No matters anything, the sadness always comes back. I can't escape it...

No matters anything, the sadness always comes back. I can't escape it. I thought that I'll be able to start anew and forget my past, but now I understand that I had to act directly back at the needed time. Too bad it's too late.

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It's never too late, become a vampire and start a new life.

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I want Lain to struggle against the girth of my cock as she orgasms over and over again. But i will not let her rest, this will go on for hours. She will only be able to think about my cock.

Vampires don't exist and it's too late. Actually, it became too late right 4 years ago.

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What's wrong OP


We do exists, there are a few of us browsing.

Go suck a blood of a granny or something
It's a very long story and I'm so tired repeating it to myself I can't write a word about it

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Give me a summary

I can probably relate

Ya OP tell us. Bls

>Be retard
>Think you're not
>Do dumb shit
>Finally realize you are a retard
>Stop doing dumb shit, because stopped doing anything
>After years want to go back to the trace but you're too broke and the train is long gone
Relatively best I could some up with, not even sure that this is 100% accurate though.
I mean it's been so long even I can't picture the whole image anymore. Stories change every time I remember them.

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Are you gonna be ok senpai?

Go to a doctor, take your pills and you will stop posting cringe shit like this
Seriously this reads like some edgy teenager girl's myspace post

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If you're sad you should join this discord: TXkGYVT

Idk user, sometimes I feel like things are not that bad but every day is a suffering even when I'm genuinely happy. But in the end I guess I've already seen my worst, or at least I hope so.

I can relate to that, I'm sorry to hear. What are your plans from now on?

there you go

You have some pretty weird definition of a normalfag lol
I guess when you are as fucked up in the head like you everyone else seems non-mentally ill
Go to a doctor

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What do you think is this board for?
Not being mentally ill or having a good life (so you can laugh over "cringy" posts) means you're a normie.
By the way, that's the definition everyone else uses, too

Yeah whatever wacko
It's nice of the asylum guards to let you use the internet
Must be tough typing with a straitjacket on lmao
Now seriously are you a schizo?
Cause you sound like one. Maybe even a tranny

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It's ok user, Dunno what's up with you but I wish same to you too even though I know it's useless
Idk, nothing:for now just living and see what happens I suppose. Not that I have the capacity to organize anything good.

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not OP but i needed that wake up call. thanks