Hiking near the beach

>Hiking near the beach
>See this
Wat do?

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>film it
>post it on /b/
>get jeep licence plate
>go to police
>report for public indecency
>show them the video
>give them licence plate

ez win normies

>get arrested for voyerism
>now a registered sex offender

Go get some aloe vera for that guy because he probably burned his ass sitting on that Jeep.

Wish I had a dick that big originally

Ask him if he waxes his nut or if he uses some other method

>Wish I had a dick that big originally
the subhuman in the pic is 155 tall, though
even if his dick looks slightly large for his size, it would love comparably small on an actual adult male, say 185 tall or taller

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Report them to the morality police.

Turn 180 degrees and walk towards the other girl and ask if she can do the same for me.

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oh who am I kidding, I am so jealous of the guy in the pic

What ethnicity is the girl sucking him off? I want to look up porn of girls like that

>What ethnicity is the girl sucking him off? I want to look up porn of girls like that
post stuff here if you find it

The car says "E" so maybe estonia? Eastern yurops are very degenerate and have a bunch of public porn stuff.

Estonians are as white as they come you tard

girls like that are sucking off dudes in whatever country "E" represents, mongoloid.

And what has that to do with her ethnicity, brainlet?

Probably Espana(Spain)


You don't ask the other girl to suck. You tell her. She'll do it anyway since the other girl was already sucking and she's been waiting for her turn.

Get in line and see how he reacts

Unironically, I would probably say something like
>guys, there's kids around here :/


Never known a weeb who had a big pickle

How would you say :/

colon forward slash

how many weeabo penises have you seen and manhandled?

>Guy's, there's kids around here. Colon slash.
Like that. Word-for-word.