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Come share your creative works in this thread
Not seen one of these for a couple days so I figured I'd try to rouse the troops here we fucking go again lads

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Here's me trying to branch out to podcast like videos
And two recent songs

shameful bump where u at anons

sketching around and doing some perspective practice and sheit

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You've lost the plot mate


holy shit this is cool man

yea I lost it a long time ago now I'm just advertising the fact that my brain no longer functions like most peoples :P



I'm relatively just messed up when I do all this so it's all just a mess, hope you enjoy

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Hi, i want to make music for video games.

I made this with a friend recently.


I hope you guys like it.

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My friend is trying his hand at movie reviews and I thought I'd give him a boost on here. I think he's got a strong presence, but he's too trapped in the tropes of traditional film reviewing that I don't think he's really able to say all that he should. He drags a lot, and his editing is super weird and choppy.

That's not to say I don't have serious issues with my own work, which I've posted here a few times.

not my style of music to listen to but it's production value is good

Can imagine hearing this on a lo fi channel if just a few extra layers were added to it it sounds too quite needs boosted

Pretty fire, can see this as a menu selection theme when a game starts.
And streamers using it as background music for a countdown before their stream starts.

the music is awesom
what kind of video games do you want to work in?
i personnaly want to make VN's but i can only draw and can't program sadly.

hello darko these are some comfy fireside chats you got here

>Instrumental (Mostly)
>Indie pop
>multiple genres



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thanks dude I wanna do more even though there's not really an audience for it it's just random ramblings

I'll add some candles next time for comfy effect :)

the pop version is really happy frend

Lemme know wut u think maybe
Wicked cool user

>holy shit this is cool man

thanks dude

It's hard to finish anything
Have you tried to learn to program yourself if you can't find one to team up with? What sort of visual novels do you want to make?
What sort of games do you want to work in x2? Nice stuff

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I really like it but I wish it was just a tiny bit maybe 30% faster it feels a bit on the slow side for my liking the beat would be more suited to adreniline focused as opposed to the creepy slow vibe imo


I don't understand what you mean but thanks.

Did you make this? How did you get that effect on the lyrics

I really like this user

Thanks for taking the time to listen and reply. Yeah I intentionally made it on the slow side ~125bpm whereas most rap beats you hear nowadays are 140-170bpm. I used to only make 140bpm beats. Most people like the faster stuff but I wanted to play around with speed. I'd like to make another soundcloud in the near future and start regularly posting things on there.

haven't been recording anything, busy self reflecting and working on myself irl, my computer took a shit so i cant make vids atm anyway


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why did u delete ur utube :(

Yes, I made that! I got the effects using some reverb, compression, EQing, and some other stuff. I can show you the effects chain I used if you want.

I appreciate it! :D

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i have no patience to learn programming but i feel
like i have to if i want to make vn's or simple video games in general
>What sort of visual novels do you want to make?
anything ,but preferably an original story that breaks the rules and cliches, i like to imagine some stories.
pic related is a sketch i made with krita.

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Im working in my first book at the moment
Iv notices that my style is very episodic, which is probably because most media I consume is episodicly structured anime and manga

If this ends up being a problem when trying to get published I will curse Japan for turning me into a weeb

I completely ran out of ideas on what to do. I make shit remixes or some EDM , chill beats too.

youtube.com/watch?v=u0utFy8BJJE this is a Minecraft song remix ( wet hands). idk if I should keep on makin music cuz my views are pretty low and no one really enjoys what I make. yes im a weeb

You need a little programming but most people could do it for you. Anything unique requires programming 99% of the time

i decided i wanted to off myself amidst a mental breakdown after something horrible happened that i finally decided i couldn't live with the depression and i didn't want my family to find my yt channel

but time passed and i'm back in a good head space and trying to fix my brain and my life

Ah shit man all the best hope you are doing better

I always fantasize about my channel becoming a cult hit if I ever kill myself :)

Let me know what u think about my last pack

Oh, this is good oriagjeonsbakdivei

I don't really ever sing while I play guitar so let me know how I'm doing as I practice doing basic chordal songs instead of my usual bl00s and jazz noodles.

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Fun fact by the way, the acoustic I used in this was found in a dumpster.
Since I didn't have one, I only play electric.

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It's good but not unique
you sound like a scuffed lou reid your voice and tone need a little work but your lyrics are really good and I did enjoy the song but once your voice improve your voice which will happen you'll be golden

I look forward to your future contributions

Lyrics aren't mine, they copped from a Wilco song senpai.
But thanks, yeah, I tried my best to find a key that works but I'm just not good at singing and playing at the same time. I'm trying to find a fuckin vocalist but it's torture.
I really am a bass player and am more used to straight forward rhythm and lead guitar work.

