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This is some very impressive COPE, user.

psyops are the ultimate cope

Holy fuck... I'm shaving my head.

im hungry for teen and usually i get rejected maybe this will help me.


Just shaved... Feeling more like myself already.

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This is fake.

long hair 4 the win

Faggot. Have fun getting ZERO pussy.

retard faggot with longass hair wondering why he aint getting any women
just shaved my hair and i have 50 women at my doorstep, all virgins aswell

Ok libbie. Also that bald guy looks fucking gay. Are you trying to be Vin Diesel or some retarded game journalists bashing 'racism' lmfao

I'm keeping my fag hair (and neckbeard) and staying in the basement. All the best to the baldies out there though.

bald men are all chads

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Call me baldie. I set up a Tinder profile 5 minutes ago and already have 25 matches and 3 superlikes. You a bit jelly?

Maybe not, but it does make me kyoot! :3 UwU

Yeah, every bald man looks chad.

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You mean Adam Sessler?

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Ok. You do know that most women are sluts. Enjoy your STD '' chad '' i bet you bully kids at your school nigger.

You seem desperate for attention. Is someone hurting you? I sure would if we met face to face. Bitch.

You forgot to switch on the VPN, Hairfag.

You forgot to turn on your VPN, retard.

man lets meet on the gloss of my superchad bald head, that slick, slippery, mirror of a gladiator arena will be the last thing your h****faggot ass will see

I do bully gay fags like you at school... You mad?
Maybe you wouldn't be so self conscious if you shaved your head. Fucker.

Just shaved my head. Am I gonna make it bros?

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all the bald men are world leaders

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You all are making me laugh. You cannot do anything. Good luck fighting me. You might just be jelly because I live in a country with freedom and guns. I'm capping any bald loser that tries to headbutt me in my yard. You seem angry. Are your dicks small whiteknights.?

Imagine being bald and this is the way you cope, fucking pathetic

Stay mad, stay hairy.

Are you from the Coneheads?

" I live in a country with freedom and guns"

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you look like a shroomhead hahaha
im not mad whiteknight

you guys are just sad cause youre bald cancer fags maybe grow some hair in your head and between your legs and experience real life instead of being bald faggot crying about being bald and saying it gives you women thats a lie we all know it enjoy coping with your mental status bald fuckers i wont be missing any of you. im out.

Don't cope, embrace it, man. Don't you wanna look like Lawrence from Office Space?

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Cope, bald only works if you are Chad already, and since you are on r9k you will never be Chad.

Pic related.

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If you think that looking like a heroin junkie bum will attract women you must be retarded. The hair is overheating your brain.

I'm not balding but I've been shaving my head with a #1 guard every Sunday for the past 4 years. I started doing it because I hated trying to make awkward small talk with a barber and wasting money on a haircut that I usually hated 90% of the time. I have noticed zero increase in female attention or attraction and I am still a KV at age 28.

This is literally the opposite of the truth. True losers keep their rapidly diminishing hairline and pretend that they still have hair. That's the real cope. Badass baldies who have 'embraced' their loss just shave it and may opt for a beard to balance it out.

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Nice comic, get that off of reddit, faggot?

it actually looks good on you my dude. if you got swole you would look menacing which is a +1.

if you're ugly with hair you'll be ugly without hair
if you're good looking with hair you'll be good looking without hair
hair doesn't matter

yea bro, embrace it

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I don't know what to say really but holy fuck that porn ad gave me the hard on of my life. I'll jack off to a chemogirl now. See ya.

You don't want to be a virgin, right? Shave your head and get all the women you want.

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see it literally does nothing.

>because I hated trying to make awkward small talk with a barber and wasting money on a haircut that I usually hated 90% of the time. I have noticed zero increase in female attention or attraction and I am still a KV at age 28.
you should probably get better at making small talk autismo

choose one

pretty much this but its only half the story. even if the shlubby guy had a full head of hair he still wouldn't look better than the bald chad, because he doesn't have a chad face or frame

Hair or lack of hair won't make you more Chad. Yes, a receded and thinning head of hair makes you look like you're diseased, so shaving is the way to go, but it all comes down to you face.
Facial attractiveness is the only thing that matters. If a guy is handsome with hair 9.9/10 times he's gonna be handsome without it (the exception being if he has a really weird headshape). So don't expect to shave your head and suddenly be a ripped 6'4 Chad.
>t. 18 year old with receding hairline who will definitely go bald but sees through the cope of my fellow hairlets

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I started to lose my hair when I turned 30. I have 2 gf's who live with me and work so I don't have to. Just be who you want to be.

Losing hair at 30 is like getting taller during puberty. You have no reason to complain because it's gonna happen at that age. As an 18 year old, this is JUSTing my shit up.

this is the kind of excellent OC we need more of.

The problem is that the left baldie kept a crescent moon/monk haircut. Nobody finds that attractive. If you bald, shave it all off.

>not going Davinci mode

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