How do you attract a high quality male? I only seem to attract low quality abusive, immature and sissy males

How do you attract a high quality male? I only seem to attract low quality abusive, immature and sissy males.

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Be a high quality female. You will attract your level of attractiveess.

Be high quality yourself.
Are you fat? Ugly? Do you have an annoying personality?
Good luck at the bottom of the barrel.

Be a high quality woman

Be a high quality female.

This means..
>be attractive
>be mature
>be feminine
>dont be fat
>don't be flat
>be a virgin

You start missing these traits you will never get Chad

Drop this requirement and you will probably be happier

you probably have attracted quality men without knowing it and not reciprocated

Do you consider submissive men sissy regardless of context or personality?

Sissy males? How do you mean?

I found that when I waited for a guy to ask me out, they often ended up being assholes. I was blinded by my mushy gushy crush feelings and ignored the fact that they either bullied me or had no self confidence/personality. And I never made a move and never stood up for myself to avoid ruining our friendship and any chance of them asking me out. But then I asked a nice guy out, and am now in a happy and committed relationship with him. Don't put yourself down for a guy. If you a high quality male, take care of yourself, keep up with your health, and be kind and confident. Showing those characteristics will get you a guy with the same.

They pretend they are men but then you catch them in women's clothing posting images of themselves online.

I think that i am a high quality female. Im above 20, saving for marriage so I'm a virgin, never been kissed, but nobody seems high quality, always get abusives and jerks with no jobs.
No I'm not fat, I like to think my face is average. I don't think that I have an annoying personality.

Oh no another one
>fires up the oven

Beta males, that is.

Can i ask you if you're a virgin?

All of that applies to me, and yet no high quality participants.

Yes you can, i am a virgin

maybe you already have heard it but just be yourself

either you are boring or you smell bad

I havent done that, because I thought that might not be feminine to ask a man out myself. But why would a high quality man not ask a high quality woman out to begin with, is there something wrong with him?

Have you tried /soc/? It sort of sounds like you should go there since you're not going to post your tits on any other board.

I'd say I've become a high quality male through years of work and dedication. Although, I would say most of the girls here are not. Even the one's who claim to be are very boring. They act like robots, but expect to be considered above them. Doesn't matter if you look pretty, if you're boring as a brick or have shit tier hobbies, you're not high quality.

Are you attractive? You said your face is average, what is your body like? Being a virgin is good but are you a prude?

Tell me more about you, femanon.

Well would you consider testing your chances with this person you're sending text and (you) to?
I know the chances are very slim to find a decent guy on this website, we all know what kind of individuals roam this board, but as the saying goes, you can't win if you don't try.

It's probobly because you are a disgusting cretin who only deserves abuse

Can you clarify what you mean by beta?

lmao who talks like this?

you have an annoying personality

you're probably looking in the wrong places or your criteria for "high quality" is too constrained. Do you personally know any examples of single "high quality" men?

I am not fat, my weight is in the normal range so not fat or skinny. How would you define a prude? Maybe I am, if being shy with the opposite sex counts. I am shy of speaking or touching the other sex.
Why should I do that?

Simple just send all the sissy boys my way and karma will bring you a high quality male in time

What's your bra size? Would you explore sex with your bf to build up to losing your virginity? Or is everything off limits?

Where are you from?

A high quality man for me is a loyal man, doesn't watch porn, does not eye other women, has a stable job, is not vapid and is smart, kind and non abusive.

reading this made me feel very uncomfortable and I felt something like pity and disgust simultaneously

>Why should I do that?
To attempt stop being alone, to find someone that might actually give you what you seek.
Love and affection is what i seek, can you say the same, femanon?

I would not have sex with my boyfriend, I will only have sex if we are married. Why are you talking about my bra size?

You know for as much as other anons will protest you do belong here after all

Seems like we've figured out your issue.

>shy with the opposite sex
so that's your problem

in the sales business, a large part of what you do is talk to people. cold calls, pitches, door to door stuff. They call it activity. The point is that you don't expect success from any one call, but in aggregate, you might expect 3% of calls to move to the next stage of the sale. Instead of doing 100 calls to get 3 leads, you do 1000 calls.

Your problem is that you're not doing enough dating activity. Not smalltalking or flirting with guys you like, not showing interest. You probably stand out as a shy and submissive girl, and stand out most to manipulative guys who know how to extract what they want from your type.

Im confused, what is it? I would like a stable long lasting marriage, why is that not acceptable?

