Why are you men so inconsiderate of my need for an orgasm...

Why are you men so inconsiderate of my need for an orgasm? It is not at all about you and your squirting me full you know. And no, I am not talking about Chad. Even when I date ugly uglier men they DGAF about my pleasure. Whyyyy

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post tits if you want attentions, whore

Sex is for committed relationships in the context of marriage.
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I like seeing girls faces contort with pleasure. Watching them bite their lip and moan and know that I'm in part responsible for that is legitimately exciting for me.

That being said I'm still a virgin (I fingered a girl a couple days ago but that's about it) so I don't really know what the fuck I'm talking about

Because unless i am in a fully committed relationship where i believe we may get married in the future why the fuck should I give a fuck about you bitch? Wipe my nut off your chin and gtfo my apartment

because you are a stupid slut most likely

Something weird I've discovered(?) is that despite how there's like a mandatory minimum of 3-4 female orgasms required during sex for you to be considered a "real man" or whatever, if you actually tell a woman to, from start to finish, give herself an orgasm, some of them legitimately can't. Even an ex-colleague of mine said it is literally impossible for her to give herself an orgasm, and there was some documentary on Netflix about it too or whatever (Explained, I think).

So...if you have some women who can't even give themselves one orgasm, why is there this huge emphasis on giving them multiple? That just seems extremely selfish to me. If you know how to do it, give me tips to get you there. If you can't without my assistance, you have absolutely no right to complain when you don't even know your own body.

No. Also, I am not a whore just because I love sex. I do not sell sex for money.

Okay 1940s.

Thanks! :D You give me hope ^~^

Are you only kind to those you will marry? You must be unkind to many then.

I actually have a BSc in sociology.

I would be happy with just one orgasm though, I do not think that is too much to ask for ^^ But most guys can't even do that

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okay, then you are a marginally intelligent slut most likely.

>I actually have a BSc in sociology.
Yeah, a stupid slut as he said.

I will not give orgasms to any woman except the one I'll marry for fornication is a terrible sin.

Literally all I want out of sex is to make a girl feel good, I'd go down for hours if it meant getting you off, I dont care if I orgasm. Not all guys are the same

>ok 1940
I'm not that user, but you are really dumb, you go for quick sex rather than someone that actually loves you and wants to care about you, you get what you deserve, you become the sex toy you wish to be.

I gave my ex-fiancee way more orgasms than she'd given me yet the broad still dumped me. And that is not all I did for her, I stood by her when her health went bust, helped her with high school and college and more. So no you women do not deserve orgasms. You do not derve anything because you cannot appreciate it when a man does something or sacrifices something for you.

Honestly my biggest fantasy is having my mouth used by a girl for oral on command whenever she wishes. I think giving pleasure is just as important as receiving it, and I'd enjoy every part of her body for as long as I can till she wants the d.

Thank you for keeping my faith in the worse half of humanity alive.

That I want to have great sex with many different guys does not mean that I want to be their sex toy. How does that logic even begin to make sense?

If a guy gives me an orgasm he can cum wherever he wants in or on me afterwards. Not all women are the same.

How do I meet men like you?

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youre a used up skank that isnt worth the effort it takes to make orgasm

>How do I meet men like you?
Not sure I dont go outside. Maybe try to seek out guys into femdom?

Wtf I'd edge the living daylights out of you before I'd pump you full, you'd have no choice to orgasm. Why would I fuck a pussy that isn't naturally lubed and dripping wet

>That I want to have great sex with many different guys does not mean that I want to be their sex toy
Well guess what, no one gives a shit. If you're having a quick sex with a guy who doesn't even consider you as a relationship partner, why should he care?
You're just a fucking egoistic retard

You met two of us ITT so that's a start

How do you usually orgasm with a guy? Oral? Because I love licking pussy and making a girl climax.

I literally ask everytime afterward if the girl finished. I want to know if I did a good job. Fuck you

>That I want to have great sex with many different guys does not mean that I want to be their sex toy. How does that logic even begin to make sense?
Lmao begone thot

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If we live anywhere near each other I'll give you oral till you've had your fill of it

Before I give you oral, do you have or do you have a hairy pussy?

Honestly, I want to break my dock so that I have an excuse not to bother with women without.

How do I give women orgasms? Do I have to eat her out, or will fingering do the trick? Or is it all about the D?

Because you're not having sex with someone who loves you and who you love back. You're having sex with people you """date""".

Eat box get pox nigga

just get a long term bf and properly communicate to him what makes you orgasm. honestly most of women's sexual problems either come from seeking only temporary relationships with Chad or expecting their long term bf to interpret their desires instead of simply telling him bluntly

You need to rub the clit like you had parkinsons

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Any girls who need something else are WEAK
I can orgasm from sex with my fiance just by thinking about how carnal the act is & that we're doing it raw (birth control pill) so he can just fill me
Easiest orgasm of my life

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I do not want to dominate men, I want us to have sex as equals who care about each others' needs.

;) That's more like it!

Where is all kindness in this world?

Good point.

Usually oral, but I can orgasm vaginally too, I just need a lot of foreplay and to have sex for more than just a few minutes.

Why so hostile? That is awesome of you!

Again with the words, those do not apply to me.

I live in Alaska, so that sounds unlikely, but if you like to travel then sure ^^

I do not have a hairy pussy. I have orange hair and I do not like how it looks down there.

Please be kind to your body, know that it is the best instrument you will ever know.

Communication is key, and open-mindedness, and patience. Listen to women, study, and communicate clearly. Ask her a lot of questions, learn to go with the flow, take chances, be kind.

