Bandit keeps me collared and plugged 247...

Bandit keeps me collared and plugged 247. I haven't had a job or attended class in over 3 months because he threatens to blackmail me and my family.
My life is hell, I can't do anything without thinking of boy cocks in my mouth. Every night I sleep I dream of bandit torturing me and fucking me in sick sadist ways. I wake up sweating with my broken hrt cock leaking. I have nothing except my service to him.

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Who is this bandit guy? I keep hearing about him. some Reiko wannabe discordfag?

he used to work directly with reiko before any of this shit blew up, nobody really spoke out about anyone else though

i just want out

It's the internet. Log off, faggot.

Mhh! Well isnt this a certified bruh moment!

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I mailed bandit the keys to my chastity and locking buttplug and he ghosted me right after.... I haven't been able to fart in days and my cock smells like cheese what the fuck do I do anons

locking buttplug? how fucking retarded could you be to do this? you'll literally die if you don't have a bowel movement. jesus christ, go to a doctor or something.

if i log off he'll send embarrassing pictures of me to my family and they'll never see me the same way again

And? You've already came out as a faggot, there's nothing he can send that hasn't already disappointed your parents

you need to do The

>I wake up sweating with my broken hrt cock leaking
That's hot. Post your cock please.

i havent came out as anything ive been hiding myself from everyone except him.

just kys

pretty much all of you discord fags should kys

Why would you give some random person on the internet all of your personal contact info to doxx you. Zoomers are so fucking stupid.

Thank god when i grew up they always told people to never release that shit.

This shit is HYSTERICAL

plugged 24/7
ouch, after an hour or so the lube dries up lol


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>he'll send embarrassing pictures of me to my family
How does this guy know your family? Were you seriously fucking retarded enough to tell him their details or something? That's hilarious.

estrofem is weak too, you'll get better results on injections

This is just discord ERP

>if i don't keep being blackmailed and my life being hell then they'll expose me and my life will be hell
and the difference is what? you won't be being blackmailed anymore, so your life will have improved in at least one area.
i don't get this shit about blackmail stuff. the longer you let yourself be blackmailed the worse it's gonna be.
the best course of action in blackmail situations seems to me is to always instantly say fuck it and let them expose whatever they're going to expose and just deal with it, because they're going to eventually anyway no matter what, and you don't have to put up with all the bullshit in between

i dont know how he figured it out i didnt give it to him

i want off this fucking ride he makes me send him videos of me taking my pills

my parents will stop paying for my college, living, and they wont let me go home either. ill be homeless by the end of the month

just sit down and explain to them what happened. if they have any empathy or love for you they'll forgive you and help you move forward. you have no better option. seriously, this isn't me trying to meme you.
tell this random internet guy what your plans are, that you wish him no bad intentions, but that you're done and won't be contacting him again.
if he blackmails you, he blackmails you.
you made a very stupid mistake, learn from it and move forward, you're young, it's not the end of the world, you're not being held captive by the cartel.

>imagine being stupid enough to get blackmailed into this, especially after Reiko.

I'd feel sorry for if I didn't find your scenario extremely arousing.

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which is going to happen no matter what when they find out because that's how blackmailers work, and in the meantime you're having to make it worse?
why the fuck would you not just take the plunge and tell your parents the whole story. it's not like they're gonna not let you come home cause you're not gonna say "btw im a tranny" and nothing else, you're gonna say you don't want to do any of this shit and just want to stop it all. and if they know blackmail shit is being sent to them, they can simply not open it. hard to believe your parents are that bad they'd just abandon you for coming clean

It is this haha i can not understand how these discordfags even breathe on their own

Fucking liar, you wouldn't be able to shit

we were friends for a really long time, i trusted him.
they're religious freaks i dont know what to do

Retard discord mod that's spreading the same fake news like Reiko's followers did to get their boyfriend popular.

Basically he's just a scrub nobody trying to get e-famous.

I'm 100% certain OP is just a fucking liar living out some sick sexual fantasy and none of this shit ever happened.
Same with the Reiko bs a few years back.

is it true kevintime is a trap?

quads of truth. Trannies sometimes get off on me pretending to blackmail them into doing hrt and sending humiliating pictures and shit, tons of them have feminization fetishes unsurprisingly. They practically beg you to "blackmail" them

yeah i think bandit turned him into an hrt sissy

who's kevintime?\invite\DDYPBuw

That makes sense. That seems like something I'd be into.

T. Tranny

well that's pretty hot

You said haven't been attending college for 3 months anyway so you are pretty much fucked regardless.

my cute boy maid~!

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Bandit wont do a thing. He cant do a thing. If reiko was around maybe he would do something but without reiko bandit is nothing.

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>gay shit
>it misses me
Fags need agassin!

I've been on HRT for 3 years thanks to discord.

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>blackmailed in 2019

Your fault you have no balls to contact the FBI or police

That's one way to make someone piss their pants if the person takes you serious

t. reiko worshipping tranny


some feminine hands. sheeit.

did you get blackmailed on discord as well?

Wish this was me desu

have a discord? You can send me pictures of you taking your pills every day and I'll threaten to expose you if you don't do everything I say


I haven't actually started yet

are you starting soon? I'd help pressure you into starting

bandits wrath............

tiny bit hot, kinda wish people did this to me while I was first starting hrt back in the day lol

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