Ls your ex doing better than you?

ls your ex doing better than you?

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they aren't my ex per se, but yes anyone that relates to me for a week or two and leaves me is doing better.

>ls your ex doing better than you?

no idea and I dont wanna know

Even by not existing my ex is still doing better than me

>Having ex
>Posting on Jow Forums
Normalfags get out.

Gtfo normie op

She's a literal homeless prostitute so I think I've got her beat.

We never actually dated, but yes she is more blessed than I ever will be.

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yeah probably. oh fuckin welll

No clue, everybody I cared about ghosted me
Minus my best friend. After months without contact my best friend informs me he is dating my oneitis, who last I heard before that they werent even talking
So yeah I'd say they're all doing much better than me but that isnt hard considering all I want is to kill myself

>Date girl for 3 years
>One day tells me she fell for her dance instructor and is leaving me for him
>Starts "dating" instructor
>They last for one month
>She calls me crying on New Years Eve telling me that he only used her for sex and had no interest in ever being longterm with her
>Begs me to come back
>Says she misses me and our friendship circle that chose me over her
>Tell her to never call me again
>Eventually replace her with a much cuter GF
>End up marrying new GF and we both get nice jobs that allow us to afford a house
>Mom is still facebook friends with my ex
>Apparently she couldn't finish her law degree and ended up as a secretary
>Still lives in an apartment even though she's 32
>Married a homely manlet. Funny because she mentioned to me dozens of times how hot I was for being taller than her and how disgusted she was by short men
>Got pregnant, but had the baby 3 months premature
>Baby will have birth defects she'll have to deal with for the rest of her life

Feels pretty great tbqh.

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fuck off Chad, I'd like to have your luck but I've never got another "gf" after this girl cheated on me and left me

last time she messaged she was on meds for depression and wanted to kill herself. gloated about a threesome she was going to have, which never happened. Her friends are either trying to fuck my friends or are distancing themselves fro her. She's a sad, sad husk of the girl I loved, and I can't say I'm doing much better.

I mean, I've only dated two girls and never had sex with anyone besides them. I don't think that makes me a Chad.

Fuck that's rough man. Keep going, show them bastards you don't need them.
FUcking cHad rEeee

I have no idea how she's doing. She moved to the other side of the country, and my family made me cut off contact with her. She was fucking insane, though, so I can't imagine that things are exactly going great for her.

Romantically, socially, yes.
Financially, no.

I basically told my "friend" that I havent considered him a friend for a long time. We're no longer in contact whatsoever. Part of me hopes they're happy but the bitter part of me hopes everything crashes and burns for ditching me and causing me even more trust issues

Don't blame you. I've had some shitty mates but that prick takes the cake. I'll be hoping the fucker burns too now.

considering her family is 10x wealthier than mine, she could be doing way better

but she's a dumb psycho so she actually fucks herself over, I'm doing fairly well even though not in a relationship atm so that doesnt help her case either

in the end, even considering her advantage I think we're doing similarly well, I just have to go after my stuff meanwhile her father pays for all her expenses + will land her a decent job when she graduates even though shes retarded

Id much rather live my life than hers desu

Well she's single and somehow managed to age 10 years in the 3 since she went crazy and destroyed the relationship.
Only reason I was made aware, was someone showing me a recent photo of her, but up until then I'd ensured she might as well be dead and I would have been none the wiser.
Meanwhile I'm Jow Forumster than ever and dumping my cummies in a girl a decade younger than myself, and five years younger than the ex.

She's got her masters and I quit my job. Yeah she's doing better than me.

Well, let's see.
>neet with about 3k banked
>fairly stable mentally, aside from some repressed emotions I let out in private
>close to getting interviewed by an agent so I can seriously get into the acting business and make some serious money
>neet due to mental problems, receives some kind of government money as a result
>doesn't have a driver's license
>unstable and probably a whore
>last I checked she didn't seem to be going anywhere in life
I may be alone, but damn if I'm not doing better, then I don't know what better is.

She's on Chad's hug pillow now. Fucking slut.

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My last ex was twenty years ago so idk

Me, 25
>graduated uni 3 years too late, but I graduated in the end
>working for my parents' company, but getting paid alright

Ex 1:
>still studying at different universities
>still exhibiting hardcore SJW mentality
I dunno, I thank her for giving me perspective that there are people with different beliefs and that doesn't make them shitty people, but I hope she's becomes happier

Ex 2:
>has a child (thank god it's not mine)
>just got out of an abusive relationship
>no longer works as a bartender, got back into conservation and now interns for a museum
She never deserved the sort of treatment she got from me OR from her ex, so I'll always wish her the best and hope she ends up ok

Ex 3:
>bitch who kept giving mixed signals and cared more about her social media appearance than she did about people around her
>dropped out of uni shortly after breaking up with me
Good riddance, only reason we dated in the first place was because I used an amazing pick-up line on Tinder

Ex 4:
>she got into Oxford, relationship was incredible but broke apart long-distance
>found herself a boyfriend, and given how she is in relationships, I don't see them breaking up anytime soon
I don't know exactly what she's doing now, but given how she got into Oxford, I'm sure she's doing great. I don't check what she specifically is up to since I don't want to open up that can of worms.

