Who /addictedtocigarettes/ here?

Life sucks and I can't quit cigarettes.

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ayyyy me too boyo marlboro reds or dead

Found that Montclairs are reallllll ass kickers. Shits so nice, honestly beat camel 100s.

I quit smoking cigarettes about a month ago and started vaping which didn't cost me anything cause I was given a vape and my mates let me top up with their nicotine juices whenever i'm low. I don't use the vape that often though, and I kinda miss cigarettes but on the bright side at least i'm not coughing as much and my lungs generally feel cleaner than they were.

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Also the thing I hate about vaping is that it can't really replace the cigarette with your morning coffee, something about sweet flavoured smoke just doesn't go well with a coffee, no matter how much I try it just doesn't feel the same and the morning coffee generally isn't as enjoyable no more. That been said the vape community can be really fucking obnoxious and stuck up especially to those who smoke cigarettes, they do act like they are better than those who smoke cigarettes cause they inhale nicotine through a different method and they also think they get a free pass to smoke the vape whenever and wherever they feel like because "it doesn't stink so it shouldn't bother anyone". That part about vaping I hate otherwise using the vape with nicotine juice a great alternative if you're not wanting to smoke cigarettes, I mainly did it because it has become too expensive to smoke here in Australia.

>a fag n coffee
i recently found my morning jam as my shifts for the next year start at around 5 in the morning, berries and earl grey (1 bag each) with honey and sometimes milk and a fag next to that, shit is absolutly cash

>go to gas station for cigarettes
>"2 packs Marlboro reds pls"
>Old middle eastern cashier
>"Wedunoavdereds is sofpacokey?"
>"itsdasemthing jusina sofpakisdatokey?"
>Person walks in and stands behind me at the register
>feel autism kicking in
>"Uhhhhh sure"
>"Okeysur yortotol esondregister"
>mfw he said soft packs
>cigarettes wrapped in flimsy paper instead of cardboard box
>didn't think they even still made these
>afraid to smoke these cigs from the 1970s

>can't quit cigarettes
It's not heroin you fucking pussy.

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If you hate the sweeter vape flavors then there are choices other than a mango vanilla mint smoothie that tastes like a unicorn ejaculated a rainbow into your vape. You might have to search around a bit though.
I used to vape a lot, all my favorite flavors were discontinued in 2016 for some reason. The place I shopped had a few tobacco flavors that ranged from old half smoked dusty cigarette that had been in your dresser for 3 years to what tobacco would taste like if it was a rare delicacy. Seriously, no idea why that one tasted so good. There was also a whiskey flavored one, mix that with a bit of tobacco and it was the best damn non sugary flavor you could get.
Avoid chives, chai tea, and cinnamon. Those flavors overpower everything and never go away. Also careful choosing mint or menthol flavors, some are good but some taste like gym socks mixed with NyQuil.

I've been smoking ever since I was sixteen. Starting to notice my lungs getting worse. I'm also terrified of fucking my teeth up and there's the occasional cancer anxiety because I'm a hypochondriac. Not bad enough to consider quitting though. I need muh cancer sticks

It's not the drug really, the habit of having a cigarrete in my mouth and a package with a lighter on my pockets it's the problem. I feel strangely odd and a bit anxious when I don't have a package with me.

Not addicted, just enjoy them. Smoke Mayfairs or Richmonds (whatever's cheapest at local shop). Typically go through a pack every 4 days. Need a new pack and wanna get something good for once. Any advice?

This. I could quit, but if i do I'm just going to feel a little emptier and I don't need that rn.

It's not fair. I didn't want to become addicted. It wasn't supposed to happen. I just wanted to experiment with something new and have a little fun. Other people have problems, but those problems aren't supposed to happen to me. Why did this happen? I didn't mean for it to happen. It's not fair.

>I can't quit cigarettes.
Then don't. Quitters never win. You're going to die anyway, might as well not be miserable.

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was smoking a pack a day while drinking half a fifth at night. stopped doing both of those. and now everything is shit

Lmao. like actually. 1 month free and lifes total dog shit. wasnt drinking half a 5th daily tho so i can only imagine

REEEE, tfw have to go outside tomorrow to get new pack of sigs.
Go to neighbouring town so i dont come across people who know me and be like , whats up.
nothing up you faggot, leave me alonEEeEe

cany any of you guys redpill me on vaping/juuls/whatever else? is it REALLY better than smoking cigarettes? I only smoke 2-4 newport 100s a day but I've contemplated making the switch

Nicotine has the highest addiction potential out of all drugs.

