He is going to an hero soon, isnt he?

He is going to an hero soon, isnt he?

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either that or have a psychotic break and kill people.

I hope so, also report his channel for ban evasion.

can someone give me a swift rundown

Who is that, you zoomerfags

Try-hard edgelord e-celeb who cheated on his mommy gf and now lives with his new gf, a furry who repeatedly told him and other's that she'd rather be fucking some 15 year old she use to fuck and still calls on discord regularly.

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He might, or he might Elliot Roger. Honestly, it's heartbreaking, because I've followed him through his banned channel and through all of the other ones that got banned as well. I really hope someone in his life can help him through this, because his pedo fiance sure can't

>has youtube channel taken down
>creates website to host videos
>no one watches or cares
>manages to make new youtube channel
>no one cares or watches
>does acid and cheats on his girlfriend with a fan

>dates a furry
>discord drama
So no loss if they killed themselves

He hasn't put out any good content since he got banned which was half a year ago at this point.

I still own his Diary of a supreme gentlemen book. How much do you think the resell value on that shit is now?

Etika 2: Eletric bugaloo

I'd say you could sell if for about 30bucks.

That doesn't mean he isn't still a person behind his channel. This exact same mindset that e-celebs are only faces plastered over content without feelings is the exact thing that drove Etika over the edge.

I don't know

that's pretty good considering I bought the paperback for 15$ I know Amazon stopped running print copies way before youtube shut him down. Thing is will the value go up or down if he shoots up a school?

how could he do that to sheep, for some furry who will cheat on him anyway

>on mommy gf
He deserves it

I'm pretty sure for a while he would bitch and moan to his ex-mommy gf whenever his furry gf was making him sad. His family needs to mercy-kill this monkey.

Can someone post what the mommy gf and furry gf look like I wanna compare

Here's the mommy gf

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Any sane man would choose the mommy

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I will take the qt mommy gf.

What the fuck is wrong with him? I just watched some of his anime reviews but jesus

seriously didn't know the difference between naked ape and mumkey jones

One is a homosexual

>try-hard edgelord
glad im not the only one who thought that

their faces look the same in these pics its kinda creepy....but ill still choose the mommy

been watching mumkey for 3 years now, been active on a discord related to him for 2, ama.

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His anime reviews were funny and still hold up

You should watch this if you haven't already.

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report his twitch account as well

I've watched enough of him to know he fucked up by dumping his gf. She wasn't really that much older than him,was she?

You forgot this one.
>Rakes in thousands on patreon before the drama decimated his patreon numbers.

>cheated on his mommy gf
I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this should be a capital offense. You should never disrespect a pure mommy gf like that

>an hero

anyone monetizing Jow Forums on their youtubes deserves it

this includes egg man and that based shaman faggot

Nah, despite all his complaining and bullshit he doesn't show many signs of real depression. Just a typical degenerate who uses mental illness to excuse his shitty actions.

depends on who you're selling to. with someone like him you probably should sell at peak public awareness since he will probably not be notorious enough to stay a meme.

im calling it if he one day loses it and decides to become his idol elliot rogers

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wtf is wrong with him, how can you get hooked on such an ugly girl, baffling

>ruined his 2 year relationship with his literal mommygf who makes a shit ton of money and spoiled the fuck out of him
>cheats on her with some autistic furry girl who's also a pedophile
>now both his mommygf and his furry mistress have abandoned him after this drama started getting revealed and he has no one

I hope the retard follows Etika's example.

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he doesn't have the balls to kill himself, Mumkey is an utter weakling that would never jump off a bridge

I sincerely hope he does't but by the way he talks about his life especially in his latest video you can clearly see that he doesn't give a shit anymore.
It looks like he accepted that he is going to off himself one way or another and that his life is a downward spiral.
He did some really stupid shit, but he doesn't deserve to go through all this shit.

>He did some really stupid shit, but he doesn't deserve to go through all this shit.
every single one of his problems is self-inflicted, he deserves all the pain and won't get better until he does some introspection, recognizes his mistakes and matures as a person

every youtuber that tried to monetise Jow Forums gets hit with some curse. eggman became a notorious school shooter thanks to the media, so he can't find a job now. mumkey got banned multiple times and his sanity is pretty much non-existent, ruined his love life. hopefully that based shaman faggot gets his too. the only non-normie r9k personality I know of is Chad Marco, who is an actual loner late 20s NEET that makes music and podcasts, actually putting out something productive. Everyone else I followed from r9k that went on to do YouTube was a poser looking to become the next shitty e-celeb.

He's in a self destructive spiral where he thinks nothing matters anymore since he'll be dead soon anyway. I think however that he won't kill himself and eventually snap out of that state having fucked his life up even further

imagine thinking your life is over because you got caught cheating on your gf, what a sheltered baby

>sheep was a mommy gf?

was she, or did she just pay rent? I need proofs.

Eh, it's also because he pretty much lost his dream career and two good friends in a short period of time. That shit lead to the cheating. He's still a bit of a baby and behaving like a dramatic teenager but it's not that simple

stop making excuses for him, paypig

Nah he's going to go out with a bang like he's husbando Elliot-kun

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Mumkey falling for the pharmaceutical jew and sticking with an unstable insane furry pedophile gf is the most pathetic downfall I've ever seen. He went from what was potentially my favorite youtube channel to a pariah in a matter of a few months, even dick masterson tried to get him to snap out of it and he just rejects his advice out of hand.

If you guys want to see just how bad it really is I would suggest checking out the mumkey trashfire thread on kiwi farms, it gets much, much worse.

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I'm pretty sure she always supported him emotionally

A mommy gf isn't just that bro, wheres the milkies? Where's the headpats?

This shit is legitimately painful to watch...

why do people feel the need to sabotage their life when everything is going well?

It's not really self sabotage, his best friend and co-star went to jail for beating his own girlfriend and jews deleted his youtube channel. Pretty sure those two events that ruined his life were out of his control, everything else came after

Sounds pretty based to be quite honest

I thought the furry was the same person as the normal girl, but after drugs or something. I wonder what he saw in her. She's not that great looking, and the posts here make her sound like a terrible person.
What about KiloRoyal, or the autistic CCTV user? Speaking of CCTV man, did his jews video get taken down?

youtube deleted his channel
it wasnt self sabotage

>Be friendless nerd most of your life, probably kissless virgin.
>Accept your shit future.
>Somehow get mommy gf but having one makes you feel worse than before.
>Youtube channel takes off.
>Suddenly thousands of people love you, feel powerful for the first time in your life.
>Mommy gf doesn't give a fuck about your new popularity, no longer feel powerful.
>Youtube deletes your channel, feel even worse
>Meet some female fan, want to fuck her really bad to feel powerful again.
>She lets you fuck her, multiple times, get addicted to feeling powerful.

what a sad, sad little man

Mumkey's story is a great cautionary tale for all incels out there. Even if you manage to make it, have your dream job, a loving gf and thousands of people who love you you'll ruin it. Your mind is already poisoned by your experiences. There is no hope for you.

null is going to have a stream about him tomorrow

He cheated on sheepover? Nooo i liked sheep


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