I just want a girlfriend, i just want a girl to like me

i just want a girlfriend, i just want a girl to like me.
how do i make it happen?
I'm "Cute" not "Hot", but whenever a girl asks and i say i'm "Cute" they always fucking block me.
Does "Cute" just mean "Hot" now?

I watch Anime, play D&D, and Vidya Games. How do I meet a girl who does the same?
I know its possible because my friends who play D&D with me have girlfriends, one of which is in our party.
so what the fuck, why has a girl never been attracted to ME.

I know it sounds Selfish but this is getting fucking ridiculous. Am i that fucking grotesque? That much of a Mongoloid!?
I've never thought of myself as such, i've always tried to be happy, I know i'm not "hot". Some have called me "Cute"
but at this rate i think they've been lying. I personally think i'm lower-average. Somedays i even think i look better than usual.

I don't know what to fucking do at this point. The only thing i can think of is losing weight, and honestly friends, i'm not even that fat.
I'm a chubster for sure, but not a comically obese 500 pound guy you see at conventions.

Anyway, thanks for reading my Blog Post. If any of you robots got anything to say lemme know.

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By luck, or trying now fuck off

Op, have you ever just... Tried?

have you tried going on a date even once? also you are def fat so work on that

I've asked 8 different girls out over the years and they've all said no.
I'm gonna start going to the gym soon, my main concern is that it wont actually help me.

men care more about muscles than women (not just sex wise, in general). it certainly wouldnt hurt but not being fat is much more important. you should be asking out 8 girls a MONTH. less if you find it too stressful, sure. but thats nothing. sorry user, youre going to have to put in effort, you didnt luck out on looks/personality/social circle to easily get a gf like your friends, i know that feel

i've always been good at talking to people and stuff, maybe i don't try enough.
but even when i become good friends with a girl they never see me as a partner. it's weird.
i guess i'll just try and lose weight and see what happens.
Literally was friends with a girl for 7 months and i got feelings for her, asked her out, and she said no.
despite the fact that we've talked about so much shit and i thought we were getting close. and we kinda still are, but we don't talk as much as we used to.

"Cute" when said by a woman generally means you range anywhere from not hideous to good looking, but there's nothing particularly attractive about you.

>How do I get girls to like me

This is very important and you need to listen and think very hard about what I'm about to ask, and you need to be very honest. /Is there anything likeable about you?/ Is there really? Post examples. You see girls and women aren't primarily attracted to good looks but competence and confidence, how well you handle yourself and how well you overcome adversity. Turns out if you're good at these things you're also very likely to be rich successful and well-groomed too.

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I'm Nice and generally open to listening.
I'd prefer to be there for someone rather than have them be there for me.
I mean, i know what you mean but i also don't. I really enjoy talking to people and getting to know them.

I'm generally not bothered by any sorta challenge and just go for it, like if theres a problem i'm having i'll deal with it.
but i'd much rather work on other peoples issues before my own, and make sure that i'm helping them.
part of it is because i feel like i'm not worth as much as them, but honestly another part is my desire to make sure i'm a good figure in someones life so they don't wanna get rid of me.

which sounds kinda manipulative now that i've written it but i'm not making any decisions for anyone generally, just a good pair of ears.

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>I'm nice and a good listener

These aren't remarkable traits. In fact they're pretty baseline for human interaction. Everyone is is easily capable of being nice and listening. If you consider these to be your foremost good attributes then I have some bad news you probably not that nice and you're probably not that interesting. I'm not saying that to be mean but being nice and being a listener is something absolutely any other human being on this planet can offer. Probably better than you if you don't understand girls or underlying principles of human interaction.

How old are you user

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women can be emotionally close with men in a friendship and feel no attraction. idk if theres hard data on it but the reverse seems to be a lot less common on the male side of things. 7 months of buildup is too much investment for a romance. idk how young you are (and your op puts you in late teens/first half of 20s by my estimate) but that approach indicates immaturity. not trying to be mean, it's just that romantic elationships dont form that way as you ahe

well yeah, but i feel like you didn't comment on anything else i said.
not being mean or an ass just mentioning it.

I guess that's just how i am. I like being there for others more than working on myself.

Are you in the USA, OP? If so, what state? I'm in Montana, gonna kill myself in a few months and I'm getting a little group together for it. You're welcome to join

i guess, i just really don't know what to do.
I don't even know how my friend acquired his girlfriend.
They literally just talked for months and eventually, they went on a date.
i guess there was more to it than talking, or it was how they were doing it.
cause despite me doing the same thing as you mentioned, it didn't work out

Man, chicks dont care about any of that. You might as well be a selfish jerk. Not to say that's what women want, but at least you'll benefit yourself. Dark and lonely world out here

If I don't respond to something it's either irrelevant I'm trying to stay focused but if you beg your response boyo "I want to help other people overcome problems" isn't a personality trait. It sounds more like a whimsical ideal of yours, and since you have no concrete examples of doing that -- no you probably don't

I'm also gonna assume your underage b& judging by how you talk and your interests

yeah, same thing someone else did wont work for you. that's life. hoping for "right place, right time" for some chick to fall for you on discord aint gonna cut it. make a bumble/hinge/okc profile and do legwork.

