I just realized there isn't a place where you can litterally just go to and hang out

I just realized there isn't a place where you can litterally just go to and hang out.

Don't tell me bars, clubs or pubs because they have a thing in common. A neurotoxic drink called Alcohol. Fuck that shit.

If i wanted to do drugs, i'd go to a place where they sell LSD, Psilocybin mushrooms and cannabis and hang out there while making friends.

Fuck man. There doesn't exist a place where 16 to 25 year olds can just go to and hang out, talk, dance, play board games etc etc. The fuck? You have to be fucking kidding me.

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google.com/search?q=board game stores near me

What are cafes and board game cafes

based and societypilled
>tfw no comfy wholesome place that's open 24/7 designed to just chill with people that doesn't serve alcohol or other sedatives

Community centres and parks I guess.

google.com/search?q=board game stores near me

cafes? Coffee? A stimulant? Yeah no. If you wanted to get hyper do Meth or cocaine niggerfaggot. Fuck cafes and the retarded hipsters and stacies in it.

NO depressets = Alcohol
NO stims = cofffee
fuck man

Have you considered going to church or joining a church youth group

Dude how autistic can you get. I get the alcohol thing but coffee is so fucking mild. You can literally get similar stimulant results from certain types of apples.

>the park
>cafes/coffee shops
>local communities and groups that engage in the same hobbies and interests as you
>the gym
>concerts and music festivals (no, not everyone there is on drugs. I'm sober and I know other sober people who go to shows all the time)
>volunteering with charity groups or the animal shelter
>if you're religious, church or other house of worship
>yoga/meditation class
>politcal/social action with groups that share your views

>16 to 25 year olds
>can't go where there is alcohol
OP is underage please ban

fucking retarded faggot. kys

This. As someone who's had issues with alcohol and drug addiction, coffee ain't shit. If you don't like the way it makes you feel, fine. But it's not a drug. People have been drinking teas and coffee since ancient times and no one's ever died, ruined their health or their lives over it. It's a very mild, natural stimulant.

That attitude will make it certain that you remain a bitter shut-in.

The dental health of the bristish empire has taken massive casualties

im 19. Ever since i did 500ug lsd i can't get into alcohol. Just tastes like literal poison to me
>It's a very mild, natural stimulant.
No its not mild on high doses and people drink 3 cups or more a day. They are addicted to it. Just like any other drug.

im not. Thats why im proposing an idea thats better than all those retarded places because everyones fucking neurotic and im getting neurotic because of soceity.

Right. But chocolate and other foods also hit dopamine receptors that calm you and make you feel good. Are those drugs too?
You're going down a slippery slope.

Yeah, but what are you going to do? Are you gonna act on that idea and start a local group to hang out with? Wouldn't it be the same people you hate so much? You're not, just gonna complain on Jow Forums. Those were all great places to meet people and better your social life, and you know it.

Try out libraries, they often have public places where you can also be a bit more noisy.

get a real hobby like sports. go to concerts, you can do whatever you want at a concert. literally anything can be a huge time sink that basically requires you to hang out with people


I thought from your whiny and faggoty posts you'd be some dumb child and there's the confirmation. Go hang out on the train tracks and get torn apart, don't worry there's no alcohol or coffee there to set off your baby tantrums.

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t. 20 something year old jaded niggerfaggot

Are you just upset that social places like what you mentioned don't let 16 year olds like you in?

no. I want to fuck 16 year olds. Im 19

>OP here what are friends and why isnt there a place for me and other depressed people to sit in an empty room

You can't just find some highschool freshman then?

From the way you talk you come off as some arrogant straight edge cunt. I honestly can't imagine that anyone would desire to hang out with you. It's for the best that you don't go to any of the places that have been recommended. Better for you and for everyone else that you don't inflict yourself upon them.

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Based drug choices. This actually needs to be a thing, though. One of the few things to actually look forward to is to legalize this shit.

Illinois next year, baby. I just drive up a little bit from Missouri and I can smoke pot. Lol