Is it true that this is a board for awkward lonely females...

is it true that this is a board for awkward lonely females? I came here from cc and apparently this sub is full of female loners? cc is too slow for my tastes

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Fuck off larper. The autists on this board will take this bait but you should still be ashamed.

Very few. CC and the other female imageboard might be slower, but because it's mostly women you get replies and actual conversations where people listen to each other.

It's not exclusively for females but they are here. And they are becoming more of a common site here recently. Unlike many others robots I'm fine with this fact.

is there a discord where these women are based? I see some threads about women but there isn't much female discussion going on

This board can be fun, but it can also at the same time be depressing af. That's why I don't stay here for long.

I am not sure about Discords but I'm sure they do exist. I think you will find alot more femanon threads these days than in the past. So take that for what you will. Jow Forums has basically always been a board for lonely men.

Nah, go back to crystal cafe, fake ass bitch.
Here, it's a cesspools of nazis, trans-abominations, leftists cunts and just assholes.
So leave, run away before it's too late.
But if you insist on staying, don't forget to post tits, that's the rule.

ah well I'll keep a lookout for such threads then and hopefully engage in some girl talk. are there any other threads I should look out for other than femanon ones?

Depends what you're into. If you just want to discuss feels then look for fembot threads where people are complaining and perhaps helping each other out. That's what this board is largely about now for both sexes really. Unfortunately if you're a girl on here you will ALWAYS be accosted by angry larpers who tell you to post tits or accuse you of being a guy/tranny. But here's hoping the increasing female presence will change that one day.

cheers to that. I don't really care about female-directed insults, it's expected

theres lots of girls here but also lots of larpers so get ready to be accused of being a guy or tranny if u girlpost

Well props to you for that. I guess it wouldn't be Jow Forums without some sort of vitriol. Can I ask what you want to get from being here? or why you're here in the first place?

talking with other girls on a faster paced anonymous forum mainly, but also interested in just reading posts and lurking before I decide to either stay or go back to cc.

Alright cool, well that's certainly possible, but you better be okay with constantly coming into contact with some of the saddest, loneliest, angriest, most retarded people on the internet. I can say this because I am a robot and all of these things.

haha sounds like you're throwing yourself and your friends under the bus, but that's cool. I'm not giving out contact info anyway

What are you talking about? I never asked for contact info. I am just trying to be honest with you and you will realise what I'm talking about once you've spent a bit of time lurking here. Of course these characteristics exist in people who frequent a board dedicated to sadness.

This board is fun if you're just a regular dude and come to laugh at threads. Anyone else?

>you better be okay with constantly coming into contact with some of the saddest, loneliest, angriest, most retarded people on the internet

I won't be contacting any of said people because I won't be giving out my contact info, and as I mentioned before I'm mostly lurking anyway. hope that's clarification

Oh I see sorry my bad then. I just demonstrated some of those characteristics lmao

no problem just a misunderstanding user. I got what I needed from the thread but you take care, was a nice talk

You too femanon, enjoy your time here.

why not just use lolcow? r9k is and has always been for male loners. if you're actually seeking a board for female loners, unless you are an attention whore there is no reason to be here since this board is 90+% male.

lolcow is way more toxic than here

Lolcow is fat ugly bitchs that hate everything

Thankfully stupid normiefags like you don't stay here all day.