Better FOR you? Yes, absolutely, because all of the hazards associated with the burning plant matter (tar, smoke inhalation etc) are avoided. It still isn't perfectly safe, but is much safer. Better than a cigarette in terms of taste, enjoyment? Absolutely not. Switched from half a pack a day to a vape and I miss cigs a lot, but it's doable. Vaping is also much cheaper, depending where you're at.

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word thanks my man. any recommended flavors?

I've had good luck with menthol, especially if you like Newport--it translates well to a vape. Conversely, confection flavours like cookies/cake/etc all taste disgusting to me.

I used to smoke a ton but I started vaping and wound up loving it. It's not 'the same' but I found it a suitable replacement addiction. I think part of why people getting really obsessed and uppity about vaping is that using different devices, building coils, shit like that becomes the ritual that replaces whatever ritual you had with cigarettes.

Vapists and smokers both get really fucking defensive though. Some drunk guys in a smoking circle were complaining about a new cig tax and I made the mistake of bringing up vaping. My only point was that gov't laws cracking down with vaping laws was related but they jumped on me, immediately assuming I was trying to push vaping. But I also have caught myself being that annoying vapist sometimes.

...nicotine will find one way or another to kill us

Vape does stink though, a artificial sweet, stale smell. Whenever I hit a vape I cough up a lung. Don't know what it is

This shit. Every other juice I've tried is like anything else with common flavorings, but this stuff is like inhaling an entire ice cream shop.

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I started vaping recently as a lifelong non-smoker and am really liking the appetite suppressant effect of the nicotine. I'm a little overweight.

Don't buy a juul. Pods are way overpriced compared to vapes and have really limited flavor choice.
For vape it depends what flavors you like. On the sweeter end some vanillas taste good but some taste like the Pillsbury dough boys asshole. Birthday cake type of flavors are too sugary. Most fruity ones are trash, like pre-chewed fruit loops. Some fruit is okay-ish like blueberry. Banana green apple and grape will always taste like the super fake artificial flavors. Avoid any type of spices like cinnamon cloves or chai. They'll overpower everything and the taste will stick around even after washing out your vape.
Mint or menthol is almost always good, but some menthol flavors are made wrong and tastes like NyQuil.
A lot of vape shops will have their own special flavors they make themselves, shop around and see what's good locally.
Buy your juice between 6-12mg nicotine. Any stronger and the nicotine flavor overpowers the juice flavor. Some shops have "cloud juice", basically designed to give the biggest cloud possible at the cost of any good flavor. These are trash unless you're a douche who does cloud competitions.
If you're just looking for a nicotine replacement then buy a tank not an RDA. RDAs are a ton of work, tanks are just more convenient especially when you're going out. I recommend a slightly larger tank so you don't have to refill it constantly. You don't need to break the bank on custom batteries and a mod that outputs maximum power, but don't buy the dirt cheap cylinder pens either. eLeaf I think is the brand I used to buy, makes pretty good ones. Anywhere from 15-50 watts is perfect. You probably won't need 100 watts of power, that'll make you feel like you're drowning. A decent battery would be one that lasts all day but fits in your pocket comfortably.

It's absolutely better for your health. People who switch from cigarettes to vaping report massive improvements in their lung function.

I'm using a coffee + granola flavor and am liking it. I got it because the tobacco + vanilla flavor was out.

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yeah I don't have the smoker's hack anymore, it's pretty nice to be honest desu. I was always coughing and could barely breathe when I smoked.
Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they discover some way that it's worse for you than everyone thought. If they do it'll probably have something to do with lung infections. But those issues, if they exist, are mitigated by using low-powered pod devices with high nicotine content juice.

Coffee does sound good but it could be another overpowering flavor that stays in your vape for a week.

>start smoking as a teen because others were for about 4 months
>never really liked it and just stopped one day

Lmao never touched a cigarette for about 13years now, keep killing yourself smoking faggots

My lungs hurt.

i have a smok nord

is it approved?