Saw this webm on s4s and feel really disturbed by it...

saw this webm on s4s and feel really disturbed by it, it's like we're all just animal bags of flesh and this webm shows how we create each other but the individual still dies. makes me wish I wasn't human, life seems so meaningless.

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wow deep really make u thinks ;-DDDDDDDDDD

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You think that's bad, try actually being in one.

imagine the smell, shushi sweat, BO and egg rolls and ass

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That's hot as but the porn industry is bad.
I'm super conflicted.

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gross, imagine the originall smell.

>That's hot
no it's disgusting.

Kill gooks.

Well, I meant seeing so many female bodies in one place.
The Japanese woman's figure really gets me going.

But then I hate the porn industry for sometimes coercing women into parts.
Conflicting, as I said.

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>coercing women into parts
Yeah bro, it's the porn industries fault for coercing women into making decisions.
Women should have their hands held their entire life, and not think for themselves at all so they can't be taken advantage of by evil men

>Women should have their hands held their entire life, and not think for themselves at all so they can't be taken advantage of by evil men
Yes, I think that way, to a degree, obviously not to your exact hyperbole.

In any case, what the porn industry does is:
they tell here it's just photo-shoot or something, then ask her to do porn but then she disagrees but then they say she owes them money and they'll just ask her parents for it, then she obviously doesn't want her parents to know so she does the job. This is in Japan, at least.
Sad, really. It's the innocent ones that get hurt the most and I just can't stand it, that people 'care' but won't ever do anything until it actually affects them.

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god I wish I was a girl so bad so I could be fucked

that cuck at 0:11 just getting a hand job

literal insects.
holy shit

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Japan's trying real hard to get those birth rates up

So this is the Japan that we all feared.

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what's the jav ID for this?

You can control your urges, OP. You can masturbate, you can use condoms. You have the possibility to control your sexual instinct. The sexual istinct in itself isn't bad, like everything else in the world

How did you get a video of my college rec room?

Is this how people have sex? What if they get the wrong hole?

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Why would she want to stop her parents from knowing about a photoshoot she did for public release?

Why are Japs so fucking weird

yeah, i'm not easily disturbed by any means but there's something unsettling about the mechanistic repetitive movements paired with the absence of emotional connection from an extremist pragmatic point of view; in this moment we're nothing more than bags of flesh ramming into another with the common goal of expelling our most disgusting desires by proxy of another being, with a life as full as ours, reduced to a mere contraption for our euphoric release until we can carry on with our lives

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Shit like this makes me glad that i'm asexual

breeders have no idea what they look like to actual player characters.

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>we're all just animal bags of flesh
>life seems so meaningless
I'm pretty sure that's what japs are going for with stunts like this

This one does look creepy as fuck because they're all in the same position. The ones where it's more of a free for all fuck rule though.

Ree stop there are too many Asians

imagine being that 1 lad who wasnt fucking early on in the vid
pretty alpha

i can almost smell it.

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bet the entire room is filled with high pitched screaming and moaning as well.

Is Japan fixing their population crisis with fuck factories?

oh wow, I vividly remember this being the first porn I ever saw. I'm 21 now and I saw it when I was about 11 on google videos, so it's pretty old. Never thought I'd find it again!

Yeah natural orgies are possibly the hottest porn on the planet.

They would tell her parents they're from a pornography company, duh.
Basically they were lying when they tell her it's 'just' a photoshoot and had always intended for it to be pornography.

What's up with Japan and censorship?

The weak and innocent deserve every bad that comes out of their own stupidity and spinelessness

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You play too much video games