YouTube For Robots

Alright Jow Forums, who are the most based youtube channels for our robotic brethren?

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I'm pretty sure he's Jewish or something.

Star is good Hikikomori/NEET channel. has a lot of videos talking about his life or how to deal with isolation and neetdom. one of the few who seems to be proud of this way of life and has been at it for a long time. A few videos i would recommend:

Avoiding Backaches and Eye Strain:
The Origins of Me Being a Hikikomori:
I HATE the Human Body:
Video of him being homeless talking about Misanthropy:
Sleeping 16 Hours a Day:

Surveillance Camera Man

Tramp Stamp

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Cream Man:

Jesus Christ, OP don't go on these YouTube channels, it's just a bunch of depressed losers whining. Go watch a lolcow.

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TFM was based AF untill his channel got terminated, but his secondary channel ia good:
Also he has a bit chute channel and has way better vids there

Because it's run by Jews lol
youtube channel made to showcase the act of ruining other peoples joy in video games for own entertainment

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