He doesn't workout

>he doesn't workout

Explain yourself incels

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Better an incel than a gymcel.

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I do work out, why don't you?

why should I? It's not like you won't find something else to look down on me for if I start.

I have a home gym with everything I need. Every day I tell myself I will work out, but I never do. At the end of the day, I feel retarded for wasting the whole day on Jow Forums. Then I do it again the next day. What do you call this?

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Where do you live let me come and use your house gym since you aren't

No, go buy a gym membership you pleb

But I do work out. Onegai muscle user

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I did until I fucked up my elbow. I haven't been able to workout for months now.

let me live with you and fuck your ass so i can use your home gym

Who am I meant to work out for? Myself?

It's called laziness and a lack of motivation

Let me tell you anons this: force yourself to go to the gym for 3 months and once youre done youll find it impossible to miss for than a few days. The strangest thing i noticed after having lifted for a few years is that i forgot why i started, but i still go as if i have a reason

t. 2/3/4/5

It makes me feel a little better I'm not the only one with this problem.
>tomorrow, I'll get up early, eat a large nutritious meal, and work out hard, and feel good about myself all day at work
Then I wake up early, stay in bed for hours, eat nothing, somehow be late to work despite doing nothing, and feel regret.

I tried to make it a habit a year ago. But then I got sick one day and took the day off. Once in a while I'll have one or two gym days, thinking I'm back on the wagon, but then I never stick with it.
I'm a failure of a man and I'll never actually try to change.

>work out every day
>still no gf

Dont do it for a gf user. Perhaps start for the sake of one, but youll find that, eventually, it becomes something you do for yourself. A veritable form of meditation or an everyday test to see what you're capable of. Everything else will fall into place if fate wills it so. You need to stop caring and stop viewing ever girl as an object you need to fuck

I believe in you user, i just hope you learn to believe in yourself

Moderaate asthma. I did not even build normal muscle tone during adolescence. I cant even carry a bag of sand

I work out 1-2 hours a day 4 to 7 days a week depending on how busy I am at work. Obviously my physical ability and the looks of my body are above average but it doesn't stop me from being a 29 year old gymcel.

I do this because I enjoy it, if you want girls you should be saving up for cosmetic surgery and leg lengthening, girls don't actually care about things you can readily change with hard work.

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I did work out for three months one time. I never felt any positive urge to continue. Even well beyond that I hated it and dreaded doing it. I sincerely do not understand why exercise makes some people feel good. When I quit after like six months I didn't miss it in the slightest.

Internet addiction.
No joke, completely serious.

I'm too fat to work out.


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Just lift heavy shit and your ogre metabolism will take care of the rest. You can start the cardio after you're used to doing the bare minimum.
t. musclefat master race

That actually sounds awesome. Are you a certified bloatlord?

I workout out and do thaiboxing. It's comfy and the only social interaction I need.

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Yami Kurosaki#1843 I am looking for a girlfriend that is a friendless virgin who lives in washington state

It's tough to break, especially the kinds of people who use this board.
When you are an outsider, Jow Forums can accidentally become your surrogate social life.
Sure, you can block Jow Forums and start using your time to do productive things, but it's easy to burn out when you're lonely and have nobody to share your experience with.

And such people have no idea how to develop a real social life. With their needs not met, they return to Jow Forums, and though it's not the same, it feels like it's better than having nobody to talk to.