What does Jow Forums think about stan lee?

what does Jow Forums think about stan lee?

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literlaly who

I love spiderman and his girlfriend elsa.

made the mcu so big thumbs up

Superheroes are a blight on American society. It's still sad that his bodyguard stole all of his money.

The run of Stan Lee and Steve Dikto spidey books are my favourite things in the whole world. The post Dikto stuff is great too I just feel Dikto's style had more character than Romita Sr's art but that's just me. So yeah, I appreciate Stan Lee a lot for co-creating my favourite things to read when I'm sad even if he did famously take more credit than he deserved for everything. My favourite issues are #8 and #24
Okay, mister no-fun.

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don't really think about him
don't care much for the mediocre capeshit he's responsible for, either
seemed like he was a decent guy though

Agree, don't like capeshit but Stanley seems like sweet and friendly guy. Rip old man

Jew, so should have been gassed.

He was a disgusting figure promoting the degradation of American values by targeting children. He was a destructive Pied Piper who was at the forefront of the generation of escapism, selfishness, and permanent childhood that is now glorified by large swaths of society.

super-heroes are modern mythology. our very own herculeses and gilgameshes

Humans have always loved superheroes, hating on them is a sign either of a pseud or a parrot who confuses their lack of particular interest in something for revulsion

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This nigga unironically comparing ancient mythology to some comic books written for children, nice
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Think he dead nigguh
Based as fuck though

Correct, they're analogues. And "written for children" doesn't mean anything besides these figures/characters entering the cultural consciousness from bottom-up. Everyone knows who Superman is, most have never touched a comic book in their lives.

I think a lot of the things he did helped me connect with other people, and entertain myself when alone. I hate that he disliked his own work enough that he kept having to re-do it all the time. Hopefully he felt like he did some of those things right and thought to re-do it again just to try something different and hoped it ended in a good way like it did before.

He seemed like a nice guy and I like capeshit and the whole marvel universe wouldn't have happened without him sad though that he got treated like shit after his wife died and was forced to do all this press and comic cons and shit like that just so his daughters could steal all his money if he was treated better he might still be alive

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Stanley Leiber the kike from Romania created jewish fairy tales to convince whitey to like brown people. Read manga don't be a normal fag

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I can also confirm that, that nigga is all the way dead

it's pretty much the same shit, user

get out with your normie memes newfag

I really appreciate how neurotic and insecure classic Peter is. It's nice to see a hero who actually struggles against his own ego to be a better person, instead of simply being a nice guy by default like his modern interpretation.

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An example of Jewish excellence.