Femanons, do you feel breast envy? Explain why or why not

Femanons, do you feel breast envy? Explain why or why not.

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do you feel dick envy?

Sometimes. Certain cocks are very aesthetic.

what the fuck is happening with that dude's face on the right

Most dudes do at some point or another.

What of eyebrow envy?

Yeah i wish i had a cups, they are GOAT
Never wished for bigger ones though. Permanent back pain and they look like shit the older you get, no thx

hes ascending

So going off the sub-topic of penis envy, you don't tie your femininity based on your breast size? (assuming your female.)

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of course i do, but it's not as apparent a physical feature as breast size is, so it's not as relevant

Girls with big tits are usually fat. I just wish I was small and cute

Well.. if anything it's worse, with breasts you know where you stand, with penis size.. it's a jump into the void. For example, her exbf might be sporting a 9.5" and she fucking loved it but you're just tipping at 5.5" you don't think when you discover that you'll never ever be able to live up to her ex wouldn't crush your soul?

i wish i had bigger boobs, i lost weight and now mine are like b/c :(

no, i think there are other signs of femininity such as the size of your hips, how small your waist is, your shoulder length and how feminine your face is,that kind of thing
it is definitely possible to be feminine and have tiny tits, i consider UNP skinny body from skyrim to be the ideal

Of course. Nothing sends a sense of envious longing through me like seeing a big, beautiful and well-formed uncut cock.

So what about in terms of men and penis size, do you view a man less of a man compared with someone who is 10"x6" vs a man that's 5.5"x5"?


what in the fuck does that mean?
>You have been muted for 2 seconds

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>it is definitely possible to be feminine and have tiny tits
You'll never be as feminine as a woman with big breasts

see I asked the question originally and then asked I agree with their point about not tying femininity to their breast size and I was wondering why then do men tie the size of their junk to their penis size and if they felt similarly

Guys have a lot more pressure put on their dick size than women do on their boob size, even if it shouldn't be that way
Fucked up but true

yeah but is that pressure brought by a man's idea of what makes a man?

i think it's both men and women who contribute to the idea of what is "manly"
Women because uh...bitches and whores, whose fucked up attitude is allowed because:
it is such a prevalent YUGE idea in society and guys barely speak out against it,because also one of the things considered manly is not being sensitive or w.e, basically from day one you're being told this is what a man does and looks like so a lot of men believe it and propagate it
quite an insidious cycle desu. Also i'm sorry for the word salad, hopefully you got what i'm saying, it's both men and women probably moreso women, that's just a game theory of course
even better when she's insecure and the guy has a flat chest fetish or something. unfortunately it's very hard to find doujins of this that aren't loli

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I disagree with that it's moreso women that propagate big dick = more man, I'm assuming you're male and growing up how many times you've heard "I've got a big dick" in maybe different way being announced? you mostly hear women making fun of a guy with a small dick is because they are trying to hurt the person they are insulting knowing that their self worth is tied to their penis.it's seems like it's males that are pushing the narrative and women that are exploiting the insecurity

actually i'm wahmen but i thought i was being too hard on guys so i put that in there, i think what you're saying makes more sense and you've also got a better perspective on it

if you don't mind could you through together a brief and honest paragraph on what your true beliefs are on the topic?

Her what ? Lol, I don't fuck sluts.

>true belief
don't really have one, i wrote that up theoretically to try and answer where it comes from but i really don't care one way or another

> i really don't care one way or another.
All I needed to hear thanks.

Good input user

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They should. But at this point even the most masculine girl could find a bf so they don't care anymore. We NEED a Hitler that'll purge all flat chests, call him Titler.