To the normalfags on this board, what was your first sexual experience like?

To the normalfags on this board, what was your first sexual experience like?
22 years old and eagerly awaiting mine

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same but 25

My first somewhat sexual experience was playing 'doctor games' with my cousin when we were about 6. The first real one was me fingering some girl on a park bench when I was 13. Actual sex was at 16.

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Felt like I lost to much time at 21 and decided to smooth things over at a strip club with seeing my first tits in person. Ended having sex with one and now at 23, the only women ive actually gotten with ive paid for.

same but 21

can't I at least get a loose milf to pop my cherry
don't they want to be given a chance take someone's virginity

i was a relative later bloomer at 21. it was just okay but i found it hot at the time. i had a few friends over to drink and one of them ended up inviting a new girl who was qt. as usual i got blackout drunk and woke up the next morning sitll drunk with her in my bed. she eventually woke up and we talked a bit until we started making out and she said she wanted to fuck. naturally i had no condoms on me because i nver imagined needing them but she said it was okay because she was on the pill. so i rawdogged her for around 20 minutes because i had the type of whiskey dick where i could get hard but not cum. we both gave up after some point and while i didnt cum i still count it as my first time since it helped me get over the mental hold my virginity had on me

Got one. My gf of the time (both 17) didn't want to have sex so I started talking so some senior who I was into. We exchanged snaps frequently and over the course of a week got to the point of sending nudes. my dick was so enamored with love that I wrote a breakup note in our shared notebook and sent it to her through a pic message. Then about half a week later we were on break so I drove about an hour and 45 minutes south to meet up with this babe and we fucked in my car. 8/10 sex but I regret that shit every day. It was funny cause she kept saying "damn annon, you're lasting so long" when in reality I'm circumcised and break my meat so hard it takes me a while to cum. Protip: soft grip your willy or one day you'll find yourself taking about 2 hours to masturbate when you're really trying to get off in 2 minutes on your bathroom break at work.

my first experience was at the brothel when i was 21. It was bad experience but better than dying virgin

How's the aids treating you

It was horrible.
I was young, I said no, he did it anyway

aids cant penetrate two condoms

so you let it happen and justified it with "he did it anyway", take responsibility for your actions you dumb whore, you could have given your first time to someone you love

We're you just like I need extra protection or like I don't wanna cum quickly. Damn 1 sucks enough I can't imagine 2

Why are you even here? Seriously, if youre able to do all of that you must be at least somewhat well rounded.

had my first kiss at 14, and felt my first ass, tits, pussy
lost virginity at 16, fucked 9 girls since

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I cant imagine ever paying money for sex its just like flat out giving up and admitting youre worthless and will never be in a position to get it naturally, Id much rather remain celibate

neither. The whore insisted to wear her condom but i insisted to wear my condom so i wore both condoms to make everyone happy. Funny thing is i didnt even cum and she kicked me out because time was over.

Idk if the lady was like SUPER out of my league I'd happily pay a few shillings to disappoint her

no experience whatsoever
going to join 27 Club

so rape? kek

Too late, having sex now is you raping her.

>t. complete loser that lost it at 17

masturbating for the first time at 16 to a playboy i still have. 34 and still no experience with a woman. duh thats not what the OP meant, fuck you. anyway it informed my future attitudes towards seeking out sex, because my first, and all subsequent ejaculations felt like basically nothing. there was some physical pleasure but i was left with one distinct thought - this is what people, especially men spend all that time and effort for? sacrifice for? die for? this nothing feeling? i get more pleasure and release from a well timed back stretch or perhaps more relatedly, pissing after having been forced to hold it for an inordinately long time. i've never heard of anyone having such a similarly formative experience.

I am decently looking but that's about it. My life is a mess. Just because I occasionally have sex doesn't mean I can easily find a partner. I've been single for the past 5 years and spend most of my time alone in a dark apartment getting drunk while playing games.

>middle school
>hated my life
>fucked a dog

I once locked myself in my aunt's room during a fily get together saying I needed to sleep. my grandmas dog was in there with me and I spent the whole 2 hours having it lick my dick. Good times

greentext it, why did you fuck a dog?

because i lost hope in finding someone who wasnt a whore

epic 4channing skills at work



>parents were mean
>school full of degenerates

this is why i said fuck it

if I had a community with better people around me i probably wouldnt have done it

did you fuck fucking LEAF me?

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It's normal.

