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OwO Hello frens

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It makes me want to break my headphones to be honest.

I'm Glad you liked it user! uwu

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Is it supposed to be Industrial? Noise? if you didn't make it as a meme I say 5/10, maybe 6/10. But don't give up you can improve ^_^


I just kinda made music that sounded like I felt, Thank you for the encouragement!

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Bump so all my user frens can have a chance to here it >w

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sounds like fragments of a 90s cheap videogame desu

it's sounds, but I wouldn't call it music

Haha wat kinda vidyagam fren? OWO lik is it a supr Kawaii one 0

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Would you call it NOISE? uwu

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well, I'd call it a bunch of noises stringed together

a supah kawaii desu nee~

I'm Glad you like it user!! huehuehuehuehue
tank u! tank u! >w

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Sort of reminds some of JAPSHITFUN's stuff
Maybe with some heavier percussion you could make some decent breakcore

Tank u for the compliment~ I'll try my best to make you happy senpai! uwu

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I don't understand why people hate UwU posting, I think it's pretty cute.

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because it's retarded and Jow Forums isn't the place for it

I want to have sex with you, right now

Who cares? I personally find sperging in a thread you don't like to be even more retarded. But each to their own, user.

I wuv u tho :(
Hue hue dats lewd user~ >~< b-be gentle
-o- user is so smart

Kaos is my favourite

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Do you have more samples OP? >w

how am I sperging? I'm calmly stating a fact. Uwuposters should go back to /a/ or /c/.

No no, I didn't say YOU were sperging. I just meant in general people have the tendancy to come in threads they don't like and sperg like autists.
Naah, I'm a brainlet actually.

Sowy non dat r good enough 2 share, Sum nice bois r makin an album with me tho! UwU I hop to bring u mor user~

>No no, I didn't say YOU were sperging. I just meant in general people have the tendancy to come in threads they don't like and sperg like autists.
Oh okay, yeah I really don't understand when people do that. It's a big waste of energy, really. I usually just tell them to stop and then I leave.

Glad to C thred is frens uwu

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Pretty good. The choose are clean, reminds me of death dynamic shroud. Droning, definitely void music lol.
Listen to my music fren uWu

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a "fren", but I'm certainly not going to start going off on you like an autist.

Hello, fren! I'll definitely listen to your song! And let you know what I think! (>^_^)>

I enjoy that build in the begining and the trap style beat Definitally accompanied the samples well, reminds me a lot of the emo rap scene.

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thank you for reply fren, I make it for people like you to listen to and enjoy! perhaps one day when I get enough confidence I'll put some words over them! ^_^

oooh you persuaded me to give in and share more, This wasn't my first track uploaded here either... youtu.be/mB7gD0E-w3g

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creepy, I like what you did with your voice. the editing reminds me of those old vaporwave music videos. if I could isolate the vocals and put them over this they'd fit pretty well actually!
lemme share a video made by an user with an instrumental I made a long time ago!

It makes me want to punch a puppy 10/10 desu famsquad.

Thanks anone uwuwu you make me smile UuU nice anone uwu

>r9k is not the place for retardation
Oh boy.

This sounds like something I've heard from somewhere.

What samples did you use?

Tanks user I've always been able to do that with my voice I just croak it like a frog
>ribbit ribbit
to match the distortion. Also Kool vid the beat is berry nice and the video itself reminds me of Chadmarcos work.

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I sampled dis

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Why do you post little girls when you're a guy?

okay, but not this kind of retardation

2 bait retards lik u fren also dumbshit lik
huehuehue danks for lookin at my thread

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UwUing is NOT retarded!!! It's the thinking (and feeling) person's style~! ^w^

(OwO 100-post difference!)
I'm back and listened to the song as I promised! \(^_^)/

I think it's a cute song with experimental sound and a distinct atmosphere! Reminds me of a factory or some sort of huge machine! :O

I love it!

>huehuehue danks for lookin at my thread
to be fair, i've seen worse

>UwUing is NOT retarded!!! It's the thinking (and feeling) person's style~! ^w^
sure, but you can do that without sounding like a toddler desu

we should join forces and make a track with lots of distortion, creepy vocals and twisted instrumentals!