I know its been mentioned a few times now
i'm 20 years old.

Also if you wanted examples, I have helped friends get out of abusive relationships.
I have helped OTHER PEOPLE get into relationships by telling them what to say and do.
and some other personal stuff that i don't really know how to articulate because i'm an idiot.

>I have helped friends get out of abusive relationships.
>I have helped OTHER PEOPLE get into relationships

This isn't extraordinary behavior. It's not something you should call yourself 'nice' over and you certainly shouldn't expect some kind of karma for it.

If you're 20 you're not even a fully formed human being yet. Imma dump some wisdom on you next post.

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>How do I get girls to like me?

Be interesting, be passionate about something, be genuinely good. Liking anime video games D&D is not a passion it's not interesting. It's a hobby at best. There are billions of chucklefucks out there who also happen to like anime video games D&D and are 'eager to be of help' as you are. That's not extraordinary it's common. Below average.

Here's what I wish I knew when I was much younger and once you understand and master this principle everything else falls into place from jobs and careers to girlfriends and relationships: wake up everyday with a passion and a purpose -- do /something/ learn something new experience something different find a legitimate reason to get out of bed besides anime and video games. Go see a play and realize everything Shakespeare wrote about the terrifying condition of the human experience was just as true centuries ago as it is now. Go volunteer at a homeless shelter and meet a crazy dude who used to run a successful winery got committed and fell on hard times. Learn to cook. Do these things and actually fucking enjoy them don't just go through the motions -- but go out and do stuff and find something that clicks with you so when you get out of bed in the morning you do it with a purpose.

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And be fucking humble dude. Don't describe yourself as nice never describe yourself as nice. Infact never describe yourself at all -- you should let everything else do the talking for you.

OP its simple. I know itll be hard for you, but it's simple.
>dont force things
>be yourself
>take care of yourself
>talk to bitches
>if it doesnt work out, it ain't the end of the world.

You're 20 -- don't know shit. Be humble. There is always going to be more you don't know then you do and admit that you don't upfront candidly and honestly to everyone always. Most people who aren't shit are more than happy to instruct you in something you don't understand especially if they happen to be passionate about it and turns out if you listen to them you'll learn a lot. It's crazy how much you'll learn by saying quote sorry I don't know anything about that but I'd like to learn more. I almost want to tell you to practice saying that in the mirror because it kind of sucks admitting you don't know something but it's really great having someone share something they enjoy with you and learning something in the process.

Not OP, but while these are good messages about being a good person or whatever, it's not really telling him how to get gf. He shouldn't be humble or have passion to get gf, he should be doing that on his own. Pieces of shits, drug dealers, deadbeats, and bums get gfs all the time, so I dont think he's the typical "nice guy" neckbeard you're claiming he is.

It's a building block. Because if you can't do any of these things you will never get and keep a girlfriend or have any kind of meaningful relationship.

If you want to skip ahead to the chapter about getting a girlfriend that's relatively easy. 1 identify girl you think you like 2 asked if they would like to get coffee or pizza and make your intentions clear that it's a date and romantic 3 see if you click 4 if yes boom girlfriend.

Of course no one's going to want to be in a relationship with a sad sack of shit whose only defining characteristics are they think they're nice and they play video games and watch anime.

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i think most nerd MEN would be fine with " a sad sack of shit whose only defining characteristics are they think they're nice and they play video games and watch anime."

I agree with everything this poster has said, in contrary to the responses. He's on point.

Idk what could be cute about a chubby weeb

Irrelevant, faggot

You say its irrelevant, but he did have a point .

i wish i was a faggot. getting a looksmatched gay fat hairy bro who likes anime and games seems like it would be an easy task

Men aren't like women. But you're free to date a guy like that and tell me what you think.

I'm saying that while it's true that there's a double standard, it's irrelevant because no matter how much you bitch about the rules, they don't change. The game is the same whether you like it or not.

I can't believe that even in le current year there are still posters like this
You have no self awareness whatsoever, please find a different board

Every girl calls me cute. I had girls orbiting me in school. I always get stared at by girls. These girls call you cute bc they don't want to hurt your feelings.

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There is this girl I used to go out with who used to call me cute. We only went out for less than two months, then she left me for my friend. She still calls me cute and adorable and I don't know why. Now if a girl ever calls me cute I will think that she has no interest in me whatsoever. I am conditioned to only feel bad if girls call me cute now.