Ex 5:
>basically me if I had taken the "cleaner" path through life
>not up to too much, lives with her bf from what I understand
Never figured she wanted to do that, but if she's happy, then I'm happy for her. We had zero chemistry anyway so it was at least a very amicable break-up.

As a truecel my ex got so jealous about my new fwb/future gf so i think i won

>it took 3 posts to get to correct response
You guys are losing your touch

yes, significantly better orig




I never sexed her you mong

If you read the posts I made you'll see I never even dated her she it was entirely one sided. Closest thing I have to an ex

>first girlfriend in highschool
>was an emotionally abusive harpy with BPD
>was about to get physically abusive when I walked out
>took my virginity, but the circumstances surrounding it are fuzzy and questionable even now. "Coerced" at best, "rape" at worst
>she traveled a shitton
>messaged me a year ago asking me how I was doing
>still immature I explode into a rage against her
>limited response
>comes back months later with a tepid apology, talk about how we're doing
>she's been used and dumped by several guys. One dumped her immediately after an expensive beach trip she paid for
>now works for a Tesla dealership
>sister got pregnant with a one night stand and was being a nightmare around the house
>have no idea how she's doing now

I'm doing a hell of a lot better than she is, but it's been long enough that I don't harbor any particular ill will. I think we've both grown up, but I'm never allowing her into my life again for obvious reasons.

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They are all doing worst than me except one who someone became a major right wing politician in Eastern Europe. She used to be a thot

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>She works as a camgirl
I guess no

Who is she?

Oregano gay oregano

Yes. She doesn't exist.

Depends which ex.

>first boyfriend from when I was 14
When I dated him he was tall but seriously overweight and obsessed with WW2 stuff. We broke up because our moms caught us heavy petting and I basically was told to not see him anymore. I'm really sad because he was my first love and it's just so depressing how awkward insecure hormonal nonsense combined with parental bullying dashed our relationship to bits. He's lost all the weight, is a legitimate 10/10 supermodel now. It's actually shocking. I think he's teaching in China. According to a mutual friend he posted his dick on Fetlife which sounds really dumb but I never saw it. I'd say his life is equal or slighty better than mine.

>second boyfriend
Absolute fucking cunt and boy howdy am I doing better. After his mom got sick of his whiny NEET bullshit, she kicked him out and he went to art school. Apparently he had a gig editing porn. He thought he was gay, but became an SJW who fucks trannies so now he insists he's completely straight. He occasionally sends me messages and stalks my dating profiles even though he has a "girl" friend who makes him post statuses on Twitter about punching TERFs.

>third boyfriend
Absolutely lovely guy. Hasn't changed much physically. Got his PHD. Is dating a girl in the same mathematics department. Definitely doing better than me since I haven't started my PHD and am very single.

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>>ex not existing
>dated someone

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They both are. They both have families and jobs and stability
I'm happy for one of them, but I hope the other one dies of complications from a miscarriage

>dating a robot
It's only a matter of time

She is a RN and I am a busdriver

>having relationships
get out normies reeee

She seems to be making lots of friends in her new uni, has a new bf, and is even in a band

It would appear she is doing better than me

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All the girls that I've broken up with/dumped me have ultimately gotten fatter and crazier, my last ex is currently sitting at probably 20-25lb heavier than she was with me, unironically has gotten into the whole "witch" shit with the dollar-store gemstones and crystals, and works at a Kohls. So, no, I'm doing a fair bit better.

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Theyre married with a happy family and tesla

I hope so

She started out as this qt korean girl who wore a lot of suspenders that I met in 8th grade that was a huge weeb and was in theatre. I shit you not the first drawing I ever saw her make was a pointy chin muscular demon anime boy with proportioning/anatomy issues. She'd usually bring naruto manga to class and her eyes would light up as she read, jaw dropped, basically living panel to panel. It was super fucking cute. Started dating around mid school year but I was unsure about the whole thing to start. I was being abused at home because I was living in a nuclear dysfunctional family unit with tons of drug use and a whole shit list more to check off including sexual abuse. She insisted she would love and support me through it and we could go out on our own. It was naive teen love at best honestly. It became overbearing for her and I knew it was getting to her because god it destroyed me already. We both knew I couldn't just exit that situation so I broke up with her at the one year bench mark.

>fast forward 10 years
>dates several more guys in between
>the last convincing/conforming her into hard leftism
>she gained around 120lbs
>in college studying psychology already 60k in debt
>came out as a "puritan lesbian" in college but has tried to booty call me three times already "catching up" and saying I look great this past year

I'm living a pretty normie life now with a decent job, lost tons of weight and am noticably fit now though I want a low bf%. I live on my own and developed a late passion in learning/developing new skills and the arts. Have a few side projects I work a ton on to try and make an independent living off of. So yes, I'm doing better I think although I haven't dated anyone since because I've been playing catch up with myself. I think I can be happy if any of these projects take off.

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yeah she's still dating the person she cheated on me with. feelsbadman.jpg.