Ah well don't worry about it you're getting there just keep singing til you find the song right for you

I think that song was right for you and in a while you'll have it down, try even singing quiter and less pronounced

Here's a brief on Aug Tellez

This video will probably get delted

Does shitty guitar improv count as "creative"?

the riff is too basic man you got the foundations but you need to spice it up a bit

>you got the foundations
What do you mean? And you're right about the main riff. It has no style.

Actually, on second thought, I like the riff and I'm keeping it as it is. But I still want to know what you mean by "you got the foundations".

Like the song is there you just need to expand on it you captured the essence of a song but it's not yet complete

is Jow Forums /creative/?

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Ok. What'd you think of the end solo? I've been trying hard to improve my lead playing lately.

I thought it was decent no criticism other than the song sounding basic but basic doesn't mean bad

Oh, okay. Thanks, user. I deleted it anyway. lul
Nobody else should be subjected to listen to that.

The conspiracy talk is always pretty comfy. The hair and skinny rollup is a nice touch too. Good on you for not smoking nasty ass factory cigs. I probably said it before but these vids remind me of why I like the internet and youtube. It lets you catch a glimpse into the lives and heads of people that are completely different than yourself. Wanna talk some more about that game you plan on making? Oh and the music's nice too. Vocals could be a bit louder. As is the guitar kinda overpowers them.
The twitch stuff seems pretty gay but the music's alright if you're into chaotic electronic stuff
Your friends videos are like every movie review you'd find on youtube in like 2007.
Why do you find it hard to finish anything?
Good luck in your effort of trying to fix your shit
Explore new types of music to get new ideas of what you want to do
Your link doesn't work. But sure, improv counts as creative.
I also have a cover of Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground but my singing's too shit and embarrassing

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acknowledge my geode

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Thanks man, the game is two fold one is an open ended adventure game where you make different choices its like a psychological experiment that would encompse the entirety of being and you would be put through a series of psychological and philisophical choices a bit like the Knights of the old republic and other games without the combat and just pure lore and it would feature a range of ideas from different internet philosphers like terrenece mckenna alan watts and aug tellez

the other is a fantasy based army and town management like heros of might and magic but more in depth and the combat is done automatically and it focuses purely on stat management and evolving your troops through branching paths of evolution with weapon and hero units etc. the aim would to have every fantasy race imagineable eventually be in the game starting with something like 10 and then expansions allowing further races. you would choose rival cities to attack and it would automatically do the battle for you its based on an old fantasy auto battle simulator i used to play as a child

the third dream game would be an MMO combining tibia and world of warcraft and all simular games. the conciousness killier i call it if i can ever get a team to make an MMO i guratnee u people will quit their jobs to play it im keeping that under raps until i have the bank to make it

its all a dream and i need to learn to draw if i want to do it

I really like your music man sounds alien i wanna invade that head space and live in it

also here's a new vid if u wanna be bored to death :D


Already watching the newest vids. If you're not doing so already you should definitely start writing and developing those game ideas. I know fuck all about game development but to me it seems like that army and town management idea would be the simplest to pull off

>Your link doesn't work.
Yeah, I deleted it because it sucked.



sorta like the sub concious of eminem during his song

Eh, I doubt it was that bad. And even if it is, who cares? No need to be embarrassed. Everyone sucked at one point

i started making shirt concepts for fun

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hipsters on /fa/ dont like my shirts but what do they know

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i'll post a few more shirts

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textless posts r not allowed k

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I feel like this one you don't see very often

pretty late to the party.
lately i got into machine learning and shid and made a lil project exercice thingy. it basically takes colors at random and trains to be able to decide whether black text or white text would be visible better on it. idk if it counts as creative but with better skills u can make a lot with ML and neural nets
im practicing to get there bros

heres the thing: github.com/frecklebars/text-color-predictor

>idk if it counts as creative
It sounds pretty cool. Let me check this out.

thatd be cool, lemme know what u think abt it

>tfw most Anons post audio and I'm outside

Pretty nice my friend
I like this one. Punpun vibes

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I've been having a lot of ideas for video. Pretty excited to start working on them. Also I'm glad that some of the videos are getting views so that's cool.

This is definitely my favorite of the bunch. I really like how the art fits on the shirt if that makes sense. Keep up the good work man.


i made a video with music in it. and i made that picture on my post. yes the video is a joke, no the picture is not a joke it's part of my religion.

comfy feels user, reminds me of clone wars.
actually not a bad idea with the psychosis=creativity.
it's like lsd dream emulator music. gj user!
newgrounds adult pony game background music.
can't stand that he records his tv like that.
donkey kong country v .63
dark gamer beat
oh my god i'm doing nofap
unironically goes hard... gj user!
enjoyable birb sounds while you sing
also a banger.
lil tracy beat/10
could get yourself a gf with that
late night feels, i like it a lot.
can barely hear your voice user!
suicidebois r9k edition
this one is cool but the rest are just jpegs on a shirt.
i don't understand it at all but it looks cool.
actually really good editing/voice. keep it up user!

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>lsd dream simulator
It's all I ever wanted to hear thank you