Why would he be Canadian?

i did end up killing it with cobra venom

no joke

>your first sexual experience
I was at a beach and a girl looked at me. I think she even smiled.
Nothing happened, tho, because I was there with my family and they wanted to leave and I couldn't have said "no wait, a girl smiled at me, let's stay"

Your penis is not a cobra. The ejaculate is not deadly. It died from internal bleeding.

Fuck a bigger dog and or use lube next time.

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I was at a party with this girl that strung me along for years. We made out before a lot when we were 14 freshmen in HS. But she wouldnt date me and dated other guys and I was still a virgin. Two years went by and when I was 16 i invited her to a party one night I was at and she said.

>if I get to drunk and start acting horny please dont sleep with me

I said

>okay promise

She gets drunk and horny

>I fucked the shit out of her.

She wasnt mad. She came over to my house the next day and said

>I want you to have sex with me sober so you can experience what its really like

And we did.

I haven't had a serious relationship so maybe thats different but for me the sex acts like an ego boost. I just get the same feeling as if i won some game. Mostly cause it kind of is.

You pay either way if you're not Chad. Dates, time, gifts, ... you have to jump through 1.000 hoops. I escortmaxxed and have 8/10's riding on my dick on a weekly basis. I'm not happy because it's the only thing I look forward to every day but at least I'm not a sexless loser.

And it's funny to spread their cheeks and deeply inhale their butt smell and watch how they look embarassed.

same but 20

ill wait one more year, after that ill go to a brothel

I was 22, it was not very pleasant and the girl was a bitch. Condoms, no chemistry, and she was cheating on another man as it turned out. I didn't have enjoyable sex until I was 25 when I fell in love with a girl who knew how to be a woman. Chin up mate you've got all the time in the world. Go look up Dan Bacon on Youtube and learn some woman skills.

I'm 24 and British, my first 'sexual experience' was with a French girl i met on the internet. After 18 months of flirting we met up and I couldn't get an erection due to nerves. She friendzoned me the next day. This happened last October.

My second sexual experience was with a russian girl I met on the internet, we went on holiday to Holland back in June after flirting for a while via WhatsApp. I used Viagra and fucked her like a champ for a good 3 or 4 hours and I came 3 times. After getting over that initial performance anxiety I guess I was comfortable with her and we spent the next 2 weeks fucking 3-4 times a day where I would cum inside her with no condoms and I didn't need any Viagra. Best experience of my life. She said she loved me whilst I was balls deep inside her wet and warm pussy.

Now she's back in Russia and I'm madly in love with her. She says she loves me but I'm always texting first and she's kinda despondent. Feels bad man

I think I first fingered a girl at about 14 or 15 in the back of a Metro, then had sex with my girlfriend when we were both 16, stayed together about three and a half years after that.

>first kiss was a present for my 18th birthday from my Muslim gf; later felt her up and we would dry hump but never had sex
>later met an azn girl through sex site and tried to take her virginity but she was too tight and we just awkwardly cuddled in the nude
>finally wound up fuccing a thick married milf through same sex site and busted in her raw
Im not exactly proud of myself for this sexual history but it helped me get over being horny

Dude, you need to date women that live in your country. Trying to keep a relationship going internationally is not worth your time.

>Need to date women in your country
I would if I could mate. Unfortunately I'm not appealing enough for girls in my own country. Russian girls have a much lower standard of men so even though I'm fat and ugly in England, I'm not so bad in comparison to Russian guys.

Doesn't matter now anyway, I'm far too deep in a relationship with her. She's my first girlfriend and I'm planning our life together lol

>I would if I could mate. Unfortunately I'm not appealing enough for girls in my own country. Russian girls have a much lower standard of men so even though I'm fat and ugly in England, I'm not so bad in comparison to Russian guys.
that's your own little delusional fantasy.

Brought her back to my place while the family was gone. I remember I put on Cobra Starship in the background lol.
I lost my virginity to "It's Warmer In The Basement".
I came quick, but she just smiled. She seemed happy to take it and we only wanted to do it again. I smoked one of my mom's nasty menthol cigarettes afterwards. I should have lost it earlier than 17, but I have no regrets that it was her. Better than the trailer-trash bimbo that sent me pictures of her pussy piercing.
I'm fucking drunk so fuck you OP.

Unfortunately I have to agree with here. Also the rest of your post is also a delusional fantasy. If you're not in the same city as a girl at least, it's never going to work out. My suggestion to you (and I really hope you listen) is to cut back contact with her drastically and don't try to be her "boyfriend" while you're physically separated. She won't be able to meet your emotional demands without physical contact. Just trust me man, I'm an oldfag, I've had many LDRs. You keep them going by simmering them very gently, not trying to really love her until you actually see her.

