Nobody else lives in Luxembourg

>nobody else lives in Luxembourg

Am I right in thinking I'm the only person alive here? I've never seen anyone else from here post on r9k..

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I'd love to be in your position
I cringe whenever I see a fellow countryman post here

maybe its because your country is microscopic and has a population which doesnt even break 1 million?

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Where are you from and what makes you cringe?
I feel like I'd really want to befriend someone from the same country as me that's lonely too. r9k tag

I'm the only one on that map in a 100km radius around me.. so basically nobody even close to being in Luxembourg..

Yes, but there has to be at least one right?

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German user here. So kinda close

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Do you wanna be friends?

Sorry for the late reply, I was trying to figure out why my old free flatscreen TV didn't look good with my console, turns out because its an old crappy free TV..

I've seen at least two. One female teacher and one guy who created nice "hello anons how are you" threads.

I'm the one who used to make the threads before I kind of vanished..
I'd like to make them again but I've been really tired and busy with life, enough for it to impact how I can care for people and remember them enough to genuinely help. I think others have sporadically taken my place though, so it's probably not a big loss..

How's it going in life now? Better again?

I had a few job interviews last week and I think I can get things going again. Hit a slump an had to redo a college year but ended up doing pretty well all things considered.
I might start posting again if I have the time.

Good luck then friend. I the guy who was occasionally posting from work in Switzerland and sometimes from my travels.

Oh! Good luck to you too. You were always great to talk to. I hope you get to travel even more in the future!

I was born in a smol french village very close to Luxembourg. My parents used to commute daily to work there.

>eurofag complaining that his smallasfuck country isn't represented
Your country is smaller than our smallest state. Just walk two blocks in any direction. It's not like here where I would have to drive for miles to reach other channer.

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Do you still live there? What's it like?

Eh, in a way it's worse. Travelling from state to state by car is exponentially easier in the US.

You can take a train and be downtown in another city. Much easier than driving for hours on end. Have you been on a car trip that takes three days each direction?

Luxembourg is literally one of the best places on Earth to live. This is a dystopian board made for unfortunate people.

The province or the country? I'm from Belgium

No, we moved when I was 4. But I have very fond memories of it. The house used to be an old mill. We lived near a lake and a farm, and my parents would take me there to see the cows, the horses, the geese and the ducks.

I actually have because I don't like flying or taking public transport.. I'd rather have the long straight highways the US has than the difficult to navigate roads in Europe..

It's okay, pretty expensive when it comes to living on your own but cheap in every other way. You can make it big or end up slaving away for the rest of your life, with a slowly shrinking middle class due to rising housing prices. It's a small idyllic country with a lot of people who want to get a piece of it, but not enough space for those people.

The country. Are you from from the French or Dutch part? I can understand Dutch somewhat but I can't speak it..

That sounds dreamy.. It's unfortunate you moved then! I hope you didn't move anywhere you don't like.

>I'd rather have the long straight highways the US has than the difficult to navigate roads in Europe..
Do it for days straight multiple times and then tell me that.

>it's okay
Look up quality of life, standard of living, etc, stats on the Internet. Literally it's better than okay there.

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>the national average wage is nearly double what your parents earn
Is this how you find out you are a poorfag

I'm tempted to mislead you some more but median might mean more than average. There's more rich people in your nation on average then it throws off the total average.

If you see..... not that that is even true. You might actually be a poorfaggot there.

this video comes to mind

Well, my cousin went on a road trip through the US and he didn't seem to mind, but you can't do that distance non-stop even in Europe. It's nicer to stop and take in some sights or rest, even if it's just for an hour or two to get your mind off of things.

Wage isn't everything in Luxembourg, it's easy to get tricked by large numbers inflated by the kinds of rich people a tax haven attracts. It's a regular country like the ones around it with an easier time providing better quality services to you due to the small size and money flow.
However, it's easy to live in poverty here if you don't make at least twice minimum wage or have a partner that works as well as you need to sink almost an entire paycheck into rent. The housing market here is quite messed up, throwing this paradise on earth out of balance by quite a bit.

