There's a white baby in her belly. How does that make you feel?

There's a white baby in her belly. How does that make you feel?

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Why do pregnant women look so disgusting?

>*There's a mongrel baby in her belly
Reminder that most mongrelization is the blame of white MEN, who go for less.

Jealous of the white man in question.
Because you're gay.
Race mixer here, problem officer?

yeaaaah the baby isn't white but mixed race. I feel sorry for the baby, it will grow up not having any cultural identity and a lower IQ. Could end up being a very disgusting looking nigger thing. Meh

I honestIy couldn't give less of a shit

White daddy = white baby, this is basic biology
t. white womyn

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Hnnngh, wanna phatten that

Just keep knocking her up, she'll thiccen up naturally

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Is this the end goal of all black fembots?

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Because you're a flaming homosexual.

Probably they're all bedwenches

All women of childbearing age should be bred with White seed.

Probably because you like cock in your mouth and/or butt

makes me happy I became a tranner and can never breed

Because it looks like a tumor or some sort of vile growth and that's what it is.

White baby = a father that's going to be a parent.

Makes me happy to hide this racebait shitthread

Why are antinatalists always the cringiest edgelord on /b/?

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Who gives a fuck? This isnt pol fuck off

We're just trying to save humanity from suffering

>tfw no cuddly black wife