Get qt gf

>get qt gf
>nice girl, doesn't drink, no drug use, dresses rather conservatively
>literally goes to church on Sundays when she can
>told me she's had 2 ex boyfriends

>really, really, good in bed
>fucks like a succubus, porn star, etc

Did she fuck a lot of guys and is lying about it, or did she get her holes reamed by her 2 ex boyfriends?

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Sounds like my sister
Rode the cock carousel and now feels guilty and is (allegedly) religious while still getting facefucked by her bf

>get qt gf
how the FUCK did you do that

What do you think, genius. Take a guess.

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i don't like your attitude, buddy

Group project in college. We were the only 2 to actually do our work, so we met up to complete it in the library. It got late so we decided to get food together and it went from there.

I was literally being myself. No idea what she sees in me, but I'm not going to question it.

Her only having 2 bfs doesnt mean she didnt have one night stands. Also number of sex partners doesnt have much to with sex skills. Someone who only had sex with one person but had it a lot of times certanly fucks better than someone who had sex with 10 people but also only had sex 10 times.

But yea she probably rode the cock carusel considering that a lot of times those really religius people did a lot of degenerate shit before suddenly finding god

fuck man, nice

we're all gonna make it, just gotta keep trying

If you had ever slept with a virgin/inexperienced girl you'd know how retarded they are in bed. So, take your own guess champ

The Church thing can be a meme though, I've known real Thots that did that. My theory is that they've had a christian upbringing and they feel guilty for their thottery, but that doesn't mean they will ever stop being thots. God is forgiving, you know...

Is she your first gf ever?

Yes. Been with her 5 months.

I don't think I could be with a girl that wasn't a virgin. I'd just feel depressed all the time. Thinking about it makes me depressed. That being said, I've resigned to being alone so it doesn't really matter.

>Did she fuck a lot of guys and is lying about it, or did she get her holes reamed by her 2 ex boyfriends?
She's lying about her boyfriends. She had dozens. Remember women don't count weekend flings, one night stands, that one time in college, the guy from the vacation, or that one time she doesn't feel like talking about.

Virgins are overrated imo.
My first gf was a virgin. I was sort of young back then so it was ok, but right now i'd avoid a virgin if possible.

Reading your post makes me depressed. I'm just going to leave this thread.

There's no reason to believe she has had sex with anyone but her two ex bfs and you, is there?

People in long term relationships have better sex skills than people with dozens of one night sex partners.

Also fuck off fucking normie piece of shit.

It's hard to say, some girls are absolute whores and still somehow can't fuck worth a damn.

You have to suspect shes lying because shes a she.

Maybe you just feel bad about premarital sex then. Do they talk about "sin" in your church, you hypocrite piece of degenerate shit? Get the fuck off r9k and go back to /pol with the other faggot retards. God bless

Lol you sound like a clone of me

Pretty much this.
"It's not sin if I like doing it"

yeah, listen OP you and me have been sold a lie
run nigger

I don't give a fuck about premarital sex. I'm not delusional enough to demand a virgin gf. There's a difference between a girl who fucks her boyfriend exclusively and the girl who gets passed around by the entire frat.