Your opinions on the guy?

Your opinions on the guy?

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He's retarded and makes money out of it.

nice nose
t b h

he's a robot who got lucky to be honest.

he's not a robot, he's not a virgin, most of his views are nothing you can find or read on r9k or even past r9k. He is literally zoomer redditor

I did some research and there are no robot streamers at the moment.

Low test milenial manchild who pretends to be good at WoW and pretends to not care about fame and money but still streams even though it "destroys" "HIS" WoW experience. Streaming was never part of Vanilla WoW experience, if he really didn't care about money and fame and cared about WoW he would literally play offstream while cash out on zoomers watching him play other random games on sellout sunday or whatever he calls it.
Extremely spoiled manchild.
not a virgin, not a robot, extremely sociable but of course pretends he is not even though he goes to every other twitchcon or whatever

Another spoiled manchild. Even less gameplay skill than soda. Twitch version of Eggman. Build his brand on being ugly and balding. Yes, and just like eggman also not a virgin and in a relationship. What a fucking surprise, ugly but still has a gf. Not a robot.

Build his brand on leeching but made it a meme so it's "ok".
Literally steal something from someone but if you pretends it's a funny meme they should just laugh and walk away without their wallet. All his shtick is about being fake, fake laugh, fake reactions. Cashes out on being ugly and fat, from time to time you can see how hard it is for him to remain fat and ugly just to live for free. Calls everyone normie or frogs without knowing the origin of it. Probably doesn't even know normie = normalfag because "fag" is hurtful and TwitchTOS he would stop useing it or try to change the meaning of it so normalfags can use normies and think they are not normalfags.

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Biggest normalfag of them all who even thinks he is some kind of leading figure for MRA and fight against feminism. Has this childish SquadW emote/movement whatever he calls it. It's basically something he thinks defines him as someone who fights against feminism and checks women on their bullshit. Cringeworthy considering he would probably cry himself to sleep if he ever end up on r9k by any chance and experienced real misogyny on women hate threads, specially in good old days. He lives in a world where he is some sort of redpill for men about women, meanwhile he is literal White Knight compared to anything on r9k especially if you look at early women hate threads and threads made few years ago. Pathetic really, especially since he isn't a virgin himself. Another fake robot who is very social.

Generally twitch "experience" is extremely mild and bland.

Accidentally black/redpilling on stream brings the chance of getting banned incredibly high anyway. Unless twitch makes twitch +18 controversial free speech friendly it's going to be very hard to find a robot streamer.
He would have to embody
>r9k culture
>be a virgin
>social only when necessary instead of participating in twitchcons and going to other streamer houses for a literal irl party

Most of big twitch streamers live close to themselves. It's basically a streamer clique. A lot of them cosplay as loners and introverts but that's just a business model for them to get more donations from people who are socially awkward and want to play online friend game. They are basically social predators by pretending to be who they are not.

Personally I doubt twitch will allow any edgy content, there's higher chance they will finally allow women to do porn on twitch rather than have some true robot start doing woman hate streams.

methodjosh literally browsed r9k for several years, and met up with women from soc and o. Unfortunate that he got beaned..

Annoying little faggot. Wouldn't care if he wasn't so arrogant. Probably the next Etika

>Unfortunate that he got beaned..
>met up with women from soc and o
Twitch is doing what r9k mods should be doing, banning people who are not virgin who date women.

His microphone is not that bad.

I don't care if you meet with women, maybe they are your family members, cashiers, Job center employees. But it better not be a date, you better be still a virgin! Otherwise you don't belong on r9k.

He was a virgin, his whole thing revolved around being an incel. Women would want to talk to him because he was famous and then leave crying because he was an asshole to them. A hooker supposedly left because she "didn't feel safe".

i fucking physically felt uneasy reading this, congratulations

imagine being this invested into "streamers"

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>early women hate threads and threads made few years ago

i still miss those golden days, not going to lie my dude. i heard eggy used to host those a lot back when he used to browse r9k. i used to LOVE those threads, always brought me joy there were some people with some decency left in this board, before the trannies, faggies, and normies took over

Unfunny faggot who's humor is farting

He's cool. I enjoy watching him play anything besides a story game.

annnnnnnnyyyyy schhhhhhhhnooooooooooozers?


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only good streamer is forsen lul

Forsen steals Jow Forums memes and rebrands them as twitch memes. Literally his entire career is built on it.

He's an absolute moron but quite fun to watch.

Bull shit.

Term "incel" on twitch is being used as "just have sex" meme. They call others "incels" just for being mean to a woman or not whiteknighting them.
Look at Trainwrekz, he beuilds his brand on being an incel, guess what. If you're not a virgin, you're not an incel. Fucking normalfags on twitch stealing Jow Forums memes and then turning them to shit.
MethodJosh is/was not a virgin, the guy invited multiple girs/prostitutes. If you bought the whole "I'm a dick to them" sthick you are retarded. He had sex with those prostitutes, and some of those girls probably got trolled but still he did it for monetary compensation and probably the reason he got banned was because the last girl he invited genuinely wanted a relationship and he probably made a bad move on her behind the camera. Doesn't really matter if he trolls some women and fucking fucks prostitutes behind the stage just so he can roleplay "incel" without even knowing what it means.
It's literally eggman all over again. I hate when someone tries to become internet persona by pretending he is a virgin/incel but irl he dates/fucks women and prostitutes.

>i heard eggy used to host those a lot back when he used to browse r9k
he stole content from women hate threads, roleplayed as virgin incel and then made black pill vid. As soon as he got popular he revealed he was actually in a relationship and that he is not a virgin.
There were some genuine autistic misogynists in women hate threads but I don't think they ever posted their face. Would be interesting to have a genuine virgin back on r9k or perhaps even twitch and watch normalfags reeee

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>there were some people with some decency left in this board, before the trannies, faggies, and normies took over
There were autistic virgins who searched web so hard to find articles and screenshots of women being women, forums with STDs ridden women asking for advice, stories and medical articles. It took time, effort, dedication. I respect that. I know those guys were virgins and not some "please subscribe to my youtube and twitch because I'm ugly so you know I'm a virgin and I have to order prostitutes" fucking fakes.

what I hate about twitch is how they are ALL bunch of normalfags, stealing memes from Jow Forums but then watering them down so they don't offend.
Even "normalfag", they use "normie" all the time without knowing that's a shortcut for normalfag. If you would expose them they would literally jump and cry victim because they didn't know better. Fucking retards.

Same with fucking incels. Literally bunch of guys who can't get laid and are virgins who after mass shootings also got label of shooters and mass murderers. Yet twitch idiots use "incel" all the time without even knowing what the words means and what made it popular in recent years "school shootings". But yet they think it's some sort of funny way to call someone who says something against a woman.

Now that Jow Forums, especially r9k got taken over by normalfags and literal fags it would be nice to get back at them and infest their fucking media and sites with real r9k culture. It would be hard to not get banned though.

These faggots exist because all you useless niggers cannot resist but to suck their dicks until completion for some reason.

it's the new media, we have to take a piece of cake for ourselves just as they took our place and infested r9k with trannies

Fuck off with your eceleb bul-
Oh wait, it's nu-r9k, procreed

I liked him better when he was playing that fake sport

isnt it something they have to do to not get banned

he shouldnt have raped that girl

>Fucking normalfags on twitch stealing Jow Forums memes
calling incel a Jow Forums meme really shows where you are coming from retarded incel redditor go back to your shit site no one gives a fuck about you here

streaming is also by default a low IQ hobby, literally no smart streamers much less robot ones

what about vinny?

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