Comeback August is off to a flying start edition

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52 days until the best season of the year

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>On Saturday, he drove Bianca to New York City from Utica, where she lived, to see Canadian singer Nicole Dollanganger perform. Police said they believed the pair had got into an argument on the way back, possibly about her kissing someone else, and he had fatally attacked her with a knife.
Literally couldn't make it up. What a fucking filthy, 'liberated' whore.
When will the days where we indiscriminately murder the unfaithful return? She would have continued through later life being a slag, doesn't matter that she was 17.

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I get that you waited for a new thread for visibility, but really you needn't have bothered.

How the fuck have I ended up posting on the board that is known by news outlets and normans as the 'Incel' board. We should move our gen lads.

we dont care lad, try another thread

Do you sound like a proper farmer lad? OOH ARR WHERES ME COMBINE ARVESTERRR

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>wrote out post
>new thread
>no point posting in dead thread
You fucking mongrel, how smart are you now you assumptious little man.

Bloody hell lad, shouldnt be celebrating the murder of a teenager, think youve confused us for outer Jow Forums

Where abouts? Somerset Here.

>move britfeel
There's nowhere else that's appropriate lad (that doesn't already have its own britfeel equivalent)

Thats a nice school uniform trans lad. Did you go bin diving around the local schools while the cleaners are doing their deep clean?

How old were you when you lost your V card lads?

I was 14 when me and Kerry Nicholson from year 10 had a good shag in my parents bed after a bottle of lambrini

God I miss those days. Haven't had a good romp in bloody weeks. How's the fanny on your end boys? Summer is here and it is SLAG season aha! Go and get some filth lads weeyy

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I'd give you a proper reply but I'm just swamped in pussy right now lad

Nope. Wiltshire, which is a bit more generic sounding.

My wife jumped me as soon as she got in from work last night. It got narsty pretty quick. I kinda like it when she's forceful and aggressive.

>Why yes, a gang of 6 people begged for my forgiveness in McDonald's, how could you tell?

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Radio taxis in Southampton sent a VILE paki driver that was playing paki music in the car

Shan't be using them again

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Did you get into his taxi?

has timmy been sectioned yet?

Yeah, I'd already called another company and hung up when a paki voice answered, although radio taxis had a white operator, and white voice on the call hold message too so assumed they'd be the best bet. 7 miles was too far to walk

So you literally posted in the new thread for visibility? That's what you're saying, which is pretty much my point.

And how dare you assume I'm a man.

>catch taxi after christmas with muslim driver
>chatting about holidays
>ask if he had a good christmas
absolutely devilish

Needing some details there, my lad. Please and thanks like.

The nascent racism is pretty high today, lads. You know we're being watched by the papers and whatnot, don't do anything to attract more summer tomfuckery, please.

No different than asking a white man how his Ramadan was, surely. How was your Kwanza, my dude?

>being watched by the papers

Yeah I'm sure the Times is preparing a front page story about HHL as we speak

Just woke up. Was very horny in the night for some reason. Not much food in the house might have to see what's in the freezer

I'm sorry but I'm afraid I do not speak negro. Here's a penny for you troubles.

you keep your freezer outside?

Got my 880 quid in bennies lads, how much did you all get paid today?

Just read through the threads, holy shit did SP get destroyed by Crona.

1400 after tax on the 27th of each month lad

Crona started out strong but ended up spazzing out about how he was some kind of beauty, which is laughable to anyone who has seen his photos

Got about the same my fellow wagie

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>his photos

Why haven't they been posted yet?

I'm still a virgin at age 29 lad

Stumpy's on the weather

A couple have, but its not the one we keep seeing of the lad with the massive foreheads and thinning hair. That being said hes not far off that

I'm on about face pics.

SP deleting his to-do calendar after getting destroyed by Crona.

someone muse have seen my post yesterday because the mints in tescos have now been restocked. thanks tescos

He didn't get destroyed by Crona at all

Did crona top him?
F for SP's destroyed bumhole

He did, and his only way of coping ith it was by saying it was bait, kek.

Crona just kept calling SP an incel, that's it

Pretty sure he did lah. SPs boring blame everyone else shtick has gotten boring and he got roasted by Crona of all people.
The manchild got his student loan of 27k paid off by his parents and he's still blaming everyone else for his situation.

Why are you lying SP?

What is all this SP/Crona malark.
Someone explain, who, what, when, where, how, why

Bam, obliteration desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/53674148/#q53679130

Anyone here know much about gaming pcs?

Yeah I've built a few, what do you wanna know lod

a man at my work has a daughter who has just turned 19 today. I imagine she's probably quite fit. should I ask him if she's fit?

>post in dead thread
>no one reads it at all
>no conversation to come of it
you are low iq. it'd be a pure waste of time. now fuck off and don't reply to my posts you fucking loser.