I don't know, she unfriended me from FB since she couldn't really take it all. She was a bit sensitive.

I do have her on instagram still but she rarely uploads. I know she's in Italy now tho. I also know that she has had a bf since me broke up, but they seem to have broken up aswell from what little I can gather.

I hope she's doing well, she deserves it.

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She has a small house. She has our dog and cat. She has a good job and makes more than I do.
But she's getting fat now. And I'm sure she's sexually frustrated. And she was more hurt by me leaving than I was.

But I

She's a complete cunt, so her measure of doing better versus mine are so incompatible to the point that it is impossible to reconcile between us. She probably thinks she's doing better than I because she has fucked 20+ guys and is ''''''''''''''''''''''''poly''''''''''''''''''''''', finally free of being tied down whereas I think I'm doing better because I've been working on my hobbies and career to better myself. But there's no doubt in my mind that she would see me as a lonely, failing loser who sits at his computer every night alone and I see a dumb whore who is turning her canals into a clown car.

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In high school we were both the school shooter watchlist kids. He became a bitter NEET tradnat who runs a forum for autistic men going their own way. I learned to get along with people, got a job, and went trans. We're probably still both posting on Jow Forums, we just evolved in opposite directions.

Jesus you're a fucking retard

>and went trans
So he's doing better

all my exes got with other people to make me jealous they are all dating cuckolds who cant satisfy my exes in bed, they all text me to fuck with me so no they are not doing better then me

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All of them except one. I've learned that I just make my partners lives worse.

no idea, she had odd jobs and a high school degree, I told her to enjoy herself alone sometime, as she cant live without a guy. Did not take my advice, and rides the cock carousel endlessly. I havent talked to a girl in years so we are polar opposites in this regard

he's right though, this board isn't nor normans

my ex dm'd me on insta recently. we broke up about seven or eight months ago, and she found another guy relatively quickly. she had blocked me, so i didn't really know or care until she texted me saying how her new BF had cheated on her and that she didn't know what to do. At this point, I was over her fully and didn't really want anything to do with her, so I just kinda shrugged. I saw a picture of her later on, she had gained like... fifteen or twenty pounds at least.

you know whats funny is most my exes turned out worst and what im gathering from your stories they did too

>one ex has 4 kids now
>another is fat and working at a warehouse
>still another became some new york art hoe and i have no idea what she's up to these days
>the one that got away is leagues ahead of me and will go places if she doesn't drop out of college and marry some random dude
>bonus: one night stand died from a heroin OD two months after we met

pure pwnage user good work

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Pretty retarded of you to assume I have an ex.

>>close to getting interviewed by an agent so I can seriously get into the acting business and make some serious money

>haven't even passed the interview
>thinking you make serious money from the acting business

Yikes.... You guys are even at most of not she's beating you

it's hard to resist the attack
when your x says they want you back

Why even resist? Don't you want to be liberated from this life threatening boredom? I know you do. Happiness is but one chat away.


You can with an agent.
Either way I'm still doing better than she is, she's the same mental case she always has been.

i've never had an ex dude it's a song

They're dating a 50y.o flat mate of mine now. She's thinking about dropping out of uni and moving back to China
I graduated and got back with my previous ex who is now my fiance and we are moving to Japan together next month.
I found out my ex has a bunch of genetic conditions and probably won't live to 50. Feels good man.

We're talking more and more about something serious and restarting. I'm excited for it.
All my other exes are white trash.


Fuck you

Dunno, haven't spoken for like 3 months. But probably, just because im really doing bad

>he thinks he can @ me and get away with it
shut your gay ass

Fuck off back to Facebook normie scum. KILL YOURSELF

nah a lot of my exes are dating uglier dudes or have weird lower middle class lives lol. my current girl is better


No. We are still equal and still friends

One of my exes went from one of the sexiest and fun girls to some true white trash with an ugly kid. I knew it was gonna happen cause her mom was white trash but I thought she looked way too good to pass on for a few months.

>literally all the sex she could want
>vs you
>on r9k, so safe to assume a robot
>no sex, never again
Yeah sure thing buddy, you're doing better
The reality is this feel is how every straight man with an ex feels, the game is rigged in favor of women that ever their lowest lows are the equivalent to the best moments of our lives

some are and some aren't
my last ex ballooned the fuck up so that's funny and an ex from high school decided to get pregnant at 17 and she had twins so yikes

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you have your caps lock on little man.

yup. took my friends after she made a bunch of shit up about me being abusive, now pretty much completely alone.

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Never had an ex. Fuck off normie.

I don't have an ex, but pretty much everyone I know is doing far better than I am

Fuck dude, are you late for your 5th wank today or something?

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She's incredibly lonely but she has a job while i do not rn so whos to tell

For now, but at this rate I will catch up and surpass her by 2030. She chose the more easily attainable route that has a lower ceiling.


Not sure. No contact for a month.

She's back with her family in Thailand, and from what I saw when I was with her/in Thailand with her family, they treat her like shit.

I just went on a third date, so it's hard to say.

Doesn' exist, so yes.