can't watch this through her ugly piercings and that terrible music choice
Someone tell me what she says

she said

make alotta money and fk as many women as you can.

As usual people always invent excuses or x random bullshit to not date each others.

>how to be a nigger
got it

dont you get it? if you say that youre a punk, youre not punk. if you say youre a white supremacist, youre not a white supremacist.

by decrying white supremacy, shes a white supremacist 14/88 Heil Arya

I knew yu gi oh would save me

>watches one MDE video

Love these threads because you can taste the butthurt

So... this is what it's like when woman try to be funny

it was good. lost me in the second half tho

shilling directly to the target audience huh max?

zoomer "humor"

this isn't original wtf

neither are recycling the same memes for 10 years, but you still do it

Wait there are people whom say "skyrim" like that?
classic and analpainer

this is r9k i had to type some "original" bullshit just to send my message