Be white

>be white
>lives in a first world country
seriously fuck off, you will never know what true suffering is

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suffering doesn't exist.

Over 80 percent of the board is white males from the USA and England and Australia so you can fuck off. Go make your own website. People like you aren't supposed to even be online.

This. This. And fucking this. They will never fucking understand.

They aren't supposed to have guns and stuff either because they didn't earn them. Now just think, Muslims are going to inherit France and Britain's nuclear arsenals and Hispanics ours.

Fuck off, make your own website then

People like you are meant to be sissy sluts, go on Grindr and find a bull TOP you and abuse your boicunt youd love it

No fuck you they need to stay where their at why do I want them here kys

>be straight during pride month
how fucking dare you you sexist pig

Whites have known the deepest and most terrible suffering possible, and conquered it.

Sounds like you were bullied in middle school by so white kid and cant get over it

Honestly i wonder if thats the case my life is so boring and unfulfilling maybe if i was a poor third worlder i would worry about things and truly be happh when things improved now im neither happy nor sad im stuck in limbo

make a website for non passing trannys to so could stay there and never leave

so what? where does this site states that only white people are allowed?

yeah, their hardest experience they have ever felt is when internet goes down for 5 minutes
>i demand a safe space
kill yourself tranny

Slavs are not white btw

>the only white women that don't look like pigs aren't actually white

anglos are not white either

Slavs are dishonorable whites, but they're white, sorry mate.
t. jewish russian

I keep hearing this slavs are not white meme, but what makes people think like that?

>whites don't suffer while getting murdered by blacks

this tbqh
originality oregeano

oreginego oreganoaa

non-white suffering(by whites)
>literal genocides of millions and enslavement

white suffering by non-whites

I actually have it way worse because I have to see people all around me happy and successful meanwhile I'm 5'6 no friends family hates me kissless hugless virgin unemployed and I only have a 4.5 inch dick

>Over 80 percent of the board is white males from the USA and England and Australia
So that explains the gay, trap, racebait, and normalfag threads

>getting murdered only happens to whites

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iregainga oregaya

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oreganlollo hahahah

3rd worlders actually have it the easiest they don't even have to do anything exept roll around in their own feces. us 1st worlders actually have to continue to build and maintain society so that we can eventually help them stop getting ebola and shit.

you're so fucking wrong, we third worlders have to work ourselves to death even barely survive, but of course you first world little brain will never understand

pathetic wh*te falseflagger, go back to your scat fetish orgy and then dilate the cuck that raised you.

suffering and happiness are both relative.

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orgianlly orgenallo

Why do darkies keep destroying white countries?
It's like every time they see something made by whites they have this insatiable need to destroy it

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stop blaming us for your own incompetence you dumb faggot

Yeah whites are mentally ill man.

>I'll never be a nigger

sounds good m8

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Oh, but the exact opposite is the case. How could a feral beast that only follows its basest instincts, who has no awareness of anything other than how to survive the next, possibly comprehend the meaningless void? If all you have to worry about is finding food and follow your sex drive, you don't know anything about the existential dread that we have to wrestle with daily.

Suffering other than physical from being hurt or lack or nourishment is all mental which means a rich white kid can suffer as much as a poor sandnigger. Stop trying to act like you are special. what do you even want special treatment or some shit?

>muh existential void

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This. Europe was at war while africoons were picking cooties. Non-white get favourable treatment, I see plenty of ugly non whites with white girl friends and decent looking white dudes who Ive barely seen talk to another female.

This, you're making up problems at that point
>I was born, o woe is me
whites literally get swarmed with women, why are you telling lies? I know you've made a WMAF post at least once.

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And this board is an indication of reality? If you are an incel when you're white you'll still be a black incel. Sex doesn't just fix everything, its the internal that matters no the external. Your dick doesn't mean shit.

I wish you shitskins would shut the fuck up and disappear. How great this world would be if you didn't exist. And the funny thing is, you know it's true. Deep down, you can not fight the truth that Earth would be a utopia if it were only white people here. And maybe asians (minus chinks). Shitskins are a blight on this fucking planet.

Just kidding. I have little yellow dick lololol pls give me white women. I must sex white women!

>you will never know what true suffering is
nobody born after the 20th century will either