Yeah, and?

But I do not want to be tied down, he has to be poly or something so that he accepts that I want to have sex with others too.

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>I live in Alaska, so that sounds unlikely, but if you like to travel then sure ^^
I have wanted to travel, but I wouldnt travel that far just to give someone oral, sorry. I need more than just that

>I actually have a BSc in sociology.

Case to point, that is your certification to being sub 80 IQ.


Alright I was looking for a way to definitively tell this was a bait post by some guy and this is it. Poly people are just massive sluts who can't commit and have a hilarious rate of failure and unhappiness in their relationships. They break people down into perks to benefit themselves then go forth on a quest to Catch 'Em All. It is also no surprise whatsoever that women make up the highest percentage of poly identifiers because they want to get 8 different guys that check all of their boxes individually.

To be blunt, I think they should be rounded up and killed because they only add to the already rapid degradation of society. The men should be tortured for no less than 5 hours first, then stabbed until death. Easily the edgiest viewpoint I have.

>orange hair
>doesn't have a hairy pussy
What a waste.

that's your problem honestly, if you want consistently good sex with a decent guy you have to be willing to commit

>Please be kind to your body
I do not need it anymore. I want to become impotent, but I do not want to pay massive hospital bills as a result.

>I live in Alaska

Dang it, so far away from Finland. I'd give you pleasure any time of day around the clock as my sexual drive is still very high even for an 30 year old. The problem with most men is that when they blow their first load they lose their interest in sex, thus they become ignorant giving pleasure to their partner if they happened to come prematurely.

>The problem with most men is that when they blow their first load they lose their interest in sex

The boyfriend my ex had before me had this problem. Drove her crazy how he tossed her aside everytime he came. Just left her alone in bed like used toy and went back to his computer to play LoL...

Always make my wife orgasm before I do. Because I love her and want her to feel good. You may be having sex with guys who don't care or don't know how though. Try older men with more experience.

>I do not have a hairy pussy. I have orange hair and I do not like how it looks down there


Lmao idk what to tell you other than sex toys, but I'm a virgin who prob won't get herself a mean dick so opt for the toys

What more do you need?

Whatever you need to believe.

I didn't say that I was poly, just that I like to sleep around.


Why can't he let me fuck other dudes whenever I want to too?

Hi! :D I love men with a high libido who are willing to pleasure me all the time. Can you move or travel?

You are one of the good ones.

Having sex with yourself is like making food for yourself. Not nearly as fun.

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because why would he invest so much time and effort in pleasuring you when you're just going to fuck other guys who don't give a shit anyway?

>What more do you need?
I need some form of companionship, at the very least friendship. I'm sorry, I'm just emotional more than I am sexual

>just that I like to sleep around

Yeah, a slut. That's what I said. Good news for you, however, is that statistically, people like you(sluts) never end up happy (miserable and depressed in fact) in the end, and that alone is proof that there is a higher power.

Off topic but were you molested as a kid? Most sluts I know got bad-touched by their Uncles and doubled down for some weird reason.

On behalf of my gender, I apologize for being such terrible lovers.It is indeed true that we approach the subject of pleasure from a completely selfish an obtuse way, meaning that if I had a good orgasm then you automatically had a good one too.

Us males really need to be more caring and considerate of our partners when having sex, thinking of their needs and pleasure first instead of our own selfish and boring desires.

>on behalf of my gender

Shut up, retard. The op isn't even a girl. God you sound like such a faggot. Were you just being ironic?

Why should he feels that he owns my pussy just because he invests time in me?

Oh, that's perfectly fine ^^ I would love to be friends with you too, I have nothing against friends ^~^;;

Thanks ^^

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>Oh, that's perfectly fine ^^ I would love to be friends with you too, I have nothing against friends ^~^;;
You dont really sound like the type that has friends that you fuck tho. If you really wanna make it a possibility tho, post a throwaway email or something and I'll email you. Who knows maybe itll work out for us both

This is officially a dumb thread and you just confessed to being bad in bed

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I would be more than thrilled if you let me use my tongue between your legs and maybe between your cheeks too

The key to being good in bed is not focusing on the well-being of your partner, it's focusing on mutual pleasure and your own well-being.

For example not that the incels here would ever know being that they've never touched or been touched by anyone ever... when "cuddling" it is essential to simply lay into the person and make yourself comfortable. This is because if you focus on making them comfortable you'll be guaranteed to feel uncomfortable.

You can't "feel" for another person, but you do know how you feel. So by focusing on getting comfortable for yourself and engaging in body-language and feedback between you and your partner, you'll eventually settle to a point (convergence) where you're both satisfied.

That's what a relationship is all about: the mutual communication and feedback allowing you to successfully converge to a point where you're both comfortable and satisfied.

If you fail to communicate, you lose.

This is why I know you are bad in bed. You're a poor communicator, you are a bad judge of male character and you have poor self-esteem and little or no ambition and drive to succeed.

You're just a bad partner. Stop blaming other people for your own pathetic failures.

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You know the rules, rigth?
tits or gtfo

Imagine if a guy posted here complaining that he can't get off during sex.

Because they are selfish fucks. You deserve pleasure Femanon.

This is now a CYOA thread. Feel free to share!

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>Okay 1940s.
Okay child of Satan

>fuck randos that don't care about you
>why don't they care about my pleasure?

I'm obsessed with female orgasms. It's my life's purpose.

>actually believing what people on 4chins have to say about themselves

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