I refuse to even give a critique because of all the UWU crap. Cut that stupid shit out and maybe people will take you seriously, DUDE

EXACTLY. Thanks, based user.

OwO tank you so much, I really like to build around drums
Lets Do it! I'm game if any other anons are, I can try to get back in contact with Chad Marco, were not frens but I found him once.

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>I especially like the mood, and I think the drums give it power without which the song might sound a bit dull! Wonderful music! UwU

thank you so much for the compliments nice poster :3 yes I focus more on mood and atmosphere with simple melodies rather than elaborate instrumentals with a million things going on, since I'm not that musically inclined. drums and bass are where I focus more of my attention on due to the genre (rap/hip-hop/trap)

>Lets Do it!
aye aye!
you can hit me up on discord @ Zman#9808 bro

Hey I need some help tbqh

did your face fall on your soundboard? OwO 0w0 uwu

hue hue YUUS, How'd u no? UwU I'm glad u likd it! >w

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moo moo honk moo moo honk \m/

UwU another shameless dump?

how many bumps till it's illegal, legit question

I make music too, I wish I could make something as cool as OP...

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its still pretty good user

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I got an actual reply
Thank you a lot nice user... ^-^

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discord gg/g3wqdH

You're welcome, sorry for the slow reply I'm getting sleepy
This shit froze my phone
>invite 5 people
please fuck off

genuinely enjoyed this. it's really weird and offbeat in a way thats... surprisingly rhythmic? i really like it a lot, actually.

is it alright if i share something too? i dont know how to master or actually do anything but sample and layer them around like im playing mario paint but i hope this isnt a terrible first try

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This is actually really good user you have a great sense of rhythm and beat construction plus if say you have a better idea of how to build tension and complexity in your musical compositions than me. I honestly believe you're probably more talented than me user I just use distorted samples but my beats are fairly complex compared to yours, maybe I have a better idea of resonance? but that's inconclusive considering we both used diffrent samples and techniques. All in all I'm in love with your music and I hope you make more.

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I can definitely picture that in one of my visual novels where the female warrior heroine is in a forest and runs into a group of minotaurs and suddenly her clothes fall off. Man that was a good level.

I'm sorry but I felt like I was having some sort of trip, but it was oddly appealing, keep up the good work tho :)

that's... that's ridiculously sweet of you, user. i genuinely cant even believe someone would say something so kind about work so amateur. believe me, you are the better composer here and i would love to continue following your stuff. do you have a soundcloud or youtube or anything?

I sometimes upload my music under the youtube account Hue Genex but honestly I'm thinking of starting fresh from square one making a music only persona. Thinking of calling it Raw Shark as a watchmen reference.


Please rate. I don't really know where I'm going with this track and I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to mixing/mastering.

The percussion is a little bit overwhelming imo, but pretty cool. I feel like it's missing something though, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it needs something to bring it all together and feel a bit more complete, if that makes sense. Is that a bass synth or are you playing an instrument? Because if you're playing, it's really clean, you're very skilled.

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this is really fucking good but if you want to add anything I suggest nothing but some creamy brass to compliment that guitar. Like add a heavy trobone sound to drone on the 42 second but don't overpower it yknow, anyways that's what I would do.

Thanks user, that means a lot. Also that's actually a really good idea, I can see exactly how the trombone would work well with this. Gonna have to figure out synths I guess since I don't own any brass instruments.


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i'll follow you! make sure you post about your eventual switch--i dont want to miss it
this is incredibly, oh shit. i love all of the elements at play here. it sounds like it would be perfect in an anime ED from 2005.

i appreciate the advice by the way! yeah, this song desperately needs something to tie it all together, and im going to have to attribute it to simply being unskilled for now. gotta do more tutorials and learn more things...

keep on playing!

Thank you user.

I think an instrument played with elongated notes would help your track to feel more full. The bass is played almost like staccato which makes the song feel a bit empty, I'd try maybe filling that gap with a warm synth or some gentle guitar etc. Nothing too loud that'd take the spotlight away from the bass though and lose the original spirit of the song.

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played it at 1.5x speed and it sounds a lot better imo

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Not a musician myself but this is pretty wholesome fren :3