Would you fuck a pregnant woman?

Would you fuck a pregnant woman?

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Yeah if she was my wife

sure, I just want to fuck at this point

no, pregnant women kinda scare me

well I mean then you can creampie her, she can't get re-pregnant or anything

Hell yes I love pregnant bellies

I would fuck a light socket if it had a human vagina

I have done, it's pretty neat.

Yeah if it was my child

they're like gundams or evas or something

Hell yes, I kinda can't wait to knock up my itty bitty titty gf and watch her breasts inflate and lactate uncomfortably. I've already started easing her into anal also.


there were fuckloads of preg milwives where i used to live

being a degenerate piece of shit, i prowled tinder specifically for them

>tfw no pregnant black wife to cuddle

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all I live for is the possibility of the day that I can impregnate a girl and start a family with her but only the idea of pregnancy is hot to me, seeing pregnant women doesn't arouse me because they aren't bearing my child

>is girl :DDD
Why do people do this

thats nasty. niggas with a pregnant fetish are basically getting hard for a baby. think aboutt that man

That's like saying guys with a fat fetish are getting hard for food.

Keep looking. You'll find it, eventually.

>Not being aroused by the idea of procreation
No wonder why birth rates are so damn low.

ive done this a few times and will never again, i work at a call center, and girls get preggo all the time, fucked 4 and them all smelled like pee and shit, one of them even pooped whil vaginal fuck, bitches be unfaithful and ask for money too, kek

Yes. It is my fetish

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