>Your problem is that you're not doing enough dating activity. Not smalltalking or flirting with guys you like, not showing interest. You probably stand out as a shy and submissive girl, and stand out most to manipulative guys who know how to extract what they want from your type.
That is my issue and I don't know how to fix it. I am quite submissive and shy to a fault.

>I think that I'm a high-quality female
There's your first problem. You think you have higher value than you probably do. Being a virgin is nice, but men don't know that about you until they fuck you, which sounds like you won't let them until they meet your high standards.

It's fine to have absurdly high standards but that means you may never find a man "worthy" enough and end up single your whole life.

If you want an alpha male, here's your best chance:
-Get in incredible shape; become a fitness goddess
-become interesting. Get hobbies that appeal to what you consider to be a "high-quality man". Learn to hold interesting conversation and be compelling to talk to. This is essential. Being compelling to talk to means understanding how to listen, respond intelligently, and make the person you're talking to feel good about the things they say.
-Dress nicely and get good at wearing tasteful amounts of makeup
-go to places where your desired men congregate. Go to places where rich, successful young men are. Sports stars, successful businessmen ect. figure out where they would be. Avoid guys you meet at the bar bars/clubs/the gym/ect because these places are full of low-tier men looking to get an easy lay.
-Make sure you are not a bitch/spoiled/entitled/. Alpha men want women who are easygoing and won't get in the way of their dreams and goals.
-Most alpha men are just looking for pussy because they can get it easily. If you want a man to marry, you need to find one who holds the principles of marriage in high regard. Religious and conservative men are your best bet.
-make sure your imaginary man is actually real and not just a construct in your head. Even the highest tier men burp and cough and fart in bed and are sexually perverse and messy about some things. No man is perfect.

TL;DR make sure you DESERVE a high-tier man. You have to put in extraordinary effort to get extraordinary results, and even then, you might fail.

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>I thought that might not be feminine to ask a man out myself. But why would a high quality man not ask a high quality woman out to begin with, is there something wrong with him?
Because if he's also a respectful man, and you're as high quality as you say you are, then he might be thinking that you're already taken, and thus doesn't want to cause any trouble.
There's nothing unfeminine about approaching a man, it's only if you come off as super desperate in the process. Goes for both men and women, really. By all means, if you see a prime specimen of a man, go get him before it's too late.
But, if you're like the rest of us and shy as hell, then I think women have the option to more subtle stuff like giving him looks and stuff, I guess?

>does not eye other women
impossible standard. You should accept a more lax "the eyes may roam, so long as they come home to me" attitude. A guy who is attracted to you is going to be attracted to all females, and you're basically requiring that he hide that from you. If he's honest he's going to look at beautiful women.
>does not watch porn
kind of silly thing to worry about
not really all that important, might disqualify a lot of otherwise high quality men from your search
>stable, kind, and non abusive
these are good check boxes, but more as "problematic if they don't have" more so than "essential for compatibility" items.

social activities in public with more outgoing female friends is a good place to start.

Who cares what is acceptable, just go for what you want and what you think is right. The last people you need validation from is these incels.

You can have female friends help break the ice or look for you if ya like

how do i get rid of my autism and attract high quality women?

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>>be a virgin
you are an attractive feminine virgin, thats like 1 in a million you are not real

I am real and yet I don't know why I always get the abusive men in my life

>tfw all of those but I just lost my job
Sorry user

obvious troll by now

Then let's troubleshoot a bit more, user.
Where did you meet these abusive guys, and if you ever did meet any decent-seeming guys, even if it was only for a short talk, where did you meet them, and how did it go?

My dad was abusive to me through out my life, My ex boyfriend tried to rape me, we met at a social event, the guy I am dating now doesn't seem to care about my feelings it's as if I'm part of a checklist

why aren't you breaking up with your boyfriend if you don't like the way he makes you feel? Try again and don't stick with a guy when you know he's not good for you

>be a virgin
>don't be flat
>be mature
Not sure what that means but some people perceive me as mature/serious.
>everything else
lol no

What can I purchase from the bf shop with my stats?

