How attractive would a woman need to be on the 1-10/10 scale for you to seriously consider marrying her and staying...

How attractive would a woman need to be on the 1-10/10 scale for you to seriously consider marrying her and staying together for life, even through the storms of life and the horrible effects of aging?

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I don't plan on marrying a wh*te woman so aging is not that much of a worry.

a 1, attractiveness isn't really an issue if they're enjoyable company, take it up the bum, don't nag and bitch, are trustworthy (lol) and so on. attractiveness is just a bonus

>5/10 - 7/10
i've dated more attractive women, but i've never, under any circumstances, considered them marriage material. there's only a handful of hyper-attractive women out there that actually bring something to the table and they're already taken.

8/10 if I have to stay married to the same woman for the rest of my life.

She ewould need to be a good mother. I don't mean that in the sense of being some helicopter psycho suburban bitch though. She would have to give me strong children, that's all I care about.

Don't ask stupid questions ok plz no stupid questions

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She would have to be beautiful inside and out. Its not even really worth it otherwise. I wont marry anyone less that 5/10.

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but personality is more important and if a personality is really good i would go down to no lower than 5

>tfw first grey hair at 32

A personal 10.
I'm emotional and sentimental though so lots of people's 5 can be a 10 for me just based on personality. I have really specific personality standards though, it kinda sucks. Only met two girls that really fit them

Not an issue at all honestly. If it's that big a deal you can just regularly dye it, but there's nothing wrong with grey hair. Get yourself a fat rogue white streak for top tier action

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Dude what. She looks perfectly fine at 30.

She needs to not be a bitch and make your life better with her in it. Looks will always fall to shit so personality is not a meme

Tons of men want older women over younger ones. If you're a woman someone will always love you.

Is the latter picture even that bad? Why do you want a supermodel Stacey, that's unrealistic af OP you fucktard.

One day your wife will be 70. Could you love a 70 year old woman who was a 3/10 in her absolute prime? Be honest with yourself.

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she put on weight dummy

4/10. I think ideally she should start a bit higher than that otherwise making her into a hucow might not be as appealing.

I remember at 25 being worried about age and seeing my female counterparts still young and fresh.
Now at 28 I don't care about my age, while my female counterparts have visibly aged a lot.
Life is life, the reaper comes for everybody eventually.

She looks fatter on the right, that's not an age thing

4 or 5 in the face, I guess. "Kinda cute" is fine if she's got a decent body and a personality I enjoy. The girl I like is probably only a natural 4/10 but she's got an incredibly attractive personality and a good sense of style, and with makeup on she's pretty stunning.