How many times have you masturbated today?

3 times here

thinking about fapping again

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only two today because for some reason my balls are aching

Have any of you anons cummed from diddling your prostate? How does it feel compared to regular fapping, and is it true that you don't get refractory period from it and can cum over and over again without breaking?

I haven't since last Thursday.

no but yesterday I came so hard I shat a bit in my pants

Supposedly there are two types of orgasms from this. I can ejaculate but I will go into refractory it feels pretty good for me maybe 1.5 to 2 times as good as normal orgasm. Never experienced the wild shit people talk about

sauce on the webm pls

havent jerked in like 4 days. its gross.

ive used dildos up my ass while jerking off, its much more intense and you cum like 3x harder and it squirts everywhere

Do you think this dildo (Avant d3) will be enough to stimulate my prostate to orgasm without touching my dick?

It looks nice and filling and the head looks like it protrudes enough to rub my insides.

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Sauce and webm and that dildo pls

its this female cum? i want to lick it

playing music gives me so much more satisfaction than masturbating and is only good for me

I only masturbate after I work out. It's a once a day reward and feels infinitely better

>Tell myself I'm doing nofap
>Keep getting tempted by porn
>Try putting something on something to watch without jerking off
>Get really horny and end up jerking off

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Twice, plus 5 minutes of sex

I rolled a week no-porn challenge and I fap to imagination, yesterday was tempted but after a deep thirty seconds with fighting these thoughts I won and put the phone away
If I got no-fap, I'd be more difficult, but I think that fapping itself once a day is not (that) destructive

Does anal feel vastly different for guys and girls? Are they both capable of taking cocks/dildoes up there safely without injury, or is it mainly better/safer for girls since I see them so anal so often in porn?

I think it's because most of the porn I watch now is like weird cute comfy girlfriend simulator porn that I tend to just put on in the background and fall asleep to because I'm a lonely virgin who likes to imagine having a girlfriend to hold you and comfort you. So I try watching that but it eventually just transpires into me being really horny and giving up my nofap streak and just jerking off.

Depends on if I have shit to do or not. Idle hands are the devil's work, I guess, so if I'm not doing shit I just decide fuck it I might as well watch porn.

don't watch porn at all
don't go to pornhub and don't "simulate" it using internet. fap to imagination or pretend you're having sex

I don't think I want to jerk off at all then, desu. Not because imagination is bad, I guess it's just if I'm that far in I might as well just not jerk off altogether.

3 times or 4, i don't count anymore

Yeah, but you do because of porn. If you don't eliminate the causation you won't succeed. Also it's much more difficult to quit both cold turkey, I think.

Yea, it was pretty hard to do. The size of whatever you stick up there doesn't seem to matter which was a surprise. Meaning that you don't need something big at all. It's odd because you cum soft but it's pretty intense. Not good enough to do often. The amount of work and luck to do it, I don't know, maybe I'll try it again sometime.

If you want a super intense one get a fleshlight, get it really warm, lube it up, put it in an old shoe and tie the laces and go to work. That'll ruin you for a bit lol. A great thing if you cum too fast with a girl, you wont be able to cum with a female for weeks.

Twice last night and once just now, my dick still gets rock hard but cumming doesn't feel good as it used to.

Could something moderately "big" still work though? Like around 1.7-1.9" diameter. I like the filling feeling.

zero today
i had anal sex yesterday and i am feeling super refershed, no longer hateful and angry at the world
it's weird

4-6 times a day on average, some days I do it around 10 times a day

Who is this and how do I train my ass to take a dildo of that size?