>can't even get a minimum wage job
Should I unironically just kill myself? I have some really strong dosage perscription painkillers, I could mix them with some other random shit and then jump out of my 7th floor tenement window.

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>trying to get a min wage job when you have a resume


Being over qualified is a thing for a reason. Not that you should get a job to begin with as you are faggot enabling society if you work a job in this backwards society. It defeats your ability to complain if you support what you hate.

I even wrote a resume without any of my qualifications and I still failed the interview.

In what field do you have a PhD?
If it's on some bullshit like the evolution of pottery in meso America, no wonder you don't find a job

going to start working as a phd student starting next month. Hope it doesnt end that bad

i'm at similar level and can only get a job if i remove all my credentials, act stupid but hardworking during the interview, and basically lie to my coworkers everyday about pretty much everything

Women's studies. People told me it would help me empathize with other people, and I thought it would make me a normalfag

I have a theoretical PhD in physics.

Would it be worth it to get a phd in entomology?

No matter which one is true, these kind of positions are only available in huge companies and it is very hard to get your foot in the door.
Didn't you use some of your PhD time to make some contacts?

>Didn't even finish highschool
>Still make $25/h by Simply speaking English in a non-english speaking country
Wage cucks on suicide watch

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start doing work with the DOD, establish contacts while you're there, then go private / contractor. government contracts are ridiculous money for 1/2 the work. just make sure that whatever it is you're doing you keep ample logs, documentation, specifications, and essentially keep a journal of day-to-day operations in the event any oversight is necessary.

Guess you're the OP.
Did you try doing postdoc?
Maybe you could move to others places if you had good grades. By instance, you could go to the CERN in my country.
Don't know much about physics since I'm in biology.

Hahahaha great one lad!

Reputation of uni?
Programming ability?
What type of jobs have you applied to?
How many?

>THEORETICAL PhD in physics

what country are you in?
i assume it's a place where most people don't know any english at all?

Eastern Europe, and yes, people have 0 will to learn foreign languages

These people never played new vegas lmfao

ah I see.
I'm in Germany and most people here are on a pretty decent level in english so translation jobs arent as much in demand I assume.

Yeah, whenever I flex my C2 English certificate people treat me like a god, it's actually kind of weird, I guess that a piece of paper it's more impressive and believable than some random dude just saying : hey, I can speak English pretty well

So wich one is the OP?

I got phd in theoretical physics and now I have contract at my department till August 2024. Pretty comfy life, I can do my job fine while watching about 50 episodes of anime every week and fapping daily.

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>not a single user realizes this is a fallout new vegas reference
Shamefur dispray