Fucked a prostitute in Phuket at 25. It was extremely hard to finish. I fucked a few more prostitutes that week and in the weekend I met my gf.

It's not at all unlikely that it's real. It's very different in different countries.

How do I cut back contact? What's an acceptable level of contact? Realistically I'm only ever going to see her whilst on holiday unless she moves to the UK. We've discussed the idea briefly and she isn't keen on leaving Moscow. However I made a connection with her whilst on holiday with her and I've never experienced anything like it before. She says she didn't know what love was until she met me. I'm just lulling around thinking about her yet the ideal outcome of us being together seems so far away/difficult

>Tricked a friend of mine into trying anal
>He ends up liking it
Inb4 I'm not a tranny, I'm a fag

Only a few months ago, I was 26. She grabbed my wiener through my underwear and I came in two seconds. If you can even consider that a sexual experience

>blah blah
>had sex
>blah blah
get off this board non-incel

>not a sexless loser
just a regular loser
>And it's funny to spread their cheeks and deeply inhale their butt smell and watch how they look embarassed.
kek this is extremely funny

five messages a day maximum, some days you shouldn't talk at all. if you cant be there, then you have to leave her something to miss.

I would take it down to once a week, then once a month. Don't contact her more than she contacts you. Don't be needy if you can avoid it because she WILL ghost you when you make it clear that you're a loser with no local options. Meanwhile, make plans to improve your life to the point that you don't need to date women from overseas, or at least don't think twice about flying to Moscow for a weekend every now and then. This is crucial because whether you continue to date this woman or not you'll have only yourself to blame if your life sucks and women don't want to be a part of it. Don't pin your dreams on anything but yourself. Bon chance

(I was 16) My first time was trash. Butt ugly slut let me fuck her for two seconds in an alleyway behind home Depot. Her pussy stuck like a roadkill and she couldn't handle my size; said I was giving her a stomach ache (Not bragging, it was really frustrating. My dick isn't even that big). I didn't enjoy sex until my third or fourth partner.

had sex with a lesbian, got lots of succ
before that i had sex with 2 guys

Curious, how much did you pay to fuck the stripper. I went to a strip club that charged 400$ to go to the "champagne room", I get back there and it's just a dance in a private room with some cheap hard liquor. I tried to get the stripper to atleast jerk me off, all she did was give me some wack ass grind with her hand separating my dick from her pussy. Total. Fucking. Rip.

>gf and I go for a walk cause her parents are super strict and want to keep her from having sex
>while walking we sit on a little hill beside someone's house
>asks me to show her my dick
>she goes down and kisses it
>we move a couple blocks
>find another hill
>takes my dick out and sucks it like a good slut

Let me guess, Interpals?

Why did you insist on wearing your own condom?

Can you define whore?

22 here and I've been talking about it on this board the past 4 or 5 days. Made out with a girl, fingered her, and sucked on her nipples on my friend's couch after having met her maybe twice before. It happened really suddenly and we said a lot of shit (most of it very positive, she seems to like me I guess), and now I'm too scared to hit her up and see how she's doing. I've resigned myself to reacting to her meme posts on Facebook. I don't wanna be that asshole that just says "Hey what's up" and doesn't have anything interesting to say but I wanna keep in touch with her.

We're gonna be seeing Ice Nine Kills along with the friend who's couch we were hanging out on on Saturday. So that should be fun.

Back in my junior year of highschool I tried really hard to be a normie, it payed off a little.
>Girl decides she wants to date my autistic ass (I was smol and cute but autistic)
>Mormon mom, she'd freak out if I was caught, my place is out
>Plus messy bedroom I didn't want her to see
>her place is out because her mom would freak too
>Innawoods it is
>It's beginning of winter
>walk into woods behind school figuring we'd find a bench or some grass to lay in
>near winter, everything is cold and wet
>Finally decide to fuck standing up against tree
>wasn't ready for cold and wet
>Neither of us manage to cum
>She has to stop because it's her first time and it hurts
>I have to stop because the cold is making my balls shrivel up and hurt
After that we only fucked at her place. Pro tip, sex in a bed or on a couch is a million times better than sex against a tree.
Anyways she broke up with me when my autism began spilling out of my pockets

are you him? for your information he used force

he didn't think so but a DA did

Yeah interpals. Didn't meet the russian on there though. I met her playing left 4 dead 2 on the computer