Men see women as nothing more than mere sexual objects to satisfy their own sexual gratifications...

Men see women as nothing more than mere sexual objects to satisfy their own sexual gratifications. That's all they care about is sex and themselves. They don't care about women they don't even see us as human.

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we used to care

no one cares you fucking attention whore

If you don't try to have sex with a woman within 2 weeks top she stops talking to you.

>women have zero personality because they live life on easy mode so they never have to do anything but be pretty

>>why don't they like ME for being ME

They do, but you're just some pretty thing.

>implying you're female
Gas all fembot baiters.

who hurt u lol
why does everyone fucking whine about the other gender its fucking boring
not everyone is mentally retarded and shit on the other gender like you think
talk to some normal people and maybe you wont be so mad over nothing

Men love you since your love is their very driving force, places like this stem from the absence of that love.

Men don't 'love', they pump and dump

and goes and gets dick somewhere else. i had a girl who wanted me, but i told her i wanted to get to know each other first and she literally had sex with someone else then told me about it, like she wasn't in control of her body.

women lie and deny too much when their emotions make them do retarded shit, they blame everything but themselves.

And women see men as a walking atm that they can show off to their friends

why not keep pumping?

Women decided what they wanted, tinder goons > marriage lmao

The entire thing is literally on your garbage intrinsic nature being exploited

Original sin comes from eve, dont forget

The only hope for the future is that you lose the ability to vote

Maybe women should try to be someone worth caring about.

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Thats some based and redpilled men

Every time I try to just have a normal conversation with a girl she ghost me or is clearly uninterested. The only time a girl actually gives a fuck about what I say is when she wants my dick. I'm fucking tired of this shit, I don't want a gf I just want a friend.

have you tried being very kind to women?

What about both user?
I get ghosted non stop, girls ask to be pumped and dumped, because they WANT to fuck immediatly.
The only people they attract with that behavior is normalfags and chads that need to get off.
When you actually try to have a conversation, when you try to explore the other person, they lose interest, maybe due to having nothing to present, or simply because their sex craze is too much and will simply discard you for a more direct guy, that will inevitably pump and dump them.

All things of your chosing OP

Women are useless beside sex

That's right, now kindly spread your legs.

Underrated comment, the amount of love boys have towards women before it gets kicked out of them is unreal and used to apply back during more conservative years further into adulthood.

lmao what the fuck is that supposed to mean actually it doesn't matter because no matter what you think it means the end result is her pussy going dry and blocking your number

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I wish I had someone I could dedicate my life to. I'm not as exciting as other men though.
I just want to take care of someone and make them happy and cuddle and do fun things together.
Im a stupid naive virgin I guess, it doesn't matter what I say, I'll always just not be the one a woman wants.

They'd even pic their indifferent and abuse ex's over me. I'm just women's emotional sponge, something to claim as their ideal but something they actually want.

it doesnt get "kicked out", we just go on selfish excursions to get some tail, basically

Fuck i forgot to check these based trips.
Yeah during my teens i was pretty much willing to even to risk death for a woman of my love, but well, that got curb stomped out really fast by the eternal roasts, and with the crawling advance of social media at the time, it even accelerated this decline.
Now i don't really feel anything, i just pick a woman that looks decent and isn't a pain to be around, and from there see if i develop any feeling.

she wont block your number. and her pussy will be like death valley but thats what you gotta do if u need a friend

You're just ugly. At least you got doubles.

Handsome and good looking guys are "interesting" aka attractive. You can do whatever you want. No one will care if you don't have the LMS to support it.

dam!!! i just dont bother unless there is love potential

men that care

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when he stop care

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I'm nice to girls, its just disappointing because none of them seem interested in me except for my body and voice. They either don't want to talk to me or they want me to fuck them and say dirty things. Its fucking sad and its why I only have dude friends.

why wouldnt they want to talk to you if you are very kind?

There's no hiding you're an art slut from tumblr, and had some nice teen years of roasting it up to 25+ dudes that were really fit and looked really good and you really wanted to fuck.
Did you really think you were better than other girls? That a roast like you was marriage material for them?
Oh no, not unless you're a virgin at least, and you pick them when they are younger.

Women would say all this while only caring about a man could provide for her, and not really care for his thoughts or interests are. People are naturally selfish.

Just a reminder: it isnt "le free love generation" that was a small portion of society, the A ERAGE woman now is a turned out tinder slag

Women that can express some self awareness and view the situation from a male perspective (like here instead of the literal 99% cheering eachother on on instagram) have to do the mental gymnastic of "well this is all you have loser, deal with it" when in reality men arent going to lower their standards for commitment in the long run

We arent tied to you like youre tied to men lmao, the vast majority of men in history never reproduced while almost every women did, i can promise you that for all the bitching here it really is men that are functionally better off being alone in the long run, which is what were going to see in future decades because women decided to 100% destroy marriage as an institution so they could have casual sex in their 20's

huh. how did you know? me irl

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They talk but it's not real talk you know, I don't get a lot of responses or anything to bounce of. Its just a lot of smiles and agreeing, Like I want a girl who adds to the convo.

You chose it yourself
Feels good man, also i wasn't listening, i was busy looking at your titties

I hope you're trolling at this point, you make me want to close my eyes forever.

fun never stops

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You want a man

>You want a man

Would you admit women have nothing to offer?

I wish that would be only incel talk.
My labroratory partner was a female, I thought we had a health working relation during that. After the lab was over she just stopped communicating with me alltogether, didn't even greet me.

I guess women can't get the concept of a male not using every opportunity to get in their vagina. I just wanted college frens

Post tits fsggot

women can't be friends
shit, even a girl who has higher mental functions than a toddler would be ok. like, you disagree with a girl or call her out on some bullshit and it's tantrum time.

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I can tell you're a LARPer because women don't actually care what men here think about them

Women have nothing to offer so sayeth I

>if you disagree with a girl
Women are treated like princesses by modern men who want to get in their pants and as such never grow a character. Any man who tries to show she's wrong just gets yelled down.

Post nudes you slut

Well if we consider
This post to be even half real, the slut will have nudes somewhere for sure.


also see pic related

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I'm male, just asking the Q

You wanted men to treat you like cocksleeves, and now that they do, you bitch and moan that you're treated like cocksleeves
Dumb cunts

ok bois

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And all women are cheating gold diggers, sure, sure.

Your rape face won't stop the inevitable

>didn't even greet me
Did she look straight through you?

You are going for the wrong males, There are good ones, I know because if I were with you It be for your heart and who you are, that's what matters to me.

And that's why she's not with you bro. She only goes for people that reinforce her world view.

Pick one

>women "show off" men to their friends
I'm sorry to tell you this but men look like ass.

I'm sorry to tell you this but you sound like a woman.

please ma'am, may I have some coochie?

Not true. The best time of my life was a 1.5 year relationship with a woman. Cuddling, holding eachother, sex, talking. It was beautiful. Nothing can replace that.

I promise you that isn't true of all men.

Women don't see men as human either so everything is peachy.

I have so much love and affection for women inside me that it physically fucking hurts being unable to express it.

l'm sorry you've been hurt.

Literally nowhere in the original post was a question asked retard

Women see men as nothing more than mere economic objects to satisfy their own financial gratifications. That's all they care about is money and themselves. They don't care about men they don't even see us as human.

>but men look like ass.
we aren't the ones who need 100$ of makeup just to go outside

nobody "needs" makeup. men just don't put in as much effort.

Tits or gtfo whore
Thats the rule.