Do you fit the criteria of being a frimbopman?

Do you fit the criteria of being a frimbopman?

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>google search frimbopman
>no results
Is this actual original content?
Also no, I don't

No, but I'm a total -30yo skashoomer.

im 26 but fit everything else

No, but I'm a libbideedoot which is close enough.

I'm 21 and an neeplimbdakh, so no

No, a walbagabka such as I would never stoop so low.

I'm more of a chicabopguwopman myself

How do you swallow air?

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Im a skibbadidiodle, 26. Where is my wojak?

Here it is, found a copy for you on google.

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This thread made me laugh with all the clever neologisms and the incisive parody of the doomer meme and other related memes.

Sounds like a faggot to me

not a 20 year old, but I still breathe air (sadly). I might be a frimbopman after all

>tfw you will never identify as keyboard gibberish

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I just did the same thing, it's gotta be OP's name or something?

Yami Kurosaki#1843 I am looking for a girlfriend that is a friendless virgin who lives in washington state

I cant figure out why the file got compressed like this.

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>tfw pee pee poomer

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Breath in all the way, close your mouth, and then "attempt" to breathe out so the air fills your mouth (plug your nose if you have to). Then, swallow the air.

Also I shouldn't have to say this, but if you plug your nose don't breathe out too hard or you could injure yourself.

I know this image is ironic but this is actually me.

The sun hurts and therefore I am a vampire.

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>All of these wannabes making up dumb names for themselves
What a bunch of fucking dibbaloabs.

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