Start lifting and watch vids on how to improve your social skills
You should possibly get medication if you have social anxiety (can't remain calm around people)
EZ af

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A 6/10 bf, at most

>What can I purchase from the bf shop with my stats?
You get a complementary Chad for being female

i'm not ugly and not fat. i can also grow a beard. so that's not the problem.

it's social anxiety like you mentioned. do i need the medication from a doctor? i don't wanna go to a doctor and tell him that.

i'm currently taking 5htp and I've been taking it for a while now, but it's not really helping

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Yeah antidepressants made me stop giving a shit about little things that bothered me before and me less anxious around others.
I just went to a psychiatrist who just listened to my problems and gave me some antidepressants and sleeping pills. This took like 5 minutes so don't worry about it
It's not like you have to tell the doc your life story

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Just get me. I'm a fucked up loser but you can save me and I can save you.
I do have a good job at least

It's really hard, as a male I can't say I know a single high quality male to be quite honest.

If you're are struggling to get a decent guy in this day and age, where women are normally and successfully shooting above their league, this 100% on you.

Given the type of guys you're attracting, I'm inclined to believe you are a very very low quality woman

i can't do that. i'm 26 and never told someone how i feel (except online).
it feels like a huge barrier that prevents me from saying it out loud. i would probably vomit all over the floor if someone would force me.

i can't even tell someone personal stuff when i'm completely drunk

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you reek of inceldom and desperation

Don't worry user I believe in you
You only have to do it once and as I said it only takes a minute
After getting medication you will feel much better although not instantly

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Or i reek of wisdom, incel is not really what i could be called since i'm often in contact with normie girls and some even tried to pick me up.
I'm genuine, i want a virgin girl that dislikes partying and roasting herself up, a girl to love and exchange love with me.

Is that affected by being black?

>He fell for the medication meme
How to spot a norman 101

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If you want a guy off Jow Forums, yeah it's gonna effect you. If you just want a normal guy, probably not.




thanks. i might consider it.
i probably can't but i feel like i'll become literally crazy if i don't do something about it

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>he has not turned down multiple girls due to their roastie status

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you sound like a faggot what is wrong with you

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You can have me, just be nice and supportive and I'll be nice and supportive

idk why but this made me chuckle

>when you don't even know what their values/life plans are

What's funnier is I didn't realize Jajaja gets filtered to Hahaha
Wakanda foeva

you are a genuinely pitiful being. good luck user.

Well i guess i touched an open nerve, seems like love is something many have lost memory of, specially roasties, since they are incapable of love, their promiscuity is simple product of their lust, are you one of these aforementioned roasties?

>My dad was abusive to me through out my life
First of all: YIKES. I'm starting to see a pattern

>>I am dating now doesn't seem to care about my feelings it's as if I'm part of a checklist

PLEASE CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHY YOU ARE IN THIS RELATIONSHIP??? I don't understand why the fuck you women do this, and then project this bad image onto all men

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>get into abusive relationships
>complain about all men
>get questioned
>"wow, i wasn't going to fuck you anyway, creep"
Is this the sidestep Olympics?

Incel cope lmao

That's actually a great question for women. Most of my criticism of women originates from their inability to choose high quality mates, but I don't actually know how one would go about doing that.

I guess if I were a woman, and I had the ability to choose from a number of suitors rather than hit up everyone I could in the slight hopes of getting a response... I'd think of 4-5 core questions and answers to those questions that I feel strongly about, and then just choose who answered all those questions "correctly", and who I had the best feeling/attraction towards. Kinda impersonal way to look at things, but I think it's the correct way. When it comes down to it, that's really the big problem with most relationships: differences in values. Certain things matter more or less to certain people. If you can filter out the people that don't align with you on those certain things and who you're attracted to, you can find someone you're compatible with long-term.

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Or just fuck chad and back up on a beta orbiter once you hit your 30s and have to settle.

Think whatever you want man.

Anyway, where's (probably LARPing) OP? Answer my question

well start by having that ugly tattoo removed

This is very telling of what kind of person you are...

Stop looking on Jow Forums.

it was not an attack on your person, you are not your flaws

>be attractive
>be mature
most guys don't give a fuck, if she's cute and fun especially
>be feminine
also less important these days, important to me tho
>don't be fat
yeah this, at least you can do something about this
>don't be flat
not true in Europe and Asia, you can be flat as a board and get chads
>be a virgin
implying chads actually think any woman over the age of 20 is a virgin

so for women, all you have to do to be a high quality woman is to not have sex, but for men to be a high quality man they have to bust their asses, become funny, smart, strong, charismatic and be simultaneously dominant yet caring?
fuck off, you're the female equivalent of an incel complaining that he "deserves" a gf because he's a nice guy

post tits or stop larping fag

no you attract all and then choose low quality abusive, immature and sissy males