Why is so difficult to talk to somebody?

Why is so difficult to talk to somebody?
I don't have anyone to talk to, nor ability to find someone.
I have no interest in anything, therefore I am not interesting to anyone.

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this a good way to get people posting their discords

I'll talk to you, I'm not interesting either though

Unfortunately you are a fictional character on the other side of my screen, and I can't even confirm you are human, and not google's AI.

God I wanna fuck chrona so bad.

She is a boy.

That sentence is so funny. But yeah I know.

You wanna talk to someone who's equally as boring?

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I dunno. They only thing I don't want to, is to feel awkward.

That's understandable; I'm not really judgemental, but up to you.

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>They only thing I don't want to, is to feel awkward
you better stop not wanting, that awkwardness is natural and a lot of times necessary, you're never gonna make it if you avoid it in fact you should be seeking it

>Why is so difficult to talk to somebody?
because you haven't had enough practice doing it
>I don't have anyone to talk to, nor ability to find someone.
if you can access literally any populated area, you can find people to talk to
>I have no interest in anything, therefore I am not interesting to anyone.
that's probably a good thing if your aim is to talk to people
the last thing most people want to hear in a conversation is the other person talking

seriously though, go outside and start talking to strangers
if that's too difficult work your way up to it
repeat until you're chad
the cure for Jow Forums is literally as simple as that
and yet only precious few of you will ever do it
fucking tragic

I used to buy hookers to talk to, but most of them are so rude...

why are you paying people for conversation?
strangers will converse with you for free if you approach them politely
you just have to work up the nerve to talk to them

also don't buy hookers, it'll just make you sadder
paradoxically, hookers are actually for valuable men
you're paying a premium to keep the sex casual
you only need to pay that premium if 'women not leaving you alone' is a problem
only consider buying hookers if you're at the top end of your locality's wealth or social hierarchy

Because it's the only way for me to talk to someone closely. With hugging.

Awww poor user. That's kind of adorable but I'm sorry.

why not just adopt my interests and be my gf?

It seems anonymity is the only way to feel secure - its so easy when you're used to disappointing people to feel insecure about talking to those online, especially when conversing in a medium that far better represents how you actually interact with others. The best thing about avatarfagging is that you have the most minimal identity and still retain the freedom to put whatever you want without having to worry about forcing commitments or otherwise being ghosted. Discord is terrifying largely because you feel roped into constantly talking to someone yet don't know when it'll become boring - I suppose its that weird patch where you don't REALLY know them at all, just connected to a minimal level over an image-board and so its usually impossible to gauge how many interests you actually share, if they even enjoy talking to you and when they'd really prefer if you'd be quiet.

You probably have more interests than you think, if not, try to find some books that could generate beginner-level interest in a field you haven't considered, that can help. Also on a personal note, think you are rather cute and mysterious (don't take that the wrong way).

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I have too much interest in things people don't take interest

You sound a lot like me. Lets talk Meztli#2874

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Thanks for your replies. It sounds inspiring and awake hopes.
Too bad that there is no escape and I am doomed to be alone. At least I can be delusional and feel good emotions from Jow Forums threads.

>can't relate to anyone
>talking to family just feels like getting audited
what's the point

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Why is it so difficult to talk, period. I feel like whenever I end up in a situation where I say more than 10 words or so, which is rare, I start listening to what I'm saying and find it ridiculous, then my words get all jumbled up in my head and I start stammering and trailing off.

Have interests, hobbies, and be curious is the easiest way

Do you like Nintendo?

Sorry, no. Never had anything related to nintendo and never played, althout I spend most of my free time playing vidya.
How can I, if I don't have interest in anything?

If you have no interest in anything, what do you want to talk about and why?

Cringe culture, user. You're afraid of being cringy, of not being one of the cool kids. Reject cringe culture as the cancer it is and embrace your inner embarrassing power level. All those awkward naruto cosplayers you've laughed at? They had more fun than you did. Think about that.

I dunno. I just want to. It's like hunger, but you won't die of starvation, just eternally suffer from lack of something you need.
Although, I understand that I am completely empty inside and I won't be able to make a conversation even if I wanted to.
I talked for 20 minutes though, 1 hour ago, with my mom, about protestant reformation and collapse of HRE. But it's easy to talk with mom, it doesn't count.

So you're interested in history huh? Why not go visit some historical reenactment theatre or something?

No, I'm not. My knowledge is completely fake and shallow, and I am more interested in EU4 rather than history by itself.

What do you like about EU4?

Favorite part is playing colonizers, although it's rather unefficient as you can just conquer or PU them and got all their colonies... But I still like this race for New World.
Played around 3k thousands hours in this game, although like to watch florry streams.

No, I meant more in abstract terms. Do you just play it to pass time? Does it inspire you in some way? Do you think it's educative? If you couldn't play EU4 starting tomorrow, what would you miss the most? What would you replace it with, if you wanted to in the first place?

>Do you just play it to pass time?
No, time passes because I enjoy playing it.
Althout I got tired from it time to time.
>Do you think it's educative
Definitely not.
>If you couldn't play EU4 starting tomorrow, what would you miss the mos
When I am tired from eu4 I usually sit on Jow Forums refreshing pages, not really knowing what to do. I would miss... mm... miss something that I can do.
>What would you replace it with, if you wanted to in the first place?
Probably some other game.