Would you smoke crack and do heroin everyday for a month in exchange for 100,000$?

Would you smoke crack and do heroin everyday for a month in exchange for 100,000$?

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is the crack and heroin free?

this. also, do the usual legal implications apply if I get caught with the drugs?

People do this for free

How much a day? Can I microdose? I ain't gonna do enough to activate withdrawls. FUCK. THAT.

i already do crack and heroin everyday so its 100k for free

Its free and you will not be arrested.

do i have to inject the heroin? or can i administer any way i want to? what doses do i need to take every day?

Anyway you want. 0.1 gram. 1 crack rock a day.

>too much heroin and not enough crack
are you satan?

I smoked crack for a year and ran through ~$30,000. Don't really recommend it.

After reading the physiological effects of crack use (crack lung, cardiac arrest), Ive been scared. I wouldnt take up the offer.

swap the crack for meth and we've got a deal

Yeah i would.
But only a few ng, the smallest amount possible.

Druggies BTFO

I would do it if it was just heroin, but crack/meth destroys your brain so fucking fast that I would pass, although maybe that is the point

>although maybe that is the point

Of course. Would you risk possibly being an addict for life for a life changing amount of cash?

on the other hand it's a month of free drugs and enough money for like...3 months of drugs

>age rapidly
>Get an addiction
>other healhealth problems too

No thanks

eh as long as it doesn't have any permanite side effects or make me stupid then yes
also as long as a i can't get addicted to the heroin

i thought herion was supposed to be worse?
and i thought meth was much safer than crack

meth is quite a bit safer for your heart, relatively speaking. But it's so efficient at rotting your brain that you can die of secondary causes like forgetting to eat or sleep for a week.
Usually this process will take a fair bit longer than a month. But taken in high doses daily? ehh, it's sketchy.

Also there's unproven but circumstantial evidence that opiates might even be good for you in certain ways. But the physical addiction, tolerance, and risk of overdose make it not worth it.

No, that money will be washed down the drain after the crack addiction sets in.

I paid money to do this in college and it was awesome.

No and I can't believe anyone would agree to this.

I am not sure I would do this for ANY amount of money, ignoring acting out of charity (eg self sacrafice for a large amount of money to donate ). Why potentially destroy your life for 100 grand? That's fucking nothing

i already did heroin for years. no thanks, not doing that again.

well heroin isn't actually physically bad for you, it's just addictive.
plus I've done heroin before and it wasn't really that addictive for me because it didn't do much for me because my brain is defective. so yeah I'd definitely take that $100000 lmao

with crack/cocaine the issue isn't so much your brain, it's your heart. also if you snort coke it fucks your nose and if you smoke crack it fucks your lungs.

>free crack/heroin for a month
>spend 10k to get solid rehab after
>walk with 90k after a half year
sounds ez desu sign me up