Is he going to be alright?

He's going to marry the furry girl who he has only met a few times.

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digibro warned him about having shit friends

Once his little joyride comes to an end he's going to hit the ground and hard. Going to be ugly.

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shes cute at least ? lol

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He already hit the ground hard, but he doesn't realise it yet.

She's a nutjob. Watch how she talks on stream. Atleast that's something they have in common.

how old is she again? barely legal?

23 i thought.


He's literally taking care of her and his fiance's boyfriend.

Im happy gor him honestly

Mumkey is just fucked now. Its so sad seeing this down fall and decay. Unironically I wished the best for him and hes happy now but its going to backfire hard on him.

>Proposes to the sociopath furry girl so she doesn't leave him

Nah he's fucked

You are only saying this cause you dont like furries

Sup Tyler! I just know that girl isn't good and that he makes stupid mistakes because of the medication.

>could mumkey jones have proposed to the furry pedophile girl that he cheated on sheepover with
>would he really propose to her 3 days after he visited him in iowa
>did I just buy a 1 way ticket to clown world
He knows
He knows how retarded it all sounds and how insane it is but he does it anyways. Just seems like pure self destruction. Literally compares his life to breaking bad where the MC dies in the end...

I wonder if he would've ended up here if he never lost the yt channel

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Watch the rest of the video. She actually left him for the 15 year old kid and he had a psychotic episode in the shower. Afterwards he begged the girl to stay with him and promised her to marry her in a year.

wasnt sheepover pretty and sane?

Yup. She even was the breadwinner.

so whyd he leave her for the furry? i mean, shes kind of cute but i wouldnt marry her...

What are you on about? I am not that person.

Because Mumkey is an impulsive idiot.

Mumkey is not well. He's clearly not acting rationally.

oh no is he gonna kill himself like etika did when memestar told him to jump off a bridge?

If she ditches him i think it will be all over. Guy should honestly dump her and sort himself out for the next 2 years.

Daily reminder that Sheepover is 28 and this might have been her last chance before 30 to have a family and children. Imagine having to deal with the fact that the guy you bought a house with/for cheated on you with someone who draws cub porn.

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I like mumkey a lot but sheepover really deserves better.

Yeah but who watches digibro, what are you a fucking loser?

>What are you on about? I am not that person.
That's what they all say.

Mumkey is a greek tragedy two main elements in all the greek tragedies
>A women is involved,
>The hero is at fault for his downfall.

He always had people who hated him,
Mentally ill or not I can't forgive him for what he did.

No, Ashley is going to dump him after a while, then Mumkey is going to realize he just threw his life away for a crazy furry pedo. He will probably kill himself afterwards.

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I am not that,but a very convincing double

>Is he going to be alright?
>his future wife/current gf is a furry
I'm sure he's alright.(sarcasm)

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Mumkey is retarded with his "forgive everyone!" bullshit. With that logic he should forgive assburger because he just made a mistake, right?

no mumkey why why why

sheeps way hotter than liu too, poor girl

he pretty much already has, he admitted that selling his stuff was over the top and was nostalgia posting about 2018 the other day on twitter

You shouldnt live your life as judgemental as possible.

Sure, but Mumkey brings it to a new level. He claims that people are ignorant fools for not supporting his life choices, but he's clearly being dumb.

I feel disgusted with this faggot,
He did commit social suicide.
He really did!

>I am not that,but a very convincing double
Me too

Listen,people make mistakes and just because they make them doesnt mean they are any less of a person. Infact it makes them human. And i doubt you have the moral highground to judge him like you want to without being a massive hypocrite.

t. Mumkey Jones

idk sheepover is cute as fuck the furry's pretty cute too but sheep was the breadwinner..... bad move

What? He states several times that it's okay to hate him and he understands why someone would. I don't think he's ever asked for forgiveness from his viewers for the dumb shit he's been doing

>doubt you have the moral highground to judge him like you want to without being a massive hypocrite

I've made social blunders before, I've fucked up a chance to be with some beautiful and overall wonderful women in my time.

But, I have never NEVER fucked up on the scale that he has. Maybe his mental state plays a big role in his horrific decisions,
But, in my book mental illness can only excuse so much. You can suck his dick all you want but, you can't deny that he has thrown his life away,
Why do you want to support someone who is so beyond help?

He isnt beyond help though. You are just abandoning him because he isnt a "robot" anymore. And just because i am sticking up for him doesnt mean i am sucking his dick. You are just being a prick.
Fair enough.

>And i doubt you have the moral highground

I've never cheated, so i have.

a lot of people make the mistake of cheating but i think the really bad thing was that he threw away his stability for a girl that immediately cheated on him back, when he doesn't really make any money. then theres the pedo thing but it was really dumb to throw away his meal ticket mommy sheepy gave him

You are a guy,you are hardwired to do such things. Its how guys are. Human nature and what not.

When he started talking about how him and her are working on each others problems it reminded me of pic related

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Bullshit. You're just weak mentally if you can't resist the other oppertunity.

>it's another Mumkey Jones ruins his life episode
Boy I can't wait for the divorce story arc. Fucking Kino of the highest quality

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He's fucking done. It's all downhill (or downward spiral if you will) from here.

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We're now watching his fanbase abandoning him because he is a fucking retard. When the bitch leaves him will have nothing left.

>He already talked about babies with her
He's a lost soul.

You being an exception doesnt negate the fact that men cheat just as much as women do.

You're projecting hard mate. It's getting a bit emberrasing.

Stopped following mumkey after jungle jimmy (or whatever the fuck it was called) was shutdown
digibro's alright, i honestly like his game reviews and after dark rants better than his actual anime shit

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Report his channel for ban evasion, not going to say who I am but YT seems to let this pedo ban evade but no one else is allowed which leads me to believe he's been sucking someones dick for channel protection.