Minimum wage doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, cost of living is still high due to rent.

I live in Luxembourg and I've applied for apprenticeships as an aircraft technician which means I'll make minimum wage plus a little bit for the duration of it, however with that and the addition of a friend's disability pension it ends up being just barely enough to get by at the end of the month, and that's a staggering amount of money in any other country. I would sink most of what I have into rent, with minuscule amounts of money going towards amenities, food and things like insurance.

It's not easy.. I hope I cleared up a lot of misconceptions a lot of foreigners have of an easy life here.

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I live in luxembourg too but I don't want every schmuck to know because we prob know each other dude

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>don't let large number trick you
>staggering amount in another country
So sad that you'll have to retire in the USA at the age of 35.

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>apprenticeship wage
That's about $4.5/hour in Bongland and that is grim.
Aircraft technician sounds like a bretty good job, how did your application go? Is joining the military an option in Luxembourg?

Oh hello! I guess that's okay..
I don't personally get this fear of being known by someone else, so what? You can laugh about it and still be friends..


That's hard too... I don't want to be an illegal immigrant or get by on an endless work visa..

It went pretty well, one company said they'd probably take me but I'd have to wait until they had a meeting to pick candidates. It's at the end of the week, supposedly.
Joining the military is an option, and if the application goes south I'll apply there as a civilian maintenance mechanic. I have a lot of friends in the military surprisingly.

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lmao don't meet up with people from r9k. it never ends well.

Eh, why not? They're just people like anyone else, you can always meet in a safe place after making sure they're somewhat okay through chats..

it's not about safety. trust me, it never ends well. i'm speaking from experience. don't let your imageboard autism leak into real life.

I guess, but one of my best friends is someone I met on /o/ a long while ago and it's been relatively good.. I wouldn't mind a less car focused friend from any other board..

Yes that sounds very good there's not many people here so everybody knows eachother loool I am from the esch region I think I saw you on soc and kinda recognized you what do you do against boredom in Luxembourg there's nothing to do...

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Thank you for replying..! I have my own hobbies that are rather secluded.. Other than that, I usually attend car shows and things like that or hang out with my friend I made on /o/ and cruise around or go get food..
I'd love a friend to watch anime with or sperg out about weeny stuff more, the other guy seems really reserved about that kind of stuff..

There's a million things to do here, like going thrifting or attending flea markets, lots of events and lots of sights to take in! If you want we could do things together! I'm a few minutes away from Esch..

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Sure. Am late too lol. Didn't check the thread anymore
my discord is bXb#3999

Ah wait, you're not the one I've been talking to?! Where did all these people come from..

Ah I cant wait to visit and have sex with the white women there as a black

Dude most my friends I know from Jow Forums. Guess I'm a real autist then, not an imposter lol
Nope that wasn't me

I'm from Luxembourg but frankly unless you're a cute girl I don't really care.

Hmm.. but I don't know if you can get a girl with that attitude either..

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That's really kind but I rather not I'm going through a lot at the time I need to work on myself beforehand.

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If you ever want to reconsider it, I'm happy to add you and help you out in life and with whatever you're struggling with.
I'm always here on this board and I try to help those who need it whenever I can.
I hope you're going to be fine!

If you want my discord tag or something for safekeeping until you're ready, here it is. tristan#4682

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Luxembourg user, what's it actually like living there? I'm curious

It's not much different than in most Western European countries, perhaps a bit more polished and nicer looking. You might earn more money, but most of it will go towards paying for your own place so it's not like most people think life here is like.
It's pretty normal, albeit a bit more pretty because it's cleaner and more idyllic as far as the country goes.
I think that's how I'd describe life here.

are you that user that posted on cripplechan's Jow Forums?

Hmm.. I'm not sure, why?