I don't want to build a pc yet but I kind of want to get into pc gaming with low financial commitment and I want to do it immediately, like today. I was looking at just picking up this pc. Will it perform okay for games like Rainbow Six, ARMA 3 or War Thunder? I don't really care about super high FPS because I am coming from PS4. Nor do I care about everything on Ultra settings. So will this do the job? If I get into it then I would look at building one next time., just now I'd like plug and play basically.

i5+ 8400 Processor
8 GB RAM / 16 GB Intel Optane
Storage: 1 TB HDD
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
(3D Mark) Time Spy score: 2027


what's the latest with crona i.e the cokehead who thinks he's better than everyone cause he took some drugs?

music videos are so hot it's got to the point where i'm straight up wanking to them

no u
I see your post was deleted. Self delete or mod delete? Either way, useless now.

Honestly, you'd be better off building your own and learning as you go. It's not hard, and Currys are trash. Start looking around PC Part Picker for some clues and parts lists.

He's all about Seagate hard drives now, the fancy boy. Reliable and good value, he says.

How old are you? And how creepy are you?
Can you look her up his social network friends lists?

It's disturbing how the elbow twitches an moves around. Completly ruins the forecast when she's on

>it'd be a pure waste of time.
Mate, we're all pissing in a bit pot of piss at this point, nothing of value is here.

>deletes original post
No doubt you'll save it up and get ready for the next thread so you can have lots of lovely discussion about it with your lad pals. HUR DUR DIS CUSHION.


just spent the past hour and a half brainstorming the first part of a story over 6 pages

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If anything that's overkill for the likes of War Thunder and Arma 3 lad, you definitely don't need 16 gigs of RAM for a start

one big fuckin dreamer weamer mr sleepy man da one where i get double bennies for bein a big boy and otha neets cant get theirs and DIE.!
gudnite mummywummy

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fucking hell, I honestly used to like crona as far as attention seeking trips go but he's so fucking egotistical
>think he's really smart and invest in crypto claiming it'll make him rich
>end up loosing a ton of money
>starts talking about psychedelics, everyone tell him to avoid because he can't handle it
>assumes he knows better than everyone and end up having a full mental breakdown and now requires anti psychotics just to function
>starts doing coke "but only on weekends" claiming it couldn't possibly lead to addiction
>will end up as a coke head

kek the classic /britfeel/ posts just keep coming

Not as classic as this gem LOL! nice one

I'm off to Morrisons to perv on the daytime trashy mums then Waitrose to lech on the yummy mummies.

Anyone want 'owt?

Heartily howling at this lad.

*lights a bag of dogshit and chucks it at the /britfeel/ towers doorstep

gonna choke on my cornflakes hilarious stuff user

>tfw have prouder willy syndrome
>tfw people make fun of me for a disease I can't help
>order a pizza wizza slice a meatsa to cheer myself up

*53 days, it starts on the 23rd

Any chance Greggs can be replaced by a vape shop, please and thank you?

in b4 sulkanon starts whinging again

I'll take 1 yummy mummy to go please lad

Didn't pay any attention to the forecast as it's the first time I've seen her in her natural habitat.
I'm a fan of wonky eyes donovan on look norf.

Open GIMP and make the change yourself lad.

>7 miles was too far to walk
Only if you're an unprincipled poseur.

>he vapes

that's a massive yikes from me lad

*calmly extinguishes the flame and tosses it back at you*

Will do, lad. What's your type?

irony is HHL is a vile thieving parasite and prouder willy lad genuinely needs the help he gets.

29 and very creepy. look like a classic rapist

It begins at night, the /britfeel/ fight.
From over the land the people unite.
From here and there, and everywhere
we congregate to rant and share.
The trannies lurk, they're mostly jerks
and in the shadows we go berserk.
In the end, we let them stay,
even though we think they're gay.
Along with them, there are the others
the ones we would consider brothers.
These include the memer pals
and the ones with barren sticks for gals.
Occasionally we get a madman
who decides to kill and we think that's mad, man.
But overall, we're a great bunch of lads
that last longer than all the fads.

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Tall, curvy, hair in a bun or ponytail. Upper class accent so she still refers to her father as "daddy" and her kids as "darling"

Privileged normie fucks who become kil really piss me off.
Imagine being pretty, having genuine friends and family, just to end it all

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apparently gilette actually had massive losses because of that advert they did. I didn't think that many people really cared

obviously she was crackers mate doesnt sound like she killed herself over a chad or some normie bullshit

bOys wiLL Be BoYs
but seriously i swear nobody this side of the pond actually gave a fuck. ik the burgers were crying because muh masculinity

>he doesn't
but thanks for thinking of me fren

imagine schizophrenia can ruin your life regardless of if you're a normie

Sounds like SP, his family is rich and bails him out all the time.

Very nice poem there user.
Yer a good un

Sound selection, my dude. I will go a-pervin' and keep a look out.

a sudden decrease in social status, embarrassment, abject and lasting shame, the torment of your own mind telling you that you're not only worthless, your existence is a net minus figure to your poor parents who have spent all of their money and effort and time trying to turn you into something worthwhile, being the subject of ridicule among your peers. knowing deep down you're a joke.

For some this is a new sensation, for others, like us, we were molded by it, those demons dont even attack us anymore, we're not worth the effort. But for a pretty, young, sexy and smart thing like her? all of that at once was just too much. Sad really.

get some thiccies for this poor lad over here