Tfw no tall gf

>tfw no tall gf
brehs how can i ever deal with this fact

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Bumping a blessed thread

Thanks famalamsci
Dont really have more tall pics tho

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They actually look really good for tall girls, normally their faces are all fucked

They're all in heeled boots so they're probably at least 3 inches shorter than that.
Except for maybe the 6'2" girl. Her heels aren't as big so maybe it's around 2 inches.

Theyre volleyballers, i think that's their official height

>tfw no tall fit gf to dominate me
Why even live, when will I be able to transfer my mind to a simulated reality

I've noticed that too. Tall girls always have horrid faces. I wonder why.

Probably because they're usually tall due to hormone stuff, so their faces are weird.

Purchasing a camera and then putting out a casting call?

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I do thou

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big girls usually have big feet. god i wish i had a tall gf/wife i could massage and press my face up against her massive soles

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Because HGH also elongates the face

Jesus where do I find the means to breed tall girls at. My 5 foot ass needs to conquer a mountain lady.

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tfw u are in an fwb with a 6' woman.
idk how the fuck i did it, but it feels very empowering with her by my side mogging on everyone. the envy and jealousy on women's eyes as we walk pass them...

>the envy and jealousy on women's eyes as we walk pass them...

Hmm. Is it envy or laughter? I imagine your gf looks like she's walking her dog when she's with you

Smol gf is where it's at

Go on Grindr and get TOPPED that's the only way

lol im 6'
but shes fat af in her ass, thighs, and hips

>more girl

>more leg
>more foot
>more boobe
>more ass



Fuck Kill Marry and anyone who disagrees is a fag

But they break so easily

so incredibly boring, literally the epitome of normalcy

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I think they are making asses of themselves by fetishizing this for others.

>will probably never have GF whose taller than me
>will probably never have GF
>will probably never have friend

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Even if they are I can't see it through all the blind jealousy I have that I'll never get to experience it

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My gf is 5'11, can't say I'm a fan really.

neither can she, lmao

How tall are you? This is a original comment

theres a woman that looks like the right and she is G O D D E S S mode.

she had a sjw dyed hair thing going but dropped it thank god.

>My 5 foot ass needs to conquer a mountain lady.
As a fellow midget-of-taste, I salute you.

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yeah pretty surprising. i was always tall for my age growing up so the tall gawky girls would always crush on me by default but even my fat ugly ass rejected them because they looked so awful

I literally require a tall blonde athletic girl to pin me down.

Wud you date a tall transgirl
I would to be quite honest guys

You already know the answer

>Would you date a gay man if he puts on a dress

I'm straight, user. No.

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Just saying, how else do you expect to find a girl over 6 feet?

is that natalie from contrapoints? looks like

You mean Nicholas? Yeah

i had never heard his actual name before


Everywhere they bitch about how they cannot find a tall guy, and me being the height of a greater titan had decided that this could be finally an opportunity to cash in on the one Chad part of genetics that the cruel god of this universe gifted me with.

Those single desperate tall chicks I kept hearing about? Nowhere to be found. I searched every fucking dating app, dating site and even real life for them, nowhere to be found. Even asked one out when I thought this one is free, but she told me she has a boyfriend. Later I learned that she dates a fucking manlet and then I noticed that all the taken tall girls, they do not date tall guys you see, nonono, they date FUCKING MANLETS. Tiny little gnomedwarf bastards! The only group of women that I would have any advantade at adating, and they are all occupied by those subhuman halflings!

I hate you if you are a manlet, and swear to god if I ever get to be a dictator I am doing the eugenics on your all hobbit asses for spreading the manlet gene further.

But they still complain! Manlets complain that women do not want them, but yet all manlets I got to know later were in relationship with a tall girl.


LMAO fuck off lanklet. Tall women are for short men, literally best combo.

Well then keep enjoying using up tall women, a resource to be used to produce more tall genetically superior people, into producing short degenerate retard babies you subhuman scum

>190 cm

Yeah I'll create more short sons that all keep cucking you out of tall women. Seethe lanklet, seethe

>mfw robot manlet and still managed to have a tall gf for a while

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Back to the cuckshed with your womanlet goblins.

I'm not into tall tall girls but the one I'm into is right around the same height as me when wearing heels or lifts (which she pretty much always does) and the top of her head is right at eye level for me when she has them off. It's kinda weird, in the abstract I've always been more superficially attracted to really small girls, but whenever I meet somebody who feels like real relationship material they're always close to my height.

This is the best post I have ever read in my life

>six foot female friend used to flirt with me when she got drunk
>I sorta reciprocated, thought she was cute
>casually mentioned once that she wears size fucking 12 shoes
Still friends but any romantic thoughts shriveled up and died at that point. Dunno why, it just kinda creeped me out.
>not even a footfag

I wish I was in your position. Any other footfag would have lived for that moment.

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Im 6'1" i wish i had a gf same height as me.

it ain't fair that short girls want tall guys and tall girls want even taller guys
sucks to suck, i guess

flaws grew bigger

sauce on amazon on right

Aidan Lea

ty user, figures she has tats and Trump derangement syndrome, another idiot

I've seen a few on tinder. Including 6'3. The girl I currently date is 5'11, and I'm shorter than her.

I think leg and torso ratio is a lot more important and that's noticeable from 5'7 and up.

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ITT pic related is but a dream.

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>not wanting a tall and muscular gf
what are u ghey bruh?

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