Anyway he deserves everybit of hate he gets.

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He was dead to me after he admitted to cheating on sheepover. Before that I felt horrible for him. And I get being self destructive, I've been there too, but I've never and would never directly hurt someone else like that. If I did I wouldn't be able to live with myself

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You havent met alot of regular guys have you?

REPORT MUMKEY FOR BAN EVASION, can't wait to see how he'll react to that one.

Again, stop projecting.

Imagine getting this assblasted over some guy on the internet

Face it,modern guys are just as trash as females.

My 90k sub channel was banned and no one helped me as much as this piece of shit, I made a new channel and rebranded and YT took it down for "evasion" when it hit 20k.. explain why he's allowed to do it but I can't, that's right you can't so yes I will be organizing reports on his pedo ass.

So you admit that you are trash?

Cheating on her with a sociopathic furry pedophile is one thing, they probably could have worked things out if he just apologized. But that moron for some twisted reason actually convinced himself he's in love with a blue-haired girl who spread shit about him all over the internet like any good antisocial \ borderline discord girl does, draws CUB porn for a living, and explicitly told him she would pick the 15 year old boy she groomed over him every time. Not only that, but he proposed to her. He can cover it all up with his anime-tier "everyone can get better" ideology, among all his other media-inspired fantasies as he rapidly grows detached from reality, but even he is still self-aware enough to realize he has gone completely insane. I do not see this ending well. Maybe he's having a psychotic reaction to his medication \ supplementing with some other drugs?

I'm happy he pulled this shit before he married sheep. At least she was able to escape a fucked marriage with this asshole and she still has a late shot at possible happiness.

You are a slanderous,jealous kid. Thats all there is to it.
As much as everyone else.

Holy shit her hairline almost looks like JUST

So let me get this straight

>Mumkeys gf is sheepover, a successful and nice women
>Mumkey cheats on her with a furry girl
>Furry girl turns out to be a pedophile
>Mumkey continues to fuck her
>Sheepover eventually finds out and leaves him
>Mumkey is now marrying to Furry pedo
What a trainwreck

Hes dating a pedophile A PEDOPHILE lol defend that more loser, also defend him whining about getting 3000 a month on patreon and still whining.

The pedophile thing is bullshit because the boy was 15 and looks like an adult.

Banging a 15 year old when you know they're 15 still makes you a pedo, you pedo

>it's bullshit because he looks grown even though he's 15
found the pedophile apologist
kys you can't fuck 15yos at 23 you dumb fucking nigger

Pedophilia is being attracted to pre-pubescent children.

Seriously, is there anything that can veer him off the path to suicide at this point? It seems so predictable that it feels like something can still be done at this point, and yet he just keeps falling faster and faster in his downward spiral. He explicitly stated his act of cheating happened under the assumption he would not live much longer. Then what do we call his desperate acts of adopting a kitten to have a reason to live, of proposing to a clearly degenerate lunatic who STILL has a relationship with a 15 year old kid? He doesn't need antidepressants. He needs to be checked into a mental ward.

yeah yeah we know you want to fuck kids, fuck off

You km erp using the word pedophile. I dont think it means what you think it means.

>On medication
>Lost most of his friends
>Lost his loyal girlfriend who was the breadwinner
>History of depression and suicidal thoughts
>Put all his eggs in the Liu basket whose a sociopathic furry girl

Ok since no one is taking this conversation seriously anymore im out of here. Ho's,stay mad k?

>supports yang gang
>adresses clown world
Based mumkey jones

>What ya doin, son?
>Hehe, im telling these guys on the internet that manipulating and raping a 15 year old doesn't make you a pedophile! that'll show these plebs!
>O-Ok son... goodnight

Forget Liu ever happened. Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness from Sheepover. Focus on making quality videos instead of wallowing in your misery. Get out in nature. Exercise. Eat healthy. You can still make it out of this, Mumkey.

Roasty status: toasty and ready to be ignored
Im not him k?

Because it's funny to see this trainwreck

>pedo ass

Sheep just seems like a literal redditor NPC, no mind of her own at all, I don't blame the guy for leaving her.

I never watched this guy much. Where's a good place to start with this meltdown kino?

"barely legal" it's ironic for you to say that considering that she admitted to being a pedophile, slept with a 15 year old and draws cub porn.

I dunno about mumkey. I like his vids and he seems like a solid guy, but somehow I can't shake the feeling that he's constantly battling some nebulous force of alcoholic neuroticism that just follows his life around.

>15 year old
He released a video, it's on the page linked above.

>cheating on sheepover
Please tell me he didn't actually do this.

>only friend betrayed him and only uses him for laughs
>own brother disowned him
>fiance is actually in a relationship with a 15 year old
>only woman who loved him no longer wants anything to do with him

>almost immediately kills himself the moment he stops taking copious amounts antipsychotic and painkiller pills

RIP Mumkey

Dude has a house, a car, he cheated on one girl with another, then on both with the third, he has fangirls to pick and choose from, and he has people giving him free money all the time. He's better off than anyone on this board, why would he kill himself? This is just fun to him.

>"I stopped taking them [the medication]. I wanted to know how was I feeling.

>And then, the real me finally woke up. The one who has been dormant for a while and who has not realized the things that have happened. He was utterly horrified. Horrified by everything".

From his latest video.

Kys pedo. No one cares about your personal definition of pedophile that happens to exclude you.

I watched all that bullshit. Dude he has these edgy incel videos all the time, it's like a weekly series.

He turned into the character he pretended to be online.

he said she was family, e.i he's blinded by pussy

didnt she said shes no longer interested in him