What do you think about lacing food with nicotine...

What do you think about lacing food with nicotine? I'm dating my oneitis and I had the idea of putting nicotine in her food so when I'm with her so she thinks the high of the nicotine is the joy of being with me and the sensation of the crash is from being away from me. Is it possible to do this? (If you're gonna argue ethics save your energy, I'm not gonna listen. I know I'm a horrible person but I could honestly care less.)

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i rely on the old "win her over with kindness" play.

I'm doing that as best I can as well but I want just a little 'edge' over everyone else she may like.

are you fuckin retarded

i just grew up in a different era
drugging food eh

Yep, I'd do anything to have this girl.

Yea it'd work, technically. You won't be able to pull it off though (probably)

prob better just to see an escort, bud

What would I need to do to make it work?

nigga really? No. If you can't even think that far in to it you are going to get yourself seriously fucked over.
Just go with good old manipulation instead, way easier and way more chance to be effective.

Chances are she'll interpret the first crash as a sign that she subconciously doesnt want to be around you anymore and break up

lol all you're gonna do is get her sick and make her hate you when you eventually get caught doing it

And then when I'm with her I'll give her more nicotine, thus bringing her out of her crash.

She'll end up with a food addiction and get fat, retard.

Do it see what happens just start out with smaller amounts or she will feel something is up

fucking lol go for it op and you better post results

wasnt there a guy on here who put nicotine patches on his sleeping gf for exactly that reason?, i think it even worked

found it

of course, too much nicotine can make people nauseous. that would make her wanna stay away from me

Kek never heard this idea before. I wonder if anyone has ever thought to do this. Go for it, sounds interesting.

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Judging by his thread, yes.

>he doesn't already use nicotine laced condoms

Don't hate the player virgins.

I've actually achieved OPs result to my ex without the retarded idea of nicotine. It was just called weed and eating fast food all the time.
>tfw she is now fat because of me

probably better to do very tiny doses of mdma, she'll get a nice little euphoria but won't be dependent or craving about it and once that association is linked in her mind you won't have to keep drugging her and risk the relationship

Or actually convince her taking mdma is fun and do it together. Not sure if this works but it might have for me. Lol

>not a single post mentioning the greentext
I hate newfags so fucking much.

big mistake once she knows about it she can take it anywhere and just be a huge slut buddy

works temporarily for sure but not a long term play

She's already addicted to fast food and is kinda chubby, but she won't smoke weed because psychosis runs in her family.

Huh, this might just work! Let's hope for the best.

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What greentext? Sorry I didn't grow up here underage and autistic like you.

Dumpass its right here

Women will slut around regardless. Taking mdma is just their excuse.


potatoes naturally have nicotine in them

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If she doesnt smoke its just going to make her dizzy/sick?
Retard. Why cant you just act normal