Rules of Socializing anons

Rules of Socializing anons
>don't be a cunt but if you are do it originally
>Normal people don't like Jow Forums humor, think of something boring
>Don't talk about sex or anime, faggot
Now you know how to exist

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>Go to anime convention or gaming cafe
>People like Jow Forums humor and talking about sex + anime

ctrl + left click + drag left

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what the hell socializing offers me, what are percs of it?

>Go to reddit meet-up
>People like Jow Forums humor and talking about sex + anime

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Not the type of people I want to hang out with.

You get friends and possibly a girlfriend to reproduce.

I meant normal people, not reddit fags. You have had, normal friends, right?

Yeah. They were very judgmental and are always obsessed with social media, statue and boring TV shows. I don't like hanging around these peoples.

You know you just described a female right?

And some males too. I know.

>don't be a cunt
what if I'm a sperg and I'm accidentally a cunt all the time

How to stop being anxious af every time you're around people?

i do all these things and still have no friends

Stop being scared of what they think of you. There's equal things that make them feel the same way.

Have you ever tried approaching someone and starting a conversation about per say, the weather or sorts/

lmao i'm not gonna approach a random person in the streets
literally nobody does this

>literally nobody does this
I meant at an event, do you go to public events?

why would I go to an event alone?

It's how you start user

Something I learnt in sales, but conversations are a transfer of emotions. People like people that make them feel good. If you're a black hole of negativity, depression and passive aggression you won't make friends, or you'll best fit in with other cynical assholes (like your friends on Jow Forums). Be happy, make people feel good, smile. People like to laugh, funny people are popular. Cool people are popular, have social worth, be interesting, have a weed hook up lol. Hope you enjoyed your pep talk. I'm not a normie btw this is just what I've noticed.

(Side note, if people try and bring you down in life or seem bitter about your happiness or success cut them out, because they are the passive agressive cunt no one likes I was talking about before).

Fuck everything you just typed. I will be me and I couldn't care less if people hate me for it.
t.fat neckbeard type dude

He's right though, treat others the way you want to be treated. It's something you learn in kindergarten.

>treat people with respect and kindness
>get taken for granted and people are an ass to you

conform to societal norms. take prescribed medications. do not deviate from the system. this is the only way to befriend shallow people who are putting on a bigger act than you.

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Well yeah you need to combine it with health boundaries. You can look out for yourself as well, you know. Just do it respectfully and cut toxic people out of your life lol. Eventually you'll find good people, and then keep those one's. It's literally better to be alone than in bad company. There are legit evil cunts out there too.

That's dumb, don't get turbo normie friends, unless that's your jive, but it sounds terribly boring.

But most normies are cunts to each other, have really offensive humor and talk constantly about sex...

>Don't talk about sex or anime, faggot

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incel mad Imao

This is me but I'm too fucked up for normies as well so abuse degenerates here, but hey aren't we all funposting?

>wtf do you mean you don't instinctually understand how to employ all of the subtle cues of social interaction like facial expression, tone of voice and body language? bro everyone does, if you didn't it would be